Curvassure Butt Toning Short

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Every woman dreams to of a sexy butt and for the same purpose she tries a lot of workouts over the due course of time. But with the onset of aging the glutes starts bearing a lot of load and starts falling to the gravity creating what is called as a sagging behind. For such sagging butt area the toning has to be far more powerful than the regular crunches and squats that might leave many of the women sore and uninspiring. With technological revolution one solution has come up and has proven to be effective in the name of Curvassure.

How does Curvassure Butt Toning Short Work

Curvassure is a unique muscle toning solution developed by Contour for toning the glutes muscles to let you flaunt a firm butt area. It lifts the butt with EMS i.e. Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology which is in general quite famous yet discreet due to its use only restricted in rehabilitation of muscles in the physical fitness industry. The electronic impulses work more like a brain signal that contracts and relaxes the muscles in turn toning and lifting the muscles to look fitter then its usual shape. The best part is the pulses do this without the need of squats or crunches which might be strenuous due to the physical challenge it poses.

Curvassure gives the ability to set the intensity of workout depending on the comfort of the user ranging up to 200 contractions in one session. Plus, it is recommended that it should be used on a regular basis for 30 minutes per session for a 4-week period to achieve great looking results. It also can be used to work out the glutes multiple times a day making sure there is an hour gap between the same. Available in two sizes it only needs 5 minutes to setup the silicon electrodes with a little Contour Electra Gel on it, put on the shorts and feel the magic



What do I get?

  • Curvassure Butt Toning System
  • Jar of Body Firming Cream

All this for $19.95 plus $39.90 P. & H. Official website



Curvassure Butt Toning Short Video

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