CrossOver Abs

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Who doesn’t want to get that lean and sexy body, which makes you feel good about yourself? But certain problem areas like your belly are difficult to get rid of. You might have done sit ups and crunches, worked with the heavy gym equipment as well, but no avail. CrossOver Abs claims to offer you the results you want and get those flat abs you so desire. CrossOver Abs is built on the results that 25 men and women got after using the abdominal training program that according to claims, gave them sensational results.

How does CrossOver Abs Work

CrossOver Abs comes with the startling promise of helping you lose four to 14 inches around your mid section in 30 days. CrossOver Abs system includes the crossover core trainer and the complete body weight loss plan that makes it easier for you to get that lean body and confidence of youth all over again. Now it’s possible to lose inches from your waistline and even get six pack abs while you train with it and watch TV alongside if you like. It’s that easy to use. You can now flatten your tummy and get those lean and rock hard abs that you can flaunt.

CrossOver Abs gives you an option of working towards gorgeous abs by putting in just about 6 minutes every day. Thus you can bid goodbye to those unhealthy methods of losing weight or getting into extreme workout routines that can put you at risk with injuries. The patented rotating torso technology is at the heart of the CrossOver Abs and that’s the reason you get good results. CrossOver Abs also targets all four abdominal muscles; Front Abs, Transverse Abs, Inner and Outer Obliques, at the same time and you get results that are better than your regular sit-ups and crunches.




What do I get?

  • Crossover Abs Machine
  • Dynamic resistance link
  • 30-day Success plan guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • 3 Training DVDs – beginners intermediate and advanced

Price – 3 Monthly Payments of $39.95. Total amount $119.85
30 days trial for $14.95. Official website



CrossOver Abs Video

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