Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix

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Compare Methodology: Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix

Country Heat and 21 Day Fix are both weight-loss plans tailor-made by fitness expert Autumn Calabrese. Although they have different workout plans the core diet plan remains the same. There are seven color-coded containers provided to control portions and create additional calorie deficit.

Country Heat is a 30 minute dance workout program so that users have fun while losing weight. The program uses amazing country music to perform the routines. These moves are simple to follow and broken down for easy understanding. There is even a modifier for each step to begin with. There are no burpees, pull-ups, backflips or any gym equipment required. Just get on the dance floor and start losing weight.


21 Day Fix is a workout program with a fitness plan that heavily banks on the portion control system using the color coded containers. It practically creates a calorie deficit for weight loss without the guesswork. To boost the plan further, six easy-to-follow workouts are also provided that lasts only for 30 minutes a day. The plan provides remarkable weight loss results in mere 21 days.

Compare What to Expect: Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix

Country Heat and 21 Day Fix if followed to the T the program helps in achieving about 15 pounds of weight loss in 30 and 21 days respectively. Both have individual workout plans associated to tone the body and create additional calorie deficit.

Compare Workouts: Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix

Country Heat – This dance workout comes with 3 DVDs with 6 high-energy dance routines with low impact moves to burn calories in 30 minutes max. The step-by-step workouts with modifier come as different tracks and style in each workout. The workouts involved are Country Swing for burning calories, Down & Dirty for firing the muscles, Trail Ride for stomping and leveling fat, Giddy Up for toning the lower body, Bring The Heat to engage the entire body with high-energy move sets and Dance Conditioning with toning and conditioning moves to get a sculpted, sexy dream body. A bonus Night Crawl Line dance workout is an exclusive track by top country artist and all-original choreography by Autumn.

21 Day Fix – The 30-minutes workouts come with different routine for six days of the week. It comes with modifiers to help dial the intensity on the workout. The Total Body Cardio Fix boosts the heart rate, Upper Fix works on shaping the chest, arms, abs and shoulders using resistance training while Lower Fix helps get a firmer and toned lower body. Use the Pilates Fix to strengthen the core, Cardio fix to melt away the pounds and Yoga Fix to maintain flexibility, balance and relax the muscles.

Compare what do I get? Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix

Both Country Heat and 21 Day Fix come with workout DVDs along with a Quickstart Guide, Eating Plan and Calendar to note all progress during the program. These programs have seven color coded containers and a Shakeology Shaker Cup. Fill vegetables in green, fruits in purple, carbohydrates in yellow, protein in red, healthy fats and cheese in blue, seeds and oils in the orange containers.

Compare how many calories does it burn?

Country Heat – The workout helps in burning anywhere between 160 to 360 calories depending on the intensity, body height and weight. More weight loss occurs by creating calorie deficit due to portion control containers.

21 Day Fix – One can burn about 200 to 300 calories per workout and additional weight loss occurs owing to the portion control system.

Compare Price: Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix

Both programs are available each for $72.80

Compare Review: Country Heat vs 21 Day Fix

Country Heat REVIEW

– The Country Heat program is a deluxe dance workout program that works along with a fitness plan to kickstart the metabolism and help lose weight. It offers a unique way of losing weight without boring fitness routines. It instead has famous country music played for users to enjoy and have fun while losing weight. The routine by Autumn Calabrese and presented by BeachBody is easy to follow. It practically takes high-quality impact moves and puts them into low-impact dance routine to provide weight loss. A modifier program helps beginners and people with knee issues. One doesn’t need any weights or equipment to get started.

The minimalist program needs some space to perform the moves and some good dance shoes to support the body. The five dance workouts aim to provide toning, firming and tightening within 30 minutes. There are 15-minute breakdown sessions to give an extra push to the users. The workouts are performed on some famous songs such as Born to Boogie, One More Last Chance, Whiskey Drinking SOB, Cotton Eye Joe, Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy), Bat Hopping, Footloose and more. The color coded container and nutrition plan are easy to follow and helps in portion control while giving the freedom to eat most of the foods. The meal plans are a great way to get essential nutrients and minerals for a healthy body. Country Heat is extremely beneficial for beginners to intermediate users with easy to follow workouts that target problem areas for providing noteworthy results.

21 Day Fix REVIEW

21 Day Fix is a great plan to lose weight during summertime and get a shredded look to hit the beach. The unique workout plant does not bank on fad diets but instead promises that users can eat anything but in controlled amount. The program basically works on a portion control system that is facilitated by seven color coded containers. Each of these containers provides the right amount of food so that there is no need to guess or eyeball portions. The container sizes are different to ensure you have the right type of macronutrient in right proportion. Use the green container to fill vegetables, purple for fruits, red to stuff proteins, yellow for carbs, blue to fill in healthy fats and cheese. The two orange containers are perfect to measure seeds and dressings. A Shakeology Shaker Cup helps in ensuring your healthy drinks are also consumed in the right amount.

The 21 Day Fix workout schedule has six workouts with each of them designed for only 30 minutes. It includes upper body workout using resistance training, lower body strengthening, cardio boost, Pilates for sculpting the body and yoga to sooth and tone muscles for enhanced flexibility. Each of these workouts is designed in a way that it doesn’t stress the body and provide an enjoyable experience. Figure out the calorie deficit required to lose weight as per the height and weight to know how much portion control is required. Add the workout routine to it and use it for losing weight effectively.

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