CoreCoach REVIEW

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What is CoreCoach?

It states to be a Physical Therapist’s proven workout system that engages and activates the Transverse Abdominis (TVA) muscle to strengthen the core for relieving back pain.


Relieve back pain

CoreCoach guarantees to be a smart solution for strengthening the core and improve the stability to relieve back pain. It declares to use a proven technology to activate the Transverse Abdominis (TVA) muscle that sits deep inside the abdomen to hold the stomach area and take away stress from the back. There are no CoreCoach reviews yet to quantify whether its claims are true or not.


Dynamic feedback system
CoreCoach alleges to feature a lumbar pillow and an adjustable belt that goes around the waist. Once the pillow is inflated, it is stated that the navel should be pressed down. This mechanism asserts to activate the TVA and a live feedback is available on the muscle activation gauge. Such dynamic, instant feedback emphasizes to keep users in the perfect TVA strengthening zone. More shall be revealed once users review it.


Convenient system
CoreCoach promises to strengthen the core and relieve lower back pain with just 4 minutes of regular use a day for days a week. Will users get to perform all activities that otherwise are hampered with back pain using CoreCoach? We shall know once it is reviewed.


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CoreCoach REVIEW

Mabel Holloway, a customer who’s been taking treatment for a serious slipped disc condition and thought of trying CoreCoach, has written in her review that she didn’t find much relief even after using it for a few days. She’s not satisfied with the design and mechanism of CoreCoach as it doesn’t fit well enough and feels like it’s simply clasping her inside without decompressing anything. Secondly, she has to keep pumping the CoreCoach belt with air as for some reason, it keeps deflating. She ends up putting in maximum time in doing that instead of using the belt to get relief. She’s regretting buying CoreCoach now and relying on it heavily.

Raphael Fuller is also disappointed with CoreCoach, which is evident in his review wherein he’s stated that the belt didn’t do anything for him. He doesn’t find enough space for air to settle inside it and getting the belt to work. Worse, the pump of CoreCoach doesn’t fill in air properly either. He’s also noticed that a lot of air is released due to which it doesn’t work. Due to this, he sent CoreCoach back within four days and would like to advise people against buying it.

Loretta Marshall, another customer who’s feeling let down with CoreCoach, has complained in its review that when it didn’t work, she thought her body structure is not supportive. She tried to wear CoreCoach in several different ways, but nothing worked. Though its function seemed alright to her as it expands up as well as out, it doesn’t help with traction, which is crucial for her condition. She also finds it bulky and too rigid to expand. She feels excruciating pressure against her ribs and experiences pain every moment CoreCoach is worn by her. She’s upset that CoreCoach has not relieved her from discomfort and stiffness in the back and hips while walking. She’s planning to junk CoreCoach and search for other alternatives.

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