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What is the Chair Gym?

The Chair Gym As Seen On TV seems to be a copied version of the much expensive and reputable Resistance Chair by VQ ActionCare, we have a comparison of the both here. The Chair Gym is a lot more inexpensive compared to Resistance Chair. Chair Gym is being promoted by its manufacturers as the ideal way to get fit especially given our busy lifestyles these days. The promoters claim that it is the best option if you do not have the time to work out, cannot afford to spend time at the gym, gym membership and home gyms are too expensive for you and if you want to sidestep the pain and annoyance of heavy-duty workout.

Chair Gym Features and Benefits

At $150, the fitness or gym chair proclaims to let you do 50 exercises with this single equipment; the workout includes Upper/Lower Body exercises, Strength and flexibility, Total Body Conditioning, core balance, stability, Pilates flow and stretching exercises.

What according to the Chair Gym is its purpose

You can allegedly say goodbye to the hassle of getting gym equipment and weight at home to start your workout. Instead of that, you can just invest in this innovative chair. Chair Gym can be set up just about anywhere you like in your house and also start your regime whenever you want. You can the chair up in your kitchen, bedroom, the nursery while looking after your baby, the living room while watching TV or even by the poolside. Since it eliminates the trip to a gym, you can work out anytime as per your schedule and convenience.
By bringing the Chair Gym home not only can you improve your health but also your good looks without having to leave the comfort of your home. It also allows you to save money on expensive gym membership and time on going to the gym and work out at timings convenient for you. Chair Gym lets you do over 50 exercises in various positions!

Different fitness levels with 3 Resistance Bands

Chair Gym states that it strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and raises energy levels and all this while being very easy and convenient to use. Your posture while working out with weights will always be right with Chair Gym because of the three resistance bands that accompany the chair. You can choose the right tension and resistance with these bands – the grey band will give you light tension, black band provides medium tension and combining the two will give you a heavy workout. You can work out on your upper and lower body with Chair Gym and also do tons of different exercises for a complete body workout experience. That’s not all; it also has a twister plate to work your abs on.

The Chair Gym makes for very convenient storage and saves space since it is foldable and you can keep it under your bed or couch. Along with Chair Gym you will also get a bonus of instructions DVD, a 30-minute workout DVD, exercise guide, and a nutrition guide absolutely free.

What’s included in the Chair Gym system

• The Chair Gym System
• 1 Instructional DVD
• 1 30-Minute Workout DVD
• 1 Nutritional Guide
• 1 Exercise Guide
The complete package for $149.85 on | Customer service no: 800-894-2833.

Chair Gym Review

If you think it’s like having a complete gym at home, you’re mistaken. Chair Gym is just another infomercial fitness product that makes tall claims of giving buyers the perfect bodies like those of the models endorsing their products. However, the models have achieved the body by working out for hours in gyms with the right diet and not with Chair Gym. Getting such a body with Chair Gym alone is impossible. Even if you keep the right diet and exercise aside and concentrate just on Chair Gym, reviewers of the system call it flimsy, reveal that it falls apart and has no resistance whatsoever. Other than the shoddy product itself, there are common glitches that infomercial products have – misleading advertisement, back-order, delayed delivery, overcharging, etc. Also spending $150 for stretching when you can buy resistance straps at $20, tie them to a sturdy support and exercise doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Chair Gym Complaints

Chair Gym’s statement that working out on the equipment is equivalent to having an entire gym at home is quite false. Reviews state that it asserts to be a fitness product that makes it possible for the user to achieve the body like models. But the use of Chair Gym alone giving you such perfect results is impossible. Some users of Chair Gym who reviewed the chair complain that it’s a flimsy hair that creaks, provides no resistance, and falls apart. There are many other problems like late delivery, back-order, false advertising, overpricing, etc. In spite of costing $150 unlike $20 worth resistance bands, it cannot be tied to a sturdy support for serious exercises.

Collapsed, No Refund, Shoddy Customer Service
One user Deborah Shultz complains of her Chair Gym purchase that the chair collapsed soon after they bought it. Though they tried to reassemble it, it fell apart again. The experience with customer care was another nightmare. On trying to get a full refund, the customer was handed a replacement Chair Gym instead. After arguing for a while with the customer care executive, the user was asked to send the chair back for replacement on their own expense. And, no box was provided for sending it back. Calling Chair Gym a scam, the user said the experience was horrible right from buying the equipment to dealing with the customer care, so no one should buy it.

Worthless Junk
A user Kirsten Mueller in her Chair Gym review says that she ordered the equipment on the official website and thought it was an ineffective equipment. But when she tried sending it back, the customer care refused to pay her the refund of the upgrade of $29.95, which was not mentioned on the website or in the purchase policy. She feels that the Chair Gym sellers duped her and the equipment is a waste of money because it had her paying another $43.94 to send it back. She also says that the customer service poor and does not recommend the rip-off equipment.

Chair Gym False Claims
Larry Paulson bought the Chair Gym from their official website and paid an extra $29.95 for upgrading to the Deluxe Chair Gym so that he could get the delivery the same day as mentioned on the site. But the order status on the website did not show the order in the evening, and in fact, even after a couple of days the order was not shipped and did not even show in the system. The user’s credit card was charged but he was informed by the Customer Care later that the Chair Gym was out of stock and wouldn’t be delivered for another few weeks. The customer also found out that it was falsely advertised that the ‘Upgrade to Deluxe’ implied same day delivery, which was not the case. The customer care refused to give the refund on the upgrade on being asked for it. The customer opines that the sellers should have informed that the equipment was out of stock and that the company should not be able to indulge in such malpractices.

Impossible assembly
A user, Denis Celona, says in his Chair Gym review that even though assembling the chair was easy, using the equipment made it squeak all the time. He further complains that just a couple of weeks later the pulley cords lost resistance. In fact, on using it for various exercises, the cords became so loose and rattled so badly that he had to jury rig it so that the metal pulleys wouldn’t fall off the anchor posts. Within a couple of weeks, the nylon straps that attached the grips to the pulleys ripped and came off the foam grip handle. Because of this the cord and metal pulley snapped back bruising the user’s leg. After that it was very difficult to reach the customer service, and they sent him the wrong replacement grip. Thereafter, they refused to take the chair back and suggested that he contact Amazon.

Substandard Cables
According to Doug Hamill the cables do not hold up well and broke only after a month of using the Chair Gym. The hand grip tattered after getting caught on the holder. The customer urges that no one should use the chair because of its substandard quality that makes it unsafe and could injure the user. He was also unable to get a full refund from the customer service because it had been 6 weeks to his purchase instead of 4.

Fragile Chair Gym
In his review of Chair Gym, Joel Burke complains that the wanted to return the worthless equipment but and on returning it he didn’t get the refund of upgrade ($29.95), something that was not clarified on the product website or purchase policy. The user also complains that he to spend an extra amount on mailing the piece back. The exercise DVD that comes along with the Chair Gym had less than 10 minutes of exercises. The rest of the exercises were on a sheet of paper in very small photos that couldn’t be looked at and exercised. The user says that elderly people of small frame who want some form of light exercise and movements inside the house cannot use the disappointing chair. Anyone more than 145 lbs can also not use the flimsy chair.

Not such a bad deal
You cannot solely rely on Chair Gym for building strong, ripped, and hot body. It is certainly usable for some kind of upper body workout, leg exercises and stretching exercises. It might be of some use to elderly people for rehabilitation exercise and building strength. Chair Gym can be a good option for those who cannot work out in standing position and if they are looking for nothing more than stretching or similar light workout. But, it is steeply priced at $150. And one can easily do all the Chair Gym exercises for under $50 without having to invest in the Chair Gym.


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44 thoughts on “Chair Gym Reviews & Complaints | Don’t Get Scammed, Read This

  1. I want to return this chair gym.I did not order the two parts included.It was suppose to be 149.99 and then I am charged even more.It is just too expensive and I don’t want it.How do I return?

  2. Sounds to me like people need to file a Class Action Law suit against
    Chair Gym and HSN for false advertising and Injuries when faulty chair
    equipment causes pain and injury. And Returns are denied or at cost
    of the customer.

  3. I have moderate cerebral palsy. I use the chair for support on balance exercises and for muscle tone. I find that the chair is durable however if you weigh more that 155 Ib it may not be stable enough. I recommend buying it from HSN cause they have a 90 day no question asked return policy.

  4. I purchased the Chair Gym February 2015. The nylon strap broke causing the rubber band to quickly recoil, hit me in the shoulder and causing substantial pain. I have called and called and called the customer service number, still have not spoken to a human being. I wrote to the company, still have not response. It has been nearly 2 years since purchase and this awful piece of junk is still in my home and unusable. Do NOT purchase this item. The infomercial and HSN neglect to tell you about the possibility of severe injury.

  5. I’ve had my chair gym for a month now and I’m totally pleased and satisfied. One issue I have are the resistance bands tend to stretch to the point that the (bottom) pulleys won’t stay on the mount provided. It’s annoying but I still enjoy the chair. I’m 69 and yes, I see no know reason to pay 15-20$’s a month to use other equipment. I’m good!!!

  6. The gym chair from HSN is wonderful! I also don’t understand all the complaints. Take your time, put it together correctly and learn to do the exercises correctly. I’ve had my chair for at least a year and love it. You will feel it working and you will feel better.

    • I’m glad to hear your chair works for you, but not everyone’s experience has been so positive. The nylon strap that holds the handle and the rubber bands tore, while in use. The band recoiled and struck me in the shoulder. My chair was only 5 months old, normal use and doing only the exercises in their book. I was in pain for weeks, the band got me pretty good. Just be careful.

  7. I called chair gym on 9/7/15 to order the chair gym and made it blatantly clear that I only wanted the chair, no upgrades or additional tension straps. The rep I spoke with told me that the cost for just the chair would be $59.90 and that the swivel would be at no cost to me. I paid over the phone with my VISA debit card, and the chair and swivel were shipped to me. I never discussed or consented to making monthly payments on this product that I’m now told cost $179+. However, I received a charge of $29.95 in October on my bank statement. I called customer service today, 10/20/15, and was told that I can ship it back by 10/29/15 for a refund, which I intend to do. I definitely feel that I got scammed!

  8. I have a muscle disease and strenuous exercise is sometimes too much for me. The chair gym allows me to keep toned on days when a more difficult workout isn’t possible. I’ve never had any difficulty with it.

  9. I bought the Chair Gym and it seems sturdy enough but I cannot seem to make the attachments holding the stretch bands stay on the el-shaped hooks on the sides of the frame. There is nothing to hold them in place. The video said place the attachment on the hook then turn it away from you and it will click. It did click but there is nothing inside to hold it and it just falls off. I would appreciate any suggestions.

  10. Just ordered mine from HSN on 7/25 and it arrived on 7/28. I have used it everyday since and love it! I read several 100 reviews on several sites before purchasing but so far I’m glad I did….plus I have 30 days to try it through HSN.

  11. I bought this months ago. Tho I can only use it when the pain allows, so far so good. It has held up to being used a few times a week and even thru being in the back of a moving truck for a move.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who works out at a gym, is in already good/great shape, or wants a supermodel type body.

    But, for those who have physical issues or are just starting out, it can be great.

    I have nerve damage in my feet/legs and also a muscle disorder. I started using this when insurance would mo longer cover physical therapy. I don’t have to worry about balance issues or standing for long periods of time with the chair gym.

    Thanks to it, I’ve been able to continue my therapy at home, at my own pace.

    You won’t become a Victoria’s Secret angel model using this thing, lol. But it can help the right users get/stay moving.

  12. I ordered chairgym but it arrived later than promised. (had tro cancel first order and re-order thru Amazond). GAve me time to read all the reviews. Decided to ship it back unopened. Can’t deal with falling apart chair. I already tried to communicate with chairgym customer service while waiting for delivery so I understand those complaints very well. Now, Amazon, can I rely on you to refund #? Everything else on Amazon has been great.

  13. I have had my gym about a month. I am a couch potato at best. Now that I have had a life changing accident I am force to get off the couch. This chair is a folding chair and it is great. All the stretch bands and handles are in one place! I do not have to look for my accessories. I am motivated and feel good and accomplishing a goal that is 60 years of failing to exercise. I like this. I read the complaints, for those people I do not know what happened, I just wish you peace and contentment to do whatever works best for you.


  14. Just got the Chair Gym about a week ago and so far I am satisfied with it. I am 74 and in fairly decent shape, but have not exercised much this past year other than walking and am trying to get back in the groove. The DVDs have 3 or 4 – 20 minute workouts (upper body, lower and pilates) and a 45 minute workout which was plenty challenging for me. So far so good. The chair seems to be sturdy enough – I did get the upgrade, but called to find out what that meant and really did not get a satisfying answer – they need to improve the training of their customer service associates. I will enter another comment at a later time to follow up on the chair’s quality.

  15. Thanks a lot. There are just too many scams out here. I believe some of the reviewers are associated with the company.

  16. ordered chair gym with mat, dvds etc on 1/28/15, told me it was on backorder, will receive by 2/23, but instead received early 2/5/15, & by condition of it, could tell it was used, so returned it & paid $20.72 for shipping. My first order with HSN & more & likely my last.

  17. This company sucks I try to cancel with 6 hrs was told it was to late because the shipping labels was a ready print now we no you there is no way they could Ship in the middle of the night so I was told to wait for customers service to open at 8 am so I got through and spoke to cancel was told nothing they could do shipment label had been print so I call my credit card they inform me that it was pending and as soon as it’s post they would dispute. I then call UPS but they need a tracking number and there was not one so UPS told to refuse the package this was so unbelievable to have to involved other companies to make this happen for me chair gym is shady company and need to improve customer service and spell out to customers if you buy this there is nothing you can do to cancel so you are stuck with it sucks it up while we keep your MONEY!!! What A GREEDY COMPANY

  18. We got the Chair Gym and it fell apart soon after we got it. We tried to put it back together afterward and couldn’t get it to stay together. We tried to get a full refund and they refused to refund our money and only send us a replacement chair. After arguing with the lady for several minutes I was just told to send the chair back on my dime with no box or anything provided and they would send me a replacement. Not one thing about this from the customer service to the chair itself has been pleasant. My advice, STEER CLEAR of this product!!

  19. I got Chair Gym from Amazon and I like it because I can do the arm exercises (and some leg also). It only came with 2 DVD’s, instruction booklet, diet pamphlet but no extra DVD’s. I would have liked more DVD’s and the Twister to go with it but they seem to be out of stock of all those extras. I bought 2 extra handles so I have handles on the bottom and top. Don’t know if that was a good idea or not but didn’t like to keep changing them.

  20. I also wanted to add that I had no problems with delivery. It came sooner than I expected. I worked out for years in a gym and, after surgery, had trouble finding things I could do. I don’t get why anyone found this equipment to be a piece of crap. I have bought all kinds of equipment over the years and this is truly the best one I have ever bought. I haven’t had to deal with the company so I don’t know anything about that. As I said, mine came sooner than I thought it would. I was surprised to see such negative comments about the gym chair. I LOVE mine!!

    • Carolyn, did your chair gym come with an instruction guide or dvd? I just opened my box, and only the equipment is inside. the additional dvds are SUPPOSEDLY being shipped as a “replacement…” but in the meantime, I have no instructions and have to wait another week for the second part to come from Ca. very disappointed out of the gate:(

  21. I bought the chair gym and love it. There are over 50 exercise you can do and it is so easy to switch the handles to go through a workout quickly. I didn’t order the deluxe bands and worried that the resistance would not be enough, but there are 3 levels and I will be working toward the highest level for quite a while!! I am going to order the twister seat, too. You don’t need it at all, but I want to add the exercise you can do with it. I’m glad I bought it! Easy to set up, too. Took me less than 5 minutes.

  22. Attention everyone! I did not order in amazon, I did in their official site.

    This is a piece crap. And not just that: I sent it back and chair gym does not give the money back of the upgrade ($29.95). They will not tell you this in their website and policy. I consider they stole my money. And remember: you will need to pay the mail to send it back which is another $43.94 (ups). Don’t waste your money!!! I just talked on the phone, again, to the poor customer service and they refuse to reimburse the upgrade.

    So chair gym: if you want to stop me say this all over the web on the different sites where you sell it, give me back the $29.95 for that upgrade which i sent it back, of course.

  23. Huummm… Do I buy, or not to buy that is the question. Split reviews. Had same issue with “Stompeez”. Waited until they were at Wal-Mart. Should I do the same with the Chair Gym?

  24. When I went to the Chair Gym web site it clearly stated that if I upgraded to the Deluxe Chair Gym for an extra cost of $29.95 that it would be shipped that day. When I went to their web site to check the status of my order that same evening the order never showed up.

    I waited to call back on Monday and still my order has not shipped and does not show up in the system. They have charged my credit card already. When I spoke to Customers Service she told me they were not in stock and I probably wouldn’t get my order until mid July. Also, the statement on the ‘Upgrade To Deluxe’ didn’t really mean that my order would be shipped that day.

    I feel this is false advertising! When I asked her to refund the money for the upgrade she said she couldn’t. I feel that at the very least they should have disclosed the fact that the item I order was not in stock. This company should not be allowed to place information on their web site that is not truthful! It clearly stated that if I upgraded my order would be shipped that day.

    • MJ Apple – I know this is a few weeks after your comment, but have you tried going through your credit card company and complaining. Usually if you have a problem with an item or company they will help you get you money back. Give it a try.

  25. I was seriously considering placing an order to purchase a Chair Gym, but luckily I did my homework, and read the reviews of the products I want to purchase, and after reading several discouraging reviews telling how they got ripped off and scammed…I’m declining my decision to order the chair gym…I’ll continue doing my homework, until I find a reputable product and then I’ll make my purchase.

    I would like to thank all the honest people who told the truth! I’m sorry there are so many crooked people and companies in this world. But do pursue getting your money back, after all…it sounds like you all were ripped off!!!

    • I order my gym chair from Hsn when when i got it i didnot recieve the self magazine that came with the chair also one of the dvd’s were missing. I had a horrible experience with dealing with customer service about the missing merchandise, the representatives were disagreeable and told me that the magazine was just something they gave to me with the chair, I told her that’s not what HSn was telling people on tv when I ordered the chair, the magazine was a part of the purchase. Anyway some lady with HSN told me it would be 8 weeks before I got the Self Magazine. Hsn also told me to call another 1800# for the missing DVD. Well after I got finish with trying to get the missing parts to my order, I put the chair together and saw that the upholstery part of the chair was not connected to the wood and the staples where not attached to any of the wood or upholstery. At this point I had enough. I called HSN back and told some other lady rep, she said I had two option. I could keep that piece of junk and they would give me partial refund or just return it and someone would pick it up in 21 days and I would get my money back. I opt for the total refund. Please believe me this chair is not worth 139.99 + tx 151.91. You can do better with rubber bands. Keep your hard earned money, this is a RIP OFF! not worth the heartache.

  26. This is my take on the company, not the chair. I wasn’t impressed with the chair gym. Didn’t use it much. I called the company thinking I would get the usual instructions, label etc to return it. Wrong!! I was told I would have to pay the shipping but would be reimbursed—-Wrong!! It had been a month since I returned it, so I called to find out when I’d get my money back. Ha Ha. Just so you know, you get to pay for the rent of the chair for 30 days and as a penalty for returning it, YOU get to pay to send it back. What a sweet deal!! After reading some of the comments about the chair, I guess the whole system SUCKS.

  27. Thank you, Thank You everyone who has posted a complaint or comment on this Chair Gym. You have saved me months of turmoil, Apparently!!

  28. I have had the chair gym. For ten days. I like using it. I push myself to do the exercise and am always glad I did when I finish. It definitely stirs up my endorphins and the best perk for me is that I don’t have to dress a certain way nor leave the house for me, it is one of the best investments we could have made. I intend on getting some other chair gym accessories.

  29. The Chair gym comes with a DVD to assemble. If you have worked out for years with free weights and machines, but have the unfortunate experience of having a f150 pickup slam into your drivers seat, this is the device to restart rebuilding your body, flexibility, and balance. Not to many on TV devices offer shoulder presses and with this cable system the resistance pulleys provide a good workout. This is a good device also for those that are getting older, or who want to start the upper body work out. I have a butterfly and pull-down machine that provides heavy weight, but this is great for getting in touch with all the upper and lower main muscle groups. I would purchase again. There is nothing better than feeling the body respond to loving care, of exercise.

  30. NO NO and NO complete false representation, piece of. S@%t

    Simple folding chair and therabands would be the same. So glad I tried a friends out .

  31. I ordered a Chair Gym in June, kept calling and was told would be here in 7 to 10 days after 5 months. I cancelled and 2 months later showed up incomplete. When I called I was told I would receive replacement parts in 7 to 10 days. Its been 1 month and a half, this company is a felonious pack of liars. Beware they do not stand behind anything and will say anything. Its been 7 and a half months and I have nothing to show for my money which they got.

  32. Is Chair Gym safe?

    Does it really enable one to do more than 50 exercises?

    Does the Chair Gym DVD and exercise guide help one with exercises for different requirements?

    How long before you see the results?

    • Yes it works. I received everything and in working order. I’m a male, age 67 in pretty decent shape for my age. I still work but I needed something to maintain muscle tone and get it through a fairly simple exercise routine for home use. Used to belong to a gym but if you like all jocks hogging up the equipment, germs galore all around you from all the sweat hogs and your not trying to be an Arnold this gym chair isn’t all that bad. I weigh in at 192 and I use it every other day. Hasn’t fallen apart but what will be in 6 moths who knows. For now I do my exercises in the comfort of my home and enjoying it. It’s a simplified piece of equipment and if I get a year out of it I made out vrs going to the gym (for my needs anyway). gym equipment is expensive. You get what you pay for as a general rule. But like I said for me at my age I do get the workout I need to keep me loose and limber. My BP without meds is 130/74. Sometimes better. While you see and hear complaints on this board there may be tons of others who have no complaints.

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