Bowflex Uppercut Review

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If you’re aiming for washboard abs, stronger shoulders, rock solid chest and bigger arms then get Bowflex Uppercut, the exercise equipment that will let you do the meanest and toughest exercise regime in the world. With more than 30 exercises and their unlimited variations you can utilize maximum power of your workout with its presses, pikes, flys and dives. The science behind the success of Bowflex UpperCut is its A.R.C. technology that can activate up to 30 % more muscles and enable up to 4 times as many reps and give you amazing stability and control.


How does Bowflex Uppercut Work

The presses of Bowflex UpperCut will have you digging deeper giving you powerful arms and explosive chest. If you find it impossible to do a one-handed push up in a traditional gymming routine then Bowflex UpperCut will make it possible for you. You can also make use of variations like with the tougher tricep push ups, flying push ups, and the intimidating “bird dog” push up. Or then variations of pikes like the classic tuck, tuck pike or bridge pike that will have you in a pitiable state but give you enviable six packs and broad and shredded shoulders. For your perfect core, abs, back and toned legs you can depend on the flys variation of Bowflex UpperCut that will sculpt and rip your body like no other with its classic fly, classic fly with single leg lift, and classic fly with side knee dive. Then it’s turn to fire your lats and abs with dives like classic, one leg and dive plank.

With its three adjustable levels it is time to up your ante with Bowflex Uppercut. You will also get the dirty dozen poster of the equipment with menacing moves and a body plan that will help you burn fat, build muscles and get an amazingly ripped body. Get the free mobile app and a manual. If you do not see the results in 30 days you can get a full refund of your purchase price. When you order today you can ask for free shipping and handling and free Bowflex handles.



What do I get?

  • Bowflex® Body Weight Loss Plan
  • Dirty Dozen Workout Poster
  • Mobile Web App Workouts
  • UpperCut Manual

All this for $99.95 + $ 19.95 P. H. Official website


Bowflex Uppercut Video

3 thoughts on “Bowflex Uppercut Review

  1. Don’t waste your money on Bowflex Uppercut. this thing is on wheels so not only do you have to try to do a push up or a press, but you also have to try and balance yourself while doing it, otherwise the wheels move and so do you.

  2. My first biggest mistake of year 2013 is buying this thing! I wonder how a company like Bowflex don’t do a better research and test before offering such useless piece of trash. They Should definitely offer full refund…, wait a minute they wont!! coz that is way the rip people off, making profit just on the shipping charges! thousands of people ordering…mmmm FREE MONEY! they probably only pay little to FedEx for the shipping services.

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