Bowflex Max Trainer Review | A Complete Analysis

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What is Bowflex Max Trainer?

– It is a full body cardio machine that burns calories and engages the upper body while keeping the joints free of pain.

Bowflex Max Trainer asserts that it brings together the benefits of elliptical and a stair stepper in one work-at-home equipment so that you can burn calories the way you want. There are many of us who are trying to get rid of calories and thereby those extra pounds so that we are in good shape. It’s also about our overall fitness and wellbeing after all. Now Bowflex Max Trainer claims that you can get the results you want at home and that too, sooner rather than later.

In this comprehensive review you will find answers to all your questions related BowFlex Max Trainer

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Bowflex Max Trainer Review

Bowflex Max Trainer Pros/Advantages

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How Does Bowflex Max Trainer work?, Features and Benefits

Revolutionary exercise equipment for the fastest and most effective workout
Bowflex Max Trainer aims to be a revolutionary full body cardio machine that is designed to perform like no other machine equipment. Bowflex Max Trainer claims that you will surely burn more than two-and-a-half times the calories than you’d if you use other fitness equipment. It also claims to get your upper body to work out 80 percent more than a traditional elliptical equipment does.


Easy on the joints
Bowflex Max Trainer assures you that you need not worry about your joints bearing the brunt of the equipment. Its manufacturers claim that it offers the quality of workout that no other equipment does but does not create stress on your workout. The equipment is also provided with indicators like a bell which goes to signal completion of a particular session.


Great results in less time
If you are hard pressed for time but are looking for a complete workout, this equipment promises to deliver. It allows you to select your pace by working out vigorously for some time and then going slow later on; i.e. it seems to be perfect for interval training. You can carry out a series of low- to high-intensity exercise workouts combined with phases to slow down in for better output. This supposedly offers the benefits of after-burn, which enhances a user’s metabolism up to 48 hours after a workout is completed.

Unique industrial design- the Bowflex Max Trainer secret

Bowflex Max Trainer promotes a total body workout through its industrial design. It’s what you may call the new cardio concept focused on offering the experience of carrying out a perfect workout with better output.

Upright design and small footprint

Bowflex Max Trainer stands out for its unique design and small footprint which seem to be perfect for in-home use.


BowFlex Max Trainer Comprehensive REVIEW

Bowflex Max Trainer is a product of solid research
To begin with, you have to understand the basic concept behind the Bowflex Max Trainer, which makes it effective for you. Quite simply, it tries to bring together the motion of stair stepper with an elliptical. That’s how it brings out a low impact exercise that burns more calories faster, according to its claims. Bowflex Max Trainer stresses on the fact that while with an elliptical you can burn 280 calories in 30 minutes, it would take just about 14 minutes to do the job.

Bowflex Max Trainer guarantees you these results because it has proven them in independent studies. In fact, one university study suggested that it burned 2.5 times the calories of an elliptical per minute and 1.56 times that of a treadmill. There were several users who burned 600 calories after a 30 minute workout while those using the elliptical only managed to burn 240 calories. Thus overall it offers you a more intense workout in a short time.


Bowflex Max Trainer is for All
Bowflex Max Trainer emphasizes on the fact that it brings you the benefits of resistance, which naturally increases workout intensity and helps you get over the plateau often seen by people who work out. This trainer has been designed for beginners and pros alike and that is why it has 16 levels of workouts that you can make the most out of. As the resistance level increases the intensity of your workout does too and thereby the results.
Upward step style motion is another important feature of the Bowflex Max Trainer and it leads to an upper body workout that very few cardio fitness equipments offer. This trainer maintains that it actually is a group of different machines that can build your arms while you focus on your cardio as well.

Heart rate monitors in the Bowflex Max Trainer let you check your heart rate without a chest strap. You will be saved costs on having to buy another gadget for it as well.

The display of the Bowflex Max Trainer has a special gauge readout that shows you calories burned and the intensity of the workout. Thus you will stay motivated as you achieve results you are aiming for. Your exercise data can be synced to a free mobile app with Bluetooth 4.0 too.

Thus with the help of resistance, upward step style motion, upper body workout and the Max Interval workout trusted by the professionals, Bowflex Max Trainer claims to help you burn calories faster and more effectively.


Bowflex Max Trainer Workout programs
The good news is that Bowflex Max Trainer has a manual mode for each of its equipments so that you can choose how you want to work out. Fitness Test mode, Steady State, Stairs, Calorie Goal, Fat Burn and Calories Burn are other options that let you control your workout with ease. However Bowflex Max Trainer also lets you take things a step further with workouts based on Interval Training like Max Interval and Smart Max Interval.


Bowflex Max Trainer Pros
One of the biggest advantages of the Bowflex Max Trainer is that you only need to work out for about 15 minutes to burn a lot of calories. The workout can also be adjusted to your fitness level and it keeps things challenging as well. In all, Bowflex Max Trainer maintains that there are eight built in programs that make things easier for you and with the gauge readout you always stay on top of things while being motivated to give it your best.
Bowflex Max Trainer works for everyone because there is zero impact on your back, knees and joints. Its special design is such that it is convenient for use by both pros and beginners. The trainer itself is quite compact and doesn’t take a lot of space and the media shelf, cup holder are smart attachments to it. Bowflex Max Trainer promises to be durable and be your fitness companion for a long time to come.


Bowflex Max Trainer Cons
For those who like to work out while listening to their music, no iPod connection or speakers can be a nuisance. You also have to remember that Bowflex Max Trainer is a premium and therefore a more expensive version of the M 3 trainer. The full coverage warranty might be good but it still lasts for only two years, which can put you at a disadvantage.



Bowflex Max Trainer Verdict
Bowflex Max Trainer is a work at home equipment that not only saves you time on a regular basis but helps you get the results you want as well. It is an intense workout that helps you burn calories faster but it is low impact at the same time. Bowflex Max Trainer might not be easy to follow for everyone but thankfully there are lower levels for beginners. It is also quite versatile and gives you several workout options that can be used according to your specific requirements. You also have manual modes for control and that keeps you on top of things always.


What do I get?
BowFlex Max Trainer comes in 2 models – M3 and M5

BowFlex Max Trainer M5 – It is a premium model from the Max Trainer line and promises to offer you a low impact exercise, which can help burn calories faster.

  • It features 16 resistance levels.
  • M5 model comes with 8 workout programs – Manual, Max Interval, Smart Max Interval, Calorie Burn, Fat Burn, Calorie Goal, Stairs, Steady State, Fitness Test.
  • Integrated Contact Grips + Included Chest Strap
  • Comes with Water Bottle Holder, Media Shelf/Tablet Holder, Bluetooth, Backlit display and premium grips.

Price – $1,599 + S/h (at


BowFlex Max Trainer M3 is a scaled-down Affordable model

  • M3 Features 8 resistance levels
  • M3 model features 2 fitness programs – Manual, Max Interval
  • Includes heart rate monitor (with chest strap), Water bottle holder and Media shelf/Tablet holder

Price – $999 + S/h. (at

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