Booty Slide Review

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Women crave to get a perfect body and often resort to workouts, cardio, yoga, etc to achieve it. But it is often difficult to get toning, firming and a great shape with only one of the above. Plus there are so many training DVD’s available in the market that claim to help but are mostly disappointing. You might be one such woman who is afraid of wearing designer clothes because of those extra pounds on your body. Well now you can stop worrying and get started with the revolutionary DVD of Rebecca Kordecki known as Booty Slide.


Booty Slide
Booty Slide is the hottest selling workout which helps every woman achieve the body shape she dreams of, and is designed by Rebecca Kordecki, the renowned fitness expert and a pro celebrity trainer. The Booty Slide consists of a hard core workout from Rebecca’s experience which includes over all body development using the concepts from the past 75 years. It focuses on every aspect of body shaping and provides core strengthening of muscles for getting a perfect tone. It also provides perfect butt lifting and body firming with its innovative cardiovascular workout with zero impact while reducing back pain.

Booty Slide provides the promised body shaping and firming by mixing lot of activities into its scheduled routines. It consists of slide training and high intensity interval training for the firming of body. Yoga is added to provide flexibility to the posture and weight loss and toning is provided by adding pilates, aerobics and dance to it. The best part of Booty Slide is the equipment required, a pair of booties and hand and knee pads since it utilizes the body weight to provide resistance. The sessions are designed in a way to provide focus on abs, arms, legs and of course the booty.

Booty Slide has helped many women get their desired body with some testimonials with results like loss of 12 pounds and 21 inches in just 8 weeks or lost 10 pounds and 22 inches in 8 weeks and so on. Purchasing Booty Slide gets a pair of booties and double sided knee and arm sliding pads absolutely free. It also comes with a pack of 4 rapid result DVD collections that includes Cardio Extreme, Sculpt Tone and Burn and Core Plus apart from the Booty Slide.



What do I get?

  • 4 workout DVDs
  • 1 pair of booties
  • 2 knee and hand pads

All this for just for $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H. 30 day money back guarantee (less P&H). Official website

Booty Slide P.O. Box 13184 Bridgeport CT, 06673. Toll-Free – 1-800-813-6617 | Email –


Booty Slide Video


28 thoughts on “Booty Slide Review

  1. I just started booty slide one week ago. I do not like doing reviews so early but I cant find ANY reviews on booty slide and all I am seeing on this site are complaints about how they waited weeks to get it after ordering it. Well I will give a review now, and I will give another one after doing booty slide for 8 weeks. I love booty slide, it has worked muscles I didnt know needed to be worked. I also do 20 mins of Zumba a day too and Zumba hasn’t do e to my body what booty slide has done. My body is definitely tightening up. Right now I am at 120 and only have a few lbs of fat id like to lose, but I am really wanting to tone my body and I believe booty slide is going to do it. I also have a kidney disease that causes my kidneys to create kidney stones and they hurt almost everyday and even though booty slide has a few hard moves, it doesn’t cause any pain in my kidneys. I’ll be coming back to this site to give an updated review! Right now I am loving booty slide! Perfect addition to Zumba!

  2. I have just started booty slide and it is amazing. I went from doing Shaun T insanity and Tony Horton’s power hour to really doing nothing, as a result of accident I cannot use my arm. I have torn ligaments and any sort of exercise was just too painful as it was the rotary part of shoulder. I have had a steroid shot and have got a small amount of mobility as a result. Booty slide maybe be low impact but boy I am sore. My first tape the wonderful toner tape gave me sore pecs, triceps, biceps, obliques and slightly sore abs it was a good feeling to feel this hurt again , not a debilitating hurt, just a hello! I am here and I am being worked again. I recommend this tape for people whom a new to working out and the fitness fanatics I give it a big thumbs up and with the diet which is not really a diet you WILL transform your body if you stick to it.

    Sheena Staples

  3. To all of you having customer service problems, you can get this product at Walmart for $9.99. I love this workout, it works for me.

  4. Today is only my second day using the boots slide DVDs and I can honestly say I love it its fun and it really gives your whole body a workout. I can already start to see a difference and its only been two days. I love it and would recommend everyone to try it

  5. I just tried my booty slide and its a great workout. I can already feel my body changing. The only complaint I have is that one of the DVDs shows a workout using a resistance band and that wasn’t included in the kit. I would have bought one ahead of time. All in all I am a satisfied customer.

  6. I as well received my booty slide kit late as it was on backorder. I was alright with this and it did arrive about a month later. It came with everything I ordered. I just now got to try it as with the holidays my workout room had the tree! I did the core workout first. I must say I could feel it in my leg and arms as well as obliques. I think it will work on toning the butt, thighs, and stomach if used as directed. I will keep posting as I continue on.Although I did just see this set for far less a Wal-mart stores if anyone wants to not have to wait for it and pay much less.

  7. Well I can’t comment if the product actually works because I never received it. I called to order it. She took my CC info and said I would have it in 2 weeks. After 4 weeks I called and they said they were all sold out and I would have to wait. *But* if I wanted to pay extra for fast shipping they could mail it out right away. They said they had no way of contacting their warehouse to let them know that I had been waiting so long, but magically they could if I were willing to pay more money for shipping. After 6 weeks of waiting, no product. So I cancelled. I am really nervous that I gave them my credit card number. BUYER BEWARE!

  8. I placed an order for this Booty Slide on July 3rd. Didn’t receive it until the beginning of August. From my experience please be careful in the ordering online process. First they immediately have you enter your cc info, then options pop up so I chose the front of the line option it stated it was $4.95 but I was actually charged $7.95. Be careful once you choose additional options you cannot change your mind as the web does not give you a confirm your order option. I have never encountered such a scam in an ordering process. Double shipping & you still have to wait a month. By the way you receive all items stated but you do not get any type of schedule to the DVDs. What you should start with, for how long etc. this aspect you are on your own.

    • I have had the same problem, I ordered this system 3 different times waiting the 6 weeks each time…customer service was NO help!!! I will find something else..

  9. I ordered over 6 weeks ago and nothing. hey have no type of order # or confirmation mail that they send you.

    I emailed them and no reply.

    • Hi. I ordered the Booty Slide product online back in March 31, 2012 and it cost me $43.84. Sometime in April I didn’t receive the package in the mail and also I noticed that I didn’t get charged on my credit card. I emailed the company and no response back. HTG Boot Slide did not charge my credit card in the month of March, April, May, June and I didn’t get any response from them and I didn’t receive the package. Well, the other night I was paying my bill online and I noticed on July 20, 2012 that HTG Booty Slide charged my credit card of $47.46. I called my credit card company letting them know what was this pending charge because it has been 4 months of no response from HTG Booty Slide and why were they charging my account. I also called customer service at HTG Booty Slide and the customer service gal told me that in the month of March they had to back order the products and they charged me extra due to the tax. I asked her why didn’t their customer service notify me of the back order, the extra charge, and why is it after 4 months they charge my account? The customer service gal couldn’t explain. Totally uncool what HTG Booty Slide did. And if you need the customer support number at HTG Booty Slide it is (203)306-5041, Mon-Fri Eastern Time.

  10. I see all the complaints about receiving this Booty Slide product. I wish I would have read it before I ordered it! I had to call right after I ordered because on my website the cost of the “front of the line” said $4.95 and my bill said $7.95. Oh lord….I hope I haven’t messed up by ordering this!!

  11. I think we are all having the same problem…..back order. I order this thing in May and I was informed that it would take 2-6 weeks. Well I am cancelling and I am going to try the P90X.

  12. I just called Booty Slide AGAIN and my order is still on back order for another 2-4 weeks. I cancelled my order. Has anyone actually truly received their order?

  13. I ordered April 28th, it’s May 22nd and I’m still waiting on the package. If you don’t opt for expedited shipping then they estimate delivery within 2-6 weeks. If I ever get it, I’ll post feedback.

  14. Oh and I forgot to add that I’m now getting telemarketing calls on my cell phone. I’m not sure if its from this company, but I’ve never had that happen before.

  15. I ordered my booty slide a while ago and did not receive it so I called, and was told it was cancelled because of a problem with mt Credit Card. I talk to them, there is no problem, our credit is excellent, the only thing that was wrong was you had our expiration wrong. So please get back to me on this and try to run it through again, just 1 order. My phone # is 607-746-7680

    Thank you,
    Linda Lawson
    My e-mail address is or
    I do not know why they are not accepting them.

    • You should take your phone number down and any other personal identifying information. Anyone could call and pretend to be a representative and take your credit card information and use it fraudulently. Just a FYI.

  16. Review Booty Slide

    Does Booty Slide really provide extreme workout with zero impact?

    Is it good for body firming and shaping as it claims?

    Can Booty Slide help lose weight with use of only a pair of booties and sliding pads?

    Does it help in reducing back pain?

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