Body By Jake Tower 200 Reviews and Complaints

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Get bigger, harder, stronger with the all new and powerful Body By Jake Tower 200 . If you got a door you got a gym. Body By Jake Tower 200 provides 200 lbs of resistance delivered through 3 multi tension power cords and over 200 exercises that push your muscles to the max. No dumbbells, no machines, no memberships. Get Bicep Curls, Chest Fly, Tricep Extension, Lat Pull Down, Shoulder Press, Crunches, Squats no problem. Just 11 minutes a day you get bigger, harder and stronger guaranteed. Tower 200 will totally transform the way you look and feel.


Body By Jake Tower 200

In Seconds Body By Jake Tower 200 fits on any door – house, office or dorm and takes very little space. Features Steel frame construction, comes 100% assembled, comes with lifetime warranty.

Tower 200 Exercises
Abdominal Exercises
Standing Crunch Left Oblique
Standing Crunch Right Oblique
Standing Side Crunch
Standing Ab Dot Drill — Three stopping points
Standing Ab Dot Drill Bottom Pulley
Around The World Top Pulley — one continuous motion
Around The World Bottom Pulley
Floor Crunch
Overhead Crunch
Penguin Crunch
Punching Crunch Alternating
Crunch Fly
Crunch Side Chop
Around the World Pike
Scissor Crunch
Pike Crunch
Knees to Chest Crunch
Arm Leg Touches
Perfect Pike Facing Away
Opposite Arm Leg Crunch
Side Pike Hold
Pike to Pull over

Arms and Back
Pull Down Wide Grip
Pull Down Cross Cable
Bicep Curl
Standing Row
Standing Cross Row
Upright Row
Straight Arm Pull Down
Cross Cable Straight Arm Pull Down
Bottom Pulleys Straight Arm Push Back
Rear Delt Raise
High Pull

Chest and Shoulders
Chest Press
Single Arm Chest Press
Decline Press
Chest Fly
Military Press
Close Grip Decline Press
Close Grip Push Press
Single Arm Chest Fly
Single Arm Decline Fly
Cross Cable V Press
Shoulder Press
Rotation Shoulder Press
Single Arm Lateral Raise
Front Raise
Cross Lateral Raise
Staggered Decline Press
Single Arm Squat Raise
Cross Upright Row
Facing Lateral Raise

Front Lunge
Side Lunge
Front Straight Leg Raise
Mountain Climber
Single Leg Squat
Abductors Outer Thigh
Adductors Inner Thigh
Hip Flexion
Leg Extension
Staggered Forward Squat
Back Lunge
Glute Kick Back
Calf Raise
Hamstring Curl
Scissor Kick
Leg Curl
Facing Front Squat
Ankle Strap Back Lunge

Compound Exercises
Squat To Military Press Wide Grip
Squat to Rotation Press
Squat To Military Press Single Arm
Staggered Squat Close Grip
Staggered Squat Lateral Raise
Squat Front Raise
Alternating Lunge To Military Press
Alternating Lunge To Close Grip
Alternating Lunge to Decline Press
Alternating Lunge to Hammer Curl
Alternating Lunge to Bicep Curls
Squat to High Chop
Alternating Lunge to Front Raise
Back Lunge to Lateral Raise
Lunge to Punch
Bicep Curl Triceps Extension
Pike Flutter Crunch
Pike to Chest Fly
Push Up to Front Raise
Push up Hold to Rotation
Back Lunge to High Shoulder Chop
Push Up Opposite Arm Leg Raise
Pike to Bicep Curl Alternating
Single Leg Squat Bicep Curl
Single Leg Squat to High Pull
Pike To Straight Arm Pull Down
Pike to Bent Arm Pull Down
Back Lunge to High Low Row
Back Lunge to Triceps Push Down Upright Row
Back Lunge to Bicep Curl to Row
Bicep Curl Triceps Extension Facing
Bent Over Straight Arm Pull Down To Triceps Kick Back
Single Leg Squat to Row

Body By Jake Tower 200-FAQs

What makes Tower 200 more effective compared to free weights/gym equipment?
The Tower 200 gives you 200 pounds of explosive resistance with over 200 exercises pushing your muscles to the max. The 11-minute “Mother of All Workouts” is perfect for people crunched for time. It features Randy Couture’s MMA-inspired moves. Unlike free-weights, it uses multi-tension Power Cords that become more difficult to extend as you stretch them, placing more stress on the muscle at the right time. The flexible single equipment can work your arms, chest, shoulders, abs, backs, arms, and legs. The pre-assembled Tower 200 fits any door at home/office/dorm.

How many workouts does it include?
The program includes 11-minute “Mother of All Workout” plus 4 Bonus Power Pack workouts. Each Power Pack is 3 minutes long. Select the resistance level, affix the hand grip/ankle straps, and work out.

Is the resistance level adjustable?
The resistance level adjusts depending on how many Power Cords you use. Tower 200 has two 25, two 35, and two 40-pound cords. Using all six power cords will give you 200 pounds of resistance and you can also utilize as less as 25 lbs. resistance.

What’s the product safety and recommended limit of workouts?
The total body workout is recommended for 4-5 times a week. To achieve faster explosive results use the Ultimate Muscle Explosion Starter Guide. Before starting the exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your physician.

What are the weight and dimensions of Tower 200? How long does the delivery take?
Boxed dimensions, Boxed weight, Assembled weight are 23.9L x 14.2W x 6.3H, 14.3 LBS and 12.1 LBS respectively. It takes 2-4 weeks via USPS, your credit card will not be charged until your product ships. Once the order has shipped, you will receive an email with USPS tracking number.

Body By Jake Tower 200 Reviews and Complaints

Body By Jake Tower 200 generally is a decent design but has issues of not being sturdy enough for heavy resistance exercises. The hooks and resistance are not strong enough for heavy routine workouts. Example it has 200lbs of resistance on paper but without a bench or anything else to stabilize the body against the weight the entire resistance is useless. This presents a difficult situation for heavy workouts due its design limitation and is very good enough for teens and rehabilitation purpose.

Another set of disadvantages of Body By Jake Tower 200 is that it has cheap plastic build and has bands which can break in a time span of mere months and can be dangerous if it snaps while performing the exercises. Plus replacement parts are a rarity especially when the bands keep snapping within months. It is good for simple pull or press exercises but is not good enough for standing exercises and can put a lot of stress on the core. The worst thing about Body By Jake Tower 200 is the customer service which never gives a response and leaves customers in a helpless state.



What do I get?

  • 1 Tower 200 with 200 lbs of resistance
  • Body Shedding Drop-Down Door Workout Chart
  • Instructional Manual with 200 exercises
  • Randy Couture’s 11 minute Mother of all Workout DVD
  • A 2nd Drop-Down Chart focusing on Isolation Training
  • A Set of Ankle Straps/
  • Custom Padded Grips
  • BONUS – 4 additional power-packed workouts
  • Free Shipping

Official website



Body By Jake Tower 200 Door Gym Video


12 thoughts on “Body By Jake Tower 200 Reviews and Complaints

  1. The company seems to be out of business, no active web site , no working number to contact any one..
    it seems the person who has no redentials college or other wise in unable to comment.

  2. The Tower 200 has issues. It is not built correctly. I use it for cardio, high reps with some resistance. I have had mine for about 4 weeks now and 2 of the pulleys have melted. The pulley system is the problem. The pulleys are plastic with metal pins through them. These pins heat up to a point where they melt the plastic pulley. Once this occurs, the pulley has to be replaced as it is no longer usable. Body By Jake should have used pulleys with bearings in them or a metal pulley that would not melt. You can buy replacements from Body By Jake, but the are $20 a pop.

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