Bodyblade Exercise Equipment

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Today, wellness, functional exercise, and core training are essential for good health. We have professionals, patients, athletes, trainers doing this, and exercise enthusiasts have discovered a tool to address this goal – the Bodyblade. It targets balance, flexibility, speed, coordination, stability, and muscle strength, to improve the swing of your racket or golf club, to recover from injury or surgery, to enhance athletic performance, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bodyblade is the tool that fully addresses wellness, function, and the principles of core training.


How does Bodyblade Exercise Equipment work?
Bodyblade was scientifically developed for rehabilitation in 1991 by Bruce Humanson – a physical therapist and pioneer in core stabilization training and education. It is recognized internationally as a sophisticated rehabilitation tool and has become a staple in the rehabilitation community.

Bodyblade is a reactive, flexing device that uses the laws of inertia to generate muscle contractions. The rapid flexing and change in direction of the blade provide continuous resistance training without using weights, bands, pulleys or machines. The training is from the center of the body out, strengthening the core muscles and upper and lower extremities. The body starts, stops, and changes directions in every conceivable motion or rotation. When this happens, Bodyblade harnesses and recycles the energy at the body’s entire mass to generate 270 muscle contractions per minute. The greater the flex of the blade, the greater the resistance.

Working the body in all three planes of motions, Bodyblade contributes to all the elements of function that are necessary in rehabilitation, stabilization, strength, endurance, power, balance and coordination, and easily combines with other equipment to create customized programs for unlimited training potential and variety.

In fact, Bodyblade products are one of doctors’ and therapists’ top choices for their patients’ home exercise prescription after treatment.

Bodyblade is used by professionals and Olympic athletes. It is also used by many collegiate and sports programs including football, baseball, tennis, boxing, basketball, and golf.

With a keen emphasis on wellness and conditioning, health and fitness club everywhere include Bodyblade for personal training and group exercises. Instructors can be creative and use new routines to give club members a fun, safe, dynamic workout. Bodyblade turns the body into a complex exercise machine as it tones, defines, and raises the heart rate. There is no assembly required. It is cost effective and storage for an entire class takes just a few square feet.

Bodyblade is available in five different models, which generate from 1 – 34 pounds of progressive resistance –Pro, Classic, CXT, LITE, and Cardioblades. All models of Bodyblade create rapid muscle contractions to develop the body’s core. It’s beneficial for any age and every level of fitness or training because the user controls the intensity and resistance. It is so lightweight and compact, its versatility provides the perfect away from home exercise regimen anywhere.

Use Bodyblade to build strength, improve balance, increase power, and enhance cardiovascular performance.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
The BodyBlade Classic Kit Includes

  • BodyBlade Classic
  • Instructional Workout DVD
  • Exercise Wall Chart
  • All this for just $99.00



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