Body LX 360 System

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What is Body LX 360 System

It is an intelligent workout system that provides multi-vector exercises to the muscles to help reduce body fat and shape it into a sculpted physique.

Intelligent Body Workout

Body LX 360 System is a total body fitness solution targeted towards building a toned body and reducing the body fat to acceptable standards. You may have tried many different ways to lose body fat by cardio, gym or home workout DVDs. All these activities work well but need proper guidance of professional trainers due to complexity and the time required to perform these activities is quite high. Body LX 360 System is considered to be intelligent because it takes the fundamental of actual human anatomy and how the muscle system works to target muscles with its multi-vector functioning.

Revolutionary Design

Body LX 360 System apparently is unlike any body workout system that takes a lot of space and has weights that are strenuous. Instead it is a smart Board on which all the required muscle activation takes place with different resistance band settings targeted towards different levels of workout. The benefit of Body LX 360 System over other system is said to be the design which ensures smooth flowing workout that is precise and well guided which isn’t the case while using free weights. This easy to stow away design and its simple, easy to use workout plan is what makes it the best total body development system.


Multi-Vector System

Body LX 360 System claims that it is different than all the other techniques in the market due to its 5 touch points scientific theory. Due to the use of resistance band the multi-vector system aligns the body perfectly to attain optimal position for targeted muscle activation. Body LX 360 System apparently also provides counter training to the antagonist muscles to create more balanced body and proper angle. Plus the intelligent exercises specific to Body LX 360 System are claimed to work in conjunction with the gravity to maximize use of time to provide higher opposing force to muscles for a great workout. Also Body LX 360 System promises to make it easier to perform all exercises reducing neglect of certain parts and provide an all-round 360 degree fit physique.

What do I get?

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