Body Jac Review

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For those seeking tight and toned muscles, sleek slender waistlines, stronger core and overall superior physical fitness, there’s some great news! Push-up is the one exercise that’s the quickest, simplest and most effective way to get the body you want right now!


How does Body Jac work?
Push-up is the ultimate exercise but is also the ultimate source of serious strain on your back, hands and joints and often dishes out as much pain as gain. Now, the best exercise meets the 21st century with the amazing Body Jac!

Body Jac is the fun and most effective way to do push-ups, guaranteed! Body Jac allows you to lose weight and build the physique you’ve always wanted while increasing your overall energy in the safest and most effective way possible!

The secret is its patented Lift Assist Technology that utilizes specially designed weight resistant bands that provide you with a complete customizable workout and also promotes perfect form by aligning your body properly every time. Even those users who couldn’t do push-ups before, can now do it with ease! You can gain muscle, strengthen your core and burn fat quickly with Body Jac!
Body Jac ensures perfect pushup without the negative side effects! Body Jac is such an efficient and effective workout that you only need to use it for 8 minutes per workout, just three times a week, to strengthen and sculpt multiple body groups including the chest, arms, middle core, and backside!

With a change in the grip position, it turns into a pull-down to target the biceps! Get the body you deserve with Body Jac!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • Body Jac
  • 8 X 5lb Resistance Bands
  • Hand Position Fitness Mat
  • Strength Instruction Manual
  • Kiana Tom‘s Workout DVD
  • All this for just $99.99 + $19.95 s/h. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Body Jac Video


14 thoughts on “Body Jac Review

  1. I am intereste in the bodyjac but you advertised and you say call now. BUT HOW CAN YOU CALL IF YOU DONN”T SHOW THE phone no FOR A TRIAL> I LIKE TO KNOW HOW MUCH IS THE COST OF BUY BODY JAC I CANN’T FIND NO PHONE NUMBER .CAN YOU E_MAIL ME THANK YOU.

    • I am Ruben….95% American….Does that mean I am 5% smart…I am still interested in getting one or two…since I have two arms…does this mean I will double my overall strength in less time?

  2. I got the Body Jac, and it is crappy. I don’t really understand the resistance bands, and there were no instructions. The machine is uncomfortable. You would be better off just doing push ups on your knees. I thought it would work like an assisted pull up machine, but it doesn’t. I tried to return the machine, but there is a 20% restocking fee (what do they think they’re Best Buy?) and you have to save the original box. So basically I’m out $150’s.

  3. I ordered the Body Jac from their website on March 1, 2011. I still haven’t received it! I called the phone number on the receipt, but got a recorded message saying the number is no longer in service. I called the 800 number used to order the Body Jac, and they told me there’s no way they could help me. I’m really concerned at this point, and wondering if it’s a scam or Cactus Jack ran out of money. I’m upset and disappointed. Buyer beware.

  4. Has anyone tried the Body Jac

    Is it any good

    Are the resistance band durable

    Does it really strengthen your core and burn fat

    Is it a good alternative to the traditional push-ups

    How long before you see the results

    How many levels of resistance does it offer

    How effective is the Body Jac

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