Body by Jake Gym In a Shoe Review

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Who doesn’t want a fit and great looking body? But to have an amazing body shape you need to put in a lot of time and effort. These efforts include going to a gym and working on a regular schedule but with the fast paced nature of life today is it really possible for you? At home workouts can be easily done by purchasing free weights but there is a concern of posture which goes unattended due to lack of a trainer. Resistance bands are the best way to exercise due to their compact nature and ability to perform any exercise in the book. But not all resistance bands can help you to get the right body, check out Body by Jake Gym in a Shoe.


Body by Jake Gym In a Shoe
Body by Jake Gym in a Shoe is a resistance band that unlike any other resistance band combines the perfect resistance strength along with muscle-toning repetition to get a lean body from every exercise performed using it. It has a trademarked – Just Clip ‘n Go! Technology which can be fastened to any regular shoe’s eyelets making it lock and secure instead of trying to stabilize the band under the feet. Plus its size is compact and easy to carry anywhere on the move and fits perfectly in a travelers pouch or a side bag making it perfect for use at home, dorm room, office, etc which helps in working out every single day.

Body by Jake Gym in a Shoe comes 4 time saving 8 minute workouts and 3 other bonus workouts that can make a lean and mean sculpted body in no time. It also comes with bonus Travel Pouch and Booster Bands that have 2 ½ times more resistance than the pink colored band to boost fat burning.

Body By Jake Gym In a Shoe GIAS FAQs

What makes Gym in a Shoe special? How does it weigh against other equipment?
Gym in a Shoe takes you a step closer to the long and lean body that you desire. It carves your buns, hips and thighs, tones the back of your arms, trims your waistline and increases your metabolism. Easy to use with the patented Just Clip ‘n Go feature makes it compatible with any shoe. Also, the bands don’t snap making it safest for use.

How challenging are the Gym in a Shoe workouts and can the difficulty level be increased?
Gym in a Shoe offers comfortable resistance for you to get toned and firm body instead of straining to use high resistance. Look Great in 8 features 8 moves of one minute each including a 3 BONUS 8-minute workouts. You can also increase the difficulty/resistance level by exercising for longer time or by shortening the length of the bands. To shorten the bands, flip your hold on the handles so they’re positioned like ski poles. You can also opt for higher-resistance black Gym In A Shoe bands that offer 2 ½ times the resistance of the pink bands.

What are the workouts included in Gym In A Shoe and the weight & dimensions of the package?
A total of four 8-Minute workouts i.e. Look great in 8 Total Body, Shrink Your Waistline, Upper Body Tone-Up and Bun & Thigh Slim-Down. The boxed weight and dimensions are 5 LBS and 5.5”L x 2”W x 6.5”H respectively.



What do I get?

  • Gym In A Shoe Jumpstart Bands
  • Travel Pouch
  • Look Great in 8 Total Body Workout
  • Wall Chart
  • Booster Bands
  • 3 Workouts:
  • Shrink Your Waistline
  • Upper Body Tone-Up
  • Lower Body Slim-Down
  • All this for just $29.99 + Shipping. Official websites | |



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    4 thoughts on “Body by Jake Gym In a Shoe Review

    1. BUYER BEWARE! Terrible company! I ordered this Body By Jake Gym In a Shoe and days later I get an email that my order was canceled without any reasoning as to why and that my credit card was not charged. Since I thought that maybe I put in my card information wrong, I ordered it again. Again, days later an email saying order was canceled, no reason, and my card was not charged. I send an email to them with my complaint and there only response was – we do not ship to P.O. Boxes even though the shipping states that it goes by US Postal Service, which does deliver to P.O. Boxes. Why could this have not been told to me in the email. Then I see that I was charged both times on my credit card so now I have to provide the proof that it was charged and fight to get my money back.

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