Bas Rutten Body Action System Reviews and Complaints

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What if you could have a beautifully sculpted, sexier body and never have to feel like you are working out? For the first time Bas Rutten, mixed martial arts’ most respected champion and trainer, introduces the cutting edge product that will enable you to train the way super athletes do, right in the privacy of your own home. Bas will guide you through the same one-on-one training he’s provided for top celebrities and some of mixed martial arts biggest bad boys.


Bas Rutten Body Action System

The state of the art BAS stand guides your form as if he were right there with you. If you long for a beautifully sculpted body, a sense of empowerment, and a lot of fun, you definitely need the Bas Rutten Body Action System from Bas Rutten.

Now you can train like a super athlete right in your own home. Bas’ training DVDs and revolutionary interactive stand give you a personal coach and training partner celebrities and top athletes pay thousands of dollars for. The key to sculpting your body is muscle activation. University studies prove the BAS System can you over 30 times more muscle activation for your hips and inner thighs than doing squats, more activation for your arms and chest than pushups, and more activation for your abs than even doing crunches. All this plus a terrific cardio boost and the most effective mixed martial arts techniques from Bas Rutten.

The revolutionary BAS Stand is engineered to disperse impact and withstand the toughest punishment. It can be customized for all sizes and configurations. When you’re done, it folds up effortlessly in just seconds and is light enough to store anywhere.

Unlike other workout programs, soft targets ensure you can always have the correct form. Add resistance to your routine. Now you can sculpt your entire body, the whole package, by learning real self-defense techniques.

Try the BAS System, the customizable training stand with head, torso, and two focus pads, and Bas’ beginner through advanced DVDs to guide you. Start having so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re transforming your body.

Body Action System Reviews

Sturdy Design:
The Body Action System has a very sturdy framework and is supplied with decent pads for training routines. Any professional or amateurs can use it for hours and the frame has the ability to take it.

Body Action System Complaints

Design Issue
Body Action System comes with a nice head pad but is a little bit risky for the hands since training for uppercuts on the body bags if not taken care hurt the arms and wrists badly.

Very Expensive
Body Action System is very expensive system especially considering the workout DVD which is not a very useful one for everyone. People looking for practice and losing weight just need the frame and can try to follow a personal routine suiting their own body.

The unfilled sand bags allotted with the system can result in shaking the stand post filling it with sand and will not get better even after it is filled with stones. Instead the sand bags have to be put inside other sand bags to make sure they do not leak and provide strength. This would need purchasing extra sand bags from the company resulting into more money spent.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Choose from:
Bas Rutten Body Action System – Standard Model for $299.99

  • Fully Customizable Stand
  • Head Pad
  • Torso Pad
  • 6 Sandbags
  • Instructional DVD

Bas Rutten Body Action System – Deluxe Model for $429.99

  • Bas Rutten Body Action System – Standard Model
  • PLUS
  • 2 Focus Pads with fully adjustable T-bar for unlimited angle choices
  • 2nd Instructional DVD

Bas Rutten Body Action System X2 Model – CA $689.99

  • Inverted Focus Pads
  • Fully Customizable Stand
  • Head Pad
  • Torso Pad
  • Instructional DVD
  • 6 high quality double zippered cotton sand bags (silica sand not included)
  • 2 Focus Pads with fully adjustable T-Bar for unlimited angle choices 2nd Instructional DVD

Bas Rutten Body Action System – Focus Pads & T-Bar for $179.99

  • 2 Focus Pads with fully adjustable T-bar for unlimited angle choices.
  • 2nd Instructional DVD.

Official website –



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Bas Rutten Body Action System Video


6 thoughts on “Bas Rutten Body Action System Reviews and Complaints

  1. Have had the X2 model for two days. SAVE YOUR $$$
    Could be a great product, but the instructions are horrible, the DVD’s are useless, the torso pad is worthless due to the design. After my first workout I had to take it apart and put it back together because I thought it was going to fall apart. Great idea HORRIBLE product.

    • Need to revise the horrible review I gave the Bas Rutten Body Action System on 10/10/15.

      A Representative from BAS called me within minutes of emailing the company and posting that review. She didn’t reply with an email, she called. She called to address my every concern. She explained what to do. Once she did this has been an impressive calorie burning, solid striking piece of equipment. The pads absorb your punches so you find yourself punching harder and harder every round. The only drawback would be that I had to put my old heavy bag over the sandbags that’s included with the system to keep it from moving. Still moves a little. Overall this is a great addition to any exercise routine.

      • I use four 50 pound bags of playground sand. Haven’t had any issues. Some people also use ball bearings mixed in with the sand, but that would make it cost a lot more to anchor.

  2. Is the Body Action System Stand customizable for all sizes and configurations?

    Can you train with it right in the privacy of your own home?

    Do you learn real self-defense techniques?

    Does the Body Action System give you 30 times more muscle activation?

    Do you get a cardio boost?

    Can you sculpt your entire body with the Body Action System?

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