Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Review

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Introducing Billy Blanks PT 24/7 – workout system so powerful, you will feel the results in 24 hours. You see results in only 7 days. PT 24/7 is a complete system that includes 7 fat busting, muscle-toning programs. Each program is only 30 minutes, almost half the time of many other workouts.


How does Billy Blanks PT 24/7 work?
Get the most amazing results with your weight blasted away. Get toned down arms, a tight butt, thin thighs, and gorgeous flat abs.

Billy’s amazing innovation will change how you work out forever – his PT 24/7 cardio bands and gloves. These are the only bands and gloves that give you the benefit of cardio and sculpting at the same time.

With regular bands, you have to stand on them making them stationary, limiting the exercises you can do. But with Billy’s PT 24/7 cardio bands and gloves, they move as you move engaging all your muscles, not only giving you a great cardio workout but a resistance workout too, at the same time. That means you get double the workout in half the time and a long, lean, toned body!

PT 24/7 means physical training at its best – maximum results in minimum time. The rotation calendar shows you which DVDs to use each day. The nutrition guides offers 4 full weeks of meals to eat, filling and delicious.

The DVD collection all starts with basic training. You will learn all of Billy’s trademark moves. Anyone can do it. With Billy’s PT 24/7, you work at your own pace whether you have been exercising for years or have just started. The next 3 DVDs in the system are Cardio Burn, Cardio, and Boot Camp Power concentrate on high intensity fat burning for maximum calorie burn. Because of the PT 24/7 cardio bands and gloves you will blast calories and sculpt at the same time.

Each DVD is only 30 minutes long. Combo Sculpt is a high cardio and strength fusion specifically designed to drive weight loss. The Ripped Core feature Billy’s exclusive six-pack moves to give you a strong core and flat abs you can see and feel.

This is the brand new amazing PT24/7 that is going to change your life forever. With the PT24/7 you will get to do what you need to get done in just 30 minutes a day. It lets you do anything else you want to do with the rest of the day but the most crucial part is getting your workout.

With the workout you will be able to release stress and get that mental power to be able to take on whatever you need to take on for the rest for the day.

You get to test yourself while you are working out and start seeing and feeling the difference in 7 days.
Get what you need to get done in 7 days. Simply keep going and don’t give up.

Are you having a bad day? If you are then you can now turn your bad day into a good day. We all wake up everyday to face challenges from the outside world and from our own body. Then your mind has to deal with it.

You go to work and take care of your children so you ought to learn how to relieve stress. The best and most effective way to do that is to get the PT 24/7 out. Start testing your mental power because your body depends on you.

We need to build our mind and will power up to have a good healthy life. The PT 24/7 pushes your body. You can change yourself with just your mind and will power. Work at taking care of yourself just like you take care of your children.

Most mothers spend so much time taking care of the kids that they forget about themselves. Take PT 24/7 and start to physically test yourself. All the bad things will turn to good. Feel good about yourself and go about the day being the best you can.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • PT 24/7 6 DVD Set
  • PT 24/7 Cardio Bands & Gloves
  • Billy’s Nutrition Guide
  • Rotation Calendar
  • PT 24/7 Body Blast DVD
  • PT 24/7 Club Membership ($180 value)
  • Free upgrade to Express Shipping

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Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Video


149 thoughts on “Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Review

  1. I love the Billy Blanks PT24/7. It has changed my life, it makes you feel so much better about yourself, you have more energy, it makes you want to work out and see yourself change. You have to want the change and have the will power to keep going its tough but he motivates you while working out.

  2. I have purchase PT24/7 after completing the Insanity program. At 50 yrs of age I just found the impact too much for my body. So far PT 24/7 is working well for me. Just one comment, how do you order replacement bands and gloves if needed. No information on that with the delivery.

  3. I am in Namibia, and I saw the ad of your product and I want it. Tell me the steps how I can order it.

  4. I bought mine at the store (Target), this is not a scam. I love it, I’ve lost 3 lbs in just a week. It works, you just have to stick with the diet etc. BILLY BLANKS IS THE BEST!!

    • Adding to my comment, I don’t know why people’s bands are breaking. MOST LIKELY they tied them wrong.

      • I didn’t tie mine wrong and after three months of everyday use, it snapped too! :/ I seriously need new bands and have no idea how to get them.

        • I had a problem with the gloves the metal bar ripped right out so I had to buy a whole new kit if you check they have great deals on it sometimes I got mine for $30.

  5. Hello 🙂 I was wondering how many calories a person would burn doing this workout. I have been doing it for 2 weeks. I am 20 years old, 5′ 6 and a half 😛 and (i can’t believe I’m posting my weight for everyone to see!) lol I weigh 144 lbs. I don’t know how many calories i am burning. How do I figure this out?

  6. I’m a month into this. I already was going to say that I don’t like this as much as the past TaeBo programs, but now I’m making my review even more negative because my band snapped. And it snapped in a very painful way, smacking my chest (and leaving a big red mark right above one of my manboobs). I’ve had Taebo resistance bands before and each time they’ve broken, so this was my last try.

    Now, as far as the workouts. Before the bands broke, I was going to write a review anyways, and I was going to say that the bands help, but without the bands, it’d be a mediocre workout. Oops.

    It feels like things were rushed to get the DVDs to be 30 minutes (there is a plus to have each workout be the perfect amount of time to fit in, but that comes at a price). Because of this, you lose some attention to form, which I thought made a world of difference in the early Taebo programs. And it just makes Billy come off a little lazier (the bands are supposed to be your form guides, and they do keep you honest, but when he busts out new moves it’s good to go over where each foot should start and land at, as an example). He also comes off a little meaner.

    I think he’s trying to copy the p90x/insanity/etc crazes. An example, many of the DVDs include or end with pushups and situps. That’s the exact reason I’m doing Taebo and not just your traditional workout stuff. But like I said before, I still find too much of it to be mediocre. I felt myself getting used to going through the motions after repeating some of the DVDs. His early DVDs had me feeling it MUCH more after the workout. Also, during this month, I felt like I was getting into slightly better shape, sweat a ton, but lost 0 weight. I think it can help people get tone, but it has a lot of flaws

  7. I just want to know. I purchased the pt24/7 and lost 1.7kg in the 1st week, but I am in week 3 now and keep on putting on weight, I have changed my diet to mainly 1/2 cup oats in the morning, a green salad with 50g lean chicken fillet (steamed) with 2 wholewheat Provitas in the afternoon and a green salad with fish for dinner and then a 100ml yoghurt (plain) 10:00 and then 3:00 a apple, what am I doing wrong I picked up like 1.2kg last week and already 600g this week please help if you could reply to my e-mail address (and I am following the workout planner as given with the set dvds.

    • When you workout don’t go by just your weight you may have just gained more muscle then you burned in fat so if you lose 3lbs but gain 5 lbs in muscle it looks like you gained, I felt the same way you do but then I researched and they say go by how your clothes fit and your body looks because muscle weighs more then fat

  8. I’ve bought Billy Blanks PT 24/7 but would like work out with my son where do I get an extra set of gloves and bands?

  9. I purchased my Billy Blanks PT 24/7 from Models Sporting Goods store in January 2012 and one of my band broke. I am trying to find a replacement can someone help me.

    • If you find a place to get the bands let me know. One of mine broke within a week already. The Billy Blanks PT 24/7 workout is good. Just need better bands.

    • Found this post on Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Facebook page while I was searching to see what others though about it.

      Emily Porter posted to Billy Blanks PT 24/7
      April 2
      One of my gloves broke and a band snapped. 🙁 How do I order another set of gloves and bands only?

      2Like ·

      Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Hi, Emily. Sorry to hear that. If you purchased directly from the TV ad or billyblankspt24/, you can call our Customer Care Center at 1-877-358-0180. If you purchased from another retailer, please return it to that outlet for a refund or replacement.
      April 3 at 11:36am · Like · 1

      Emily Porter Thank you for your help. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. 🙂
      April 3 at 11:50am · Like

  10. Love the PT247. I am tracking everything. Body weight, BMI, Body Fat, blood pressure, all that stuff. Even took before photos and will take again in 3 months with all before and after stats as well. I’m 45 years old, 6’4″ and 224 right now. Goal is to be 200. If I could post pics I would. I started 1/9/12

  11. I got this for Christmas this year, I’ve done them all, Insanity, P90X etc, this work out is VERY effective because the gloved and bands keep resistance on your entire body through every movement that you make. YOU WILL FEEL IT the next day, some of the DVDs are more challenging than others, “cardio burn” is pretty cool and fun, “body blast” is good, “boot camp power” needs more cardio so I added jumping jacks in while he was flapping his mouth in-between sets. I usually do 2 at time(like cardio burn followed by boot camp) Monday, Wednesday, Friday and do 1 and a 3 mile run on Tue, Fri, Sat.

    I did Billy’s other DVD series, (amped was horrible!!!! str8 up whack!!, boot camp extreme was okay, boot camp 1 was pretty good)and this one is very very different and good, not too much karate and crap, more cardio and strength training.

    I give it 8 out of 10
    Minus two points because the Velcro that I was supposed to secure band to shoe isn’t worth a crap. I had to tie it. Other than that I love it!! I been doing it for 2 weeks

    Oh and toss the calendar and the meal plan, its garbage, don’t bother with basics its trash too, and 1 DVD probably isn’t enough for people with a little fitness experience(however 2 is almost too much depending on which two I do)

    This is probably tied with insanity in my book for effectiveness.

    • Instead of using the velcro straps on the foot take the hooks and attach them to sneaker cross fabric where laces go through or to laces….works great

  12. got the pt24/7 work out, I was pumped about it until I saw the warning label on the gloves in relation to California and like some of you am a bit concerned. As for the work out I did the basic and can feel it on my shoulder blades… can’t wait to see more result through out my body.

  13. I have always followed Billy’s workouts from Tae Bo to PT24/7. They all work as long as you are doing it right. I see better results when I go at my pace and work my way up to their pace. Billy knows how to keep me motivated till I see the results I want. Just wondering how we can get an extra or replacement set of the bands or if we can get ones that have a tighter tension?

  14. I loved doing my pt 24/7 workout until the band broke. Now I cannot find a replacement. Anyone know where/how to get one?

    • I called twice…I have had to bands bust on me…BUT I LOVE THE WORKOUT….they will send you a free replacement…just call the number on the website.

      • Two bands…sorry…one more thing…I have doing his workout for years…over 10 years…this is a great get what you put into it!

  15. I ordered these Billy Blanks PT 24/7 dvds. I am 5’3 and had a hard time with the bands. They are too long and dont’ add resistance because they are long and I am short. I tried tying them in a knot to make them smaller, but then I kept having troubles with my hands and the large gloves. It was rather annoying trying to manage the extra stuff. So, my 30 days are up and I am sending this back, I dont really like it. Warm up time wasn’t long enough. I am going back to the old cardio ones. Those are much better.

  16. One point I forgot to mention….on one of the plastic packages (either the one the gloves or bands came in, not sure which) there’s a big warning label on the bag that says: “Warning: This product is fabricated from materials which may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.” Now tell me, who wants to have THIS in their home?

  17. Don’t waste your time and money! There are too many issues that bog you down before you can concentrate on the workout. Billy Blanks is not motivational at all. His “work it” and other phrases are annoying but worse than that is the group of folks exercising with him. They constantly count 1 to 8 out loud for the ENTIRE workout and then when he issues a workout command, they all say YES SIR like they’re in the military. It is so phony. I can’t get past all of the distraction to focus on the workout.

    The bands are cheaply made, feel like they are ready to break. I am petite, 5’2″, and the bands are too long for me to feel much resistance – they flop around behind me. And the gloves – they are unisex, one size fits all, they are stiff and ill formed, and way too big for my hands. I think they are made for a big man. My hands move all around in the gloves. I am so busy trying to tighten the gloves and push them back up that I miss some of the workout moves.

    I got my videos through for $39 so there are cheaper prices out there if you take the time to look. You only get 1 pair of gloves with this package but who needs 2 pair anyway? I received my DVDs in about 10 days through the USPS but am planning to return. Hopefully the return process will go smoothly. Sorry Billy, but I plan to go back to my FIRM workouts that combine weights and cardio. Much more challenging!

    • I am also petite, 5’2″ BUT I do not have an issue with the bands. You are probably complaining because you cannot do the workouts or you are just a whiny brat who hates when things don’t go your way. Billy Blanks created a very effective workout.

  18. I just wanted to take a minute and thank Billy Blanks and his team. I started off years ago doing taebo. I lost my dad in 2008 and really went into a state of depression, gained about 35 lbs, high blood pressure and really didnt care about anything but then I saw Billy Blanks on a tv commercial and just hearing him and his desire and motivation I knew right then I had to get back into it, so I did and to-date I have lost 28lbs. I could not do it without you, so thankyou from the bottom of my heart giving me back my motivation and desire to get fit.

    PS – I am now no longer on high blood pressure medicine.

  19. I wish I could try it. But I did not receive all of the stuff. NO BANDS, NO GLOVES. Contacted customer services twice, no response back. Have to return the product tomorrow, because 30 days is up and I still can not use it. Very disappointed!!

  20. I am on day 3 of my workout and I can feel it. I’m out of shape and this is helping but mt hand eye coordination sucks. This will help thank you Billy, also I have no problems with the bands. This workout leaves me sweating and I can feel the burn. Tt took about 2 weeks to receive it but so far it is worth the wait so thanks and keep the fingers crossed.

    • Hi just one? Its 12/8 so it would be 10 days for you if I am counting right. Just wanted to know how you lost any weight yet and how is it still a good workout DVD set to purchase.

  21. Today I received my order it seems incomplete globes and foot bands are missing the bill dint even explain What’s enclosed or if I should be expecting more shipments of my order. the advertising says that I should get another set for free! also missing. I paid over $179 for this order. Will contact the company. will keep you posted. Billy Blanks should live up to his promise.

  22. Ok guys, I would like to review the product very briefly for those are confused:

    1) Yes I bought it , and yes I tried it for a month.

    2) Its not that good workout for the following reason:

    a) You warm for 10 seconds or so then you move direct to jump and punch very fast which is dangerous, cause your body is a like rubber if you don’t have the little heat and proper warm up before the workout out, you gonna either injure your self or perform the moves in wrong way, and when it comes to punching and kicking you do need a warm up.

    b) No cooling down for most the dvds, and if there is, only last for 10 second or so, which is the answer to most people who feel sore and pain after 1 day or 2 of starting the workout.

    c) I say it here and I say it again, the nutrition plan is TOTALLY crap and useless. Don’t follow the nutrition plan until you know your calories intake from a proper source. Again, the 1200 calories diet is not good for all ladies, and men simply will die if they follow it. Calories intake doesn’t depend only on gender, but also, height, weight, age, and activities. It’s not a concept or theory if you eat 1200 calories, you gonna lose 1 to 3 pounds?!

    d) The bands in some moves can’t be adjusted to your height. For me they were a bit long.

    e) I haven’t found it challenging because I was doing insanity before, and pt24/7 is much more easier, billy blanks saying: if you don’t find the workout challenging, then it’s not worth doing it. Well Billy, your workout is not really challenging.

    Billy Blanks is only good when it comes to motivation, he says some words and sentences that stick in your head forever. But somehow I build resistance to that, cause many fitness trainers now have their own quotes and mind words. Like “dig deeper”, bring it etc…

  23. OMG..SO Disappointing reading all of these bad reviews..BUT GUESS WHAT…didn’t stop me from ordering Billy Blanks pt 24 7… and I LOVE IT, me and my husband are 11 days into the workout, my arms and legs are looking great, received it within 7 business days no problem, but it does suck for the people who ordered it while it was on backorder. In the past I have worked for companies that sold popular items like new sell phones, or iPods whatever the case is, they DO go on backorder and there is no real estimated ship date HOWEVER you should be explained that before you order, that’s why I always call and order over the phone….I FEEL GREAT, getting use to the workouts, for the babies crying about the counting I LOVE IT …counting along with them makes it a little more tolerable, those of you who are not buying it just because of a little delayed shipping or because some one is too lazy to do the workout so they have no other choice to complain….your crazy..IF you want to change your life and body. GET THE SYSTEM the bands HAVE IMPROVED. NO PROBLEMS FOR US 2 THUMBS UP..I WILL NOT STOP AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT….AND YOU DO HAVE 30 DAYS IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT RETURN IT>>>NOTHING TO LOOSE 🙂

    • I ordered through Billy Blanks web site and had to wait (no biggie), but just the other day I saw the whole workout with gloves and bands at Walmart for $69.99.

  24. I purchased this Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Program through the website and got it within 2 weeks…fast shipping. No problems at all.

    Started the program on a Monday and almost died during the Basics DVD. I’m not that out of shape but I have very low stamina and knee problems, but all I had to do was pause and come back when I caught my breath. The bands are fine…not sure what everyone is complaining about. The first time I used them, they pulled on my feet so bad that I thought about returning the product but I moved them right on top of my foot near the top of the laces and turned the hook so it sits almost on top of my foot and they feel great now!

    After the 2nd day, I was unbelievably sore. Shoulders, back, arms hurt especially. Haven’t felt any real pain or soreness in legs so I will be supplementing my workout with the 10 Minute Trainer program (BeachBody) for lower body that gave me great results in the past. The Ab workout in PT24/7 is great for me. I have a bad back and it causes too much pain to get on the floor and do ab work.

    I’m not planning on doing the 1200 calorie plan because I fill up on foods that aren’t high in calories anyway (I obsessed with simple salads with a little cheese/ham and olive oil and lemon dressing and salt/pepper). And I also drink meal replacement shakes when I’m not hungry for food. I know I’ve lost a couple pounds in only 4 days because my pants are looser and I can feel my hip bones poking out. I am going to stick with this program and hopefully lose about 15-20 pounds.

  25. I have ordered the PT 24/7 system from the website. I ordered this on 10/11/2011. I must agree that the shipping is horrible. I didn’t realize that they used Fed Ex Smartpost to ship the item but what was the bad part was that I didn’t receive the item until 11/03/2011. I was following the tracking number. Fed Ex had brought the item to the U.S. Postal Service and they delivered the system on 11/3. I sent an email to the distributor for which I got a response as they can’t handle the question that I needed to call them. When I called them, I was on hold for so long, I hung up and I sent another email. I didn’t get a response for the length of time it took to get this set, I could have gone to Target or Walmart to buy the set. Yes, I discovered that Target had the set. The only difference with this set and the retail store set is that Billy’s website gives you an extra set of gloves and the price is a few dollars less. I should have waited a little bit longer to find that out but once I got the set, I started working out immediately.

    I started with the Basic video, the presentation was excellent as Billy went through the basic punches, kicks, and combinations that would be done in the other workouts as well. I had no issues with the bands or the foot straps but I did feel the effects of the workout even after doing a couple of the other workouts. I enjoy it and am looking forward to the rest of the rotation. I have no issues with the set but I did not like how long the shipping took.

  26. I purchased the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 set through the website on 10/2. I was a little weary, but kept screen shots of everything just in case something went wrong. I called back on 10/17 to check on my order as I haven’t received anything. The guy told me there was a glitch and he couldn’t find my order. we had a lovely conversation regarding what to do next. I decided not to cancel but give it one more week. I finally received the package on 10/25. Planning to start this weekend and will review. At first glance the meal plan seems like not enough food, but perhaps thats my problem…eating to much. more to come.

  27. Well I will concur with the general consensus that the shipping is horrific. I ordered on the 11th of October and kept getting this reply when I emailed about the status:

    Due to a technical glitch, we are experiencing a delay in order processing but this should be resolved within the next few days. We do apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this time.

    I just got the package today, 25th of October, which I guess if you go off the website its 14 days which I GUESS is okay. But I really think Billy Blanks really should consider getting a new distributor for his product and alleviate the complaints about shipping.

    Onto the workout. Okay so the rotation says to begin on a Sunday. Who is the world would say on a Tuesday, “Okay I’ll just let them sit and start on Wednesday.” I’m sorry I’m a wanna be redneck I go to the store and buy something I’m wearing it out of the store if its clothes or trying it out as soon as possible when I get home.

    I did the Basic workout and I will concede I sweat my every loving butt off but I think that its more so because of my height/weight (6’0″, 345 lbs) but its really what you put into it. If you give it your all you’ll get something out of it but that goes with any and all workouts whether on tape at home or at the gym.

    If your heart and soul are in it you’ll get a good workout. Is it more or less than the originals or the ones that came out after it? Hard to say.

    The meal plan…I’ve priced it and it would increase my monthly expenditures by double. So this is something I’ll have to do on my own. Go figure you would think at 1200 a day you wouldn’t spend so much.

    Take care and be blessed folks!

  28. Can someone actually review the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 PRODUCT, not the customer service?! I’m sorry that so many of you have had problems with ordering and receiving the package, but I honestly don’t care to read about that. I want to know IF THE PRODUCT WORKS or not. Thanks.

    • Seriously? Why would you want to support a product with THE WORST service ever?! Bottom line – the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 product is a cheap price of crap with the same old moves. Save your time and money!

      • Yes I agree…enough about the shipping!! Have you lost weight?? Has your body improved?? These are the questions we want to know!!

    • I have had this product for three weeks now and i have lost 3 pounds. this product really works for me as I put in a lot of effort into trying to go through the work out as the participants on the DVD are doing. I am beginning to change my diet and will be more choosy on the food I eat as I lose more weight. I really look forward to doing this work out on the scheduled days, because this is making me fitter and leaner. I now even believe I may get my six pack back. The only complaint are the gloves. There is a slight tearing at the side of them, just a stretched hole. I have not been able to get another pair as I have no idea where to get them from. I may have to creatively use other gloves I have and put a steel oval ring on like the original and see if it solves the problem.

  29. Well, here are the facts you should know before ordering pt 24/7:

    -) If you have done any Beachbody workouts before, you will find pt 24/7 for beginners. it won’t be that challenging, yes you will sweat little bit but not that sweat, it’s just the same taebo moves but a bit faster from time to time.

    -) Nutrition plan really sucks, I’m a dude, how am I supposed to eat 1200 calories? it’s not for everyone, it’s just crap not nutrition plan really.

    -) My advice is save your money and do the old TaeBo dvds if you wanna do TaeBo because it’s pretty much the same.

    And if you wanna really improve your stamina through cardio I would suggest insanity, insanity the asylum and if you like to do kickboxing move, rush-fit is awesome.

    Sorry Billy Blanks and Billy Blanks fans but I have to tell the truth, for you Billy Blanks if you can read this: you need to change your workout techniques because people have more knowledge about fitness than before and you need to do lot and lot of efforts on you crappy nutrition plan because nutrition is more effective and important than any workout.

      • This REALLY helped me, thanks for this. I am on my second bout of Insanity and I MUST sweat. I need to try something different though, don’t wanna do Insanity for the rest of my life. *heads to the beach body website*

    • Nutrition guides say a woman who wants to lose 1 to 3 pounds a week should consume 1200 calories a day. For a man 1500 calories a day. Going lower is for either is very dangerous. Going over defeats the weight loss goal. Keep a daily journal of what you eat and add up the calories. Planning ahead helps. You can go online and get calories as well. He should list 1200 calories a day is for women and not men.

      • Calories depend on Age, Height and Weight so everyone will be different, he is just providing a guide line. I will agree and say PT24/7 is for beginners but ask yourselves are you actually doing the exercises correctly?

    • 1200 calories is the amount a woman should have daily to lose 1 to 3 pounds a week. A man should have 1500 calories a day to lose 1 to 3 pounds a week. Check nutrition websites. Women going below 1200 calories a day and men going below 1500 calories a day is very dangerous.

      • Correction ladies or gents!

        1200 calories is the “Minimum” amount of calories for ladies to survive, HOWEVER, its not a concept or theory that all women want to lose 1 to 3 pounds, she has to follow 1200 calories.

        Calories recommendations depend not only on gender, but also on height, weights and activities.

        You should know your BMR, then add your daily activities to it, after that subtract 300 to 500 calories, this is the proper way to lose weight, not billy blanks crap nutrition plan.

        For example my BMR is 1600 calories, if I eat less, simply I will die.

        For people who are tired of Beachbody workouts (including my self), try Rushfit, or go to the gym, or do any other suitable workout.

        I would say Billy blanks PT 24/7 is totally overrated. people see changes within a week because they change their workout system, but after one week: No result, the workout doesn’t go with you as your body adapted to the move..

    • Everyone is complaining about the calories…It’s just a guide line!! They can’t give 50 meal plans for every different wight, size and gender…..and if you are complaining about the calories….maybe think about why you are wanting to lose weight in the first place??

  30. I am very annoyed I have placed my order twice and still have not received my order. Both times my order has been placed they lose my information. They said that there system crashed and several orders did not go through. I am not sure if I should try to reorder it. But I would really love to have Billy Blanks 24/7.

    • I placed an order on 10/11/11 from that Billy Blanks PT 247 website. I received a confirmation email but nothing that says my order was shipped. I called yesterday and they said the systems were down and my order was probably not shipped yet. They said I should get an email when the order is shipped. Hello – its been a week already. Looks like they told me the same lie they told “Beverly” below.

      I tried calling tonight and cannot get thru. I wish I would have read these reviews sooner ’cause now I’m worried. I gave my credit card information etc…but I cannot find anywhere in the internet about DEMG being fraudulent…I plan to call everyday until I get an answer.

  31. WOW, I am so HAPPY that I read the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 reviews before I ordered it… Thanks guys, you saved me the trouble of wasting my time and money on this product.

  32. I have been doing PT 24/7 for 4 days now. Been working out for a total of 9 days and I have lost 5lbs and 1 inch on my entire body. Some of these reviews aren’t correct. Yes they do count 1-8 and he does say work it and push it but it helps!!! It feels like you are in some type of a boot camp but I personally need that to be pushed in my workouts. It took a while to get it in the mail and when I did finally get the workout I did the basics (the first DVD) and I was whooped!! I put it back in the box and didn’t try it again for 3 months.

    Now that I am determined and focused about my fitness goals I’m at it again and I have to say that I’m 5’2 and my starting weight was 194.5 (yikes!!) and the bands fit me fine. My feet do hurt a bit mid way through the workout but I think that’s because I’m so flat footed and out of shape.

    This workout is tough but worth it. I haven’t been able to complete the CDs all the way through without stopping, but I do what I can and stop when I need to and jump back in. I figure eventually I will be able to hang with them. This is worth it. I follow my own meal plan, not his but I do follow the calendar provided to keep the workouts in order.

    I feel stronger and more confident already and I know I will see results soon. Once I’m done I have sweat pouring off of me. Sometimes I want to vomit because it gets intense. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about whipping their body into shape. I’m so excited about the possibilities. Stop hating on Billy! He’s the bomb and he knows what he is talking about. I also like to see his team sweating and hurting like me. Even though they are in shape they are struggling too (to a degree).

    PT 24/7 gets 2 thumbs up from me. I can’t wait to workout, though I will be crying for it to be over once I’m midway through 🙂

  33. Do not order Billy Blanks 24/7 through the website ( My order was lost on 8/18/2011, along with the credit card information that was provided. I received an order confirmation that I printed before I left the website, but never got the completion email. I called on 8/31/2011 as was given the run-around and told someone would call me in 3 days. No one ever called. I called back on 9/9/2011 and was told the same lies. To-date, I have no product, and I have no clue what happened to the credit card information I provided. Before you order online, please see the Privacy Policy on the website. I’m really worried and concerned.

  34. The Billy Blanks 24/7 workout is awful. plus it takes months to get because of the backorder.

    1) The diet plan does not have enough calories. 1200 is the absolute minimum anyone should eat, and that’s not typical. he doesn’t provide a formula for calculating your caloric needs. when it comes to nutrition, one size does not fit all.

    2) Bands are not adjustable. obviously if you’re short you’ll get much less resistance than a tall person.

    3) Billy Blanks makes the people on the video chant the entire time 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. so annoying.

    4) The workouts are super easy. Anyone who currently exercises with weights of any kind will not find this challenging.

    5) He tells you there’s one set left and then has you do two more. I hate that. Just tell me how many we’re doing. plus, often he’ll work right and left sides unevenly.

    6) Billy constantly yells “push it. push it. push it. push it. work it. work it. work it. work it.” almost as annoying as the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 chant.

    7) What’s up with the blonde who’s struggling so hard during the workout? are her bands somehow much more resistant than mine? if so, I want hers.

    8) What’s up with the pudgy girl in the back who looks like she’s barely breaking a sweat? not inspirational or aspirational.

    Don’t waste your money. mine’s going back.

  35. Would like to get my hands on Billy Blanks PT 24/7 in Germany… No distribution here yet and no possibility for a shipment from the US. Any ideas where to order in Europe??

  36. Okay so I got my PT 24/7 equipment last Tuesday. Its been 11 days since I’ve been doing the workouts and I lost 7 pounds already. Yes when I ordered the product over a month ago it was on back order I was frustrated but I still kept a positive attitude and waited patiently for it to arrive. First of all let me tell you. You actually get 14 DVDs. 7 are 30mins long and they incorporate the bands, and 7 are up to an hour long and they all use your body weight for resistance, one uses dumbbells I believe. You get the gloves, bands, rotation calendar and nutrition guide. This is a kick a$$ workout. It is the best I’ve ever done at home without a gym. For the people that can’t keep the straps on their feet, they’re not strapping them on right. I have no problem in that area. Anyway he still does his signature moves plus new moves, they are safe and doable. I’m so happy with my purchase. 5 payments of $19.99 no s&h and you get all this. You’ll never get bored. I still have a ways to go before I complete every DVD. That being said people already asked me if I’m losing weight and I know I lost inches because my clothes are loser already after only 11 days. Let me tell you though, this is not for lazy people. You have to push yourself, it takes hard work and dedication. Its not easy. But you won’t lose weight and have extra skin(ill), instead you will lose weight and have toned sculpted muscles. Its simply the best product out there right now by far. Thank you Billy Blanks.

  37. Billy Blanks was on The View today promoting this pt 24/7. I was going to order it and then I came across all of these reviews. It’s too bad that he gave every member of the audience their own pt 24/7 system, when he should have been fulfilling all of these backorders. So sorry for all of your troubles.

    • I agree with you Stephanie, I decided to order the videos and was not told that I would be placed on back order. Its very frustrating to know that the audience has gotten it free and I have to pay and wait.

      • I called in for a status on my order and was told it was backordered. They can’t tell me how long. I did mention that it would have saved them and me the time of the phone call if they’d just sent me an email saying that it’s on backorder and they’ll let me know once it’s shipped. How hard is that?

    • being put on back order really sucks but think of all the people around the world that are ordering this system now. It must be pretty huge, I paid more and went Target… On-line is never reliable, I changed my postal address with USPS and have not received mail for 7 weeks.

  38. The ad above says 3 payments of $19.99 — when you click on the link it’s FIVE payments of $19.99.

  39. It took a month for me to get the dvds after I ordered them. I couldn’t get through 5 minutes of the Basics DVD without the velcro on the foot strap coming undone. Extremely frustrating! The bands won’t stay on my feet. I’ve been ordering workout dvds and equipment for the last 15 years and have never been this unhappy with a product. I called customer service and they are sending me new gloves and bands. I honestly don’t understand how velcro foot straps without something preventing them from coming undone is going to work. I’ll give it another try though.

    • Beth, I felt the same way about the velcro so I devised my own system to be able to use the straps and gloves…..I took two key chain holders and laced them through my shoelaces and attached the bands to those. Now I don’t have to worry about the velcro coming undone and the bands work well this way. Try it out!!

  40. THIS IS THE BEST WORKOUT EVER! I absolutely love it. There are 7 discs and you follow the workouts on the calendar provided. You do 3 days on, 1 day rest, 3 days on, 1 day rest. Each is 30 minutes and intense! The first disc, Basics, is really just teaching technique. I didn’t like it, but each video after gets harder and harder. I’ve done so many workouts like Zumba and other Billy blanks videos, but this one is really deep! Just when you want to cry and quit he moves you on to something else and its all good again. After 6 days of these videos, I feel it in my butt, abs, and arms so much more than with any other abs, buns, and arms workout. I had wrinkles on my belly from losing a lot if weight after giving birth the second time and it really disgusted me. But in 6 days there is already a huge improvement! My skin is already tightening up! Seems crazy but its true! I would recommend this workout to anyone! If you have to wait to get the videos, its worth it!!!

    • I agree with you Melissa. It is a fantastic workout. I cant wait until I have done a month of this.

  41. let’s put it dis way save your time and just get you guys P90X or insanity. I see nothing that billy can do that Tony Horton or Shaun T cant. At least when you order from them you’ll get it within a week, not a month or two.

  42. I sent him a tweet on twitter @thebillyblanks. he responded and he said the backorders should ship next week. I ordered 3/15/11….we’ll see……….smh

  43. Ordered on 3/15/11; have not received. Was not billed yet but just went ahead and cancelled my order. I emailed customer service for an update and was told it was on back order and would be receiving with the next few weeks. I was told that weeks ago!!

  44. I actually saw an infomercial and ordered PT 24/7 Feb 28th. I just received my order on April 5th. After reading the other reviews about the gloves and bands, I’m thinking about returning the system. I’m gonna try it and if the gloves tear, or band break within the 30 days, I will be returning the system.

    • I received the replacement bands today with a note that these bands have been modified. I am not waiting on a replacement glove.

      • Well, the new bands broke, both of them. No replacement gloves. My recommendation to anyone looking at the system is to pass on this one. The workout is great the equipment sucks…..

  45. I ordered the program on 2/20/2011 and received in on 3/25/2011. On the 4th day of the program, the power band to one of the gloves broke. The gloves are basically useless. I have emailed customer support and have yet to receive any feedback on a replacement. The gloves are junk and the bands are junk…. The work out video’s are very good.

    I am hopeful that customer service will respond.

  46. This is ABSURD! How can advertised a product and not deliver. Placed an order on 03/21/2011. Today is April 1st. Expect product within 2 weeks but when I called product has not even been shipped yet!! Customer service said that they are back log. Then I asked when can I expect my product? another 2 or 3 weeks. I am going make a formal complaint to appropriate agency for falsifying advertisement. ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO PARTICIPATE LET ME KNOW.

    • I have been waiting since January 17th for my dvds. Still have not shown up. I have called every 2 weeks since I ordered this set and keep being told they will be shipped to me in 2 weeks, they were not ready for the high demand. This is so ridiculous!! I am so disappointed. I have ordered many other Billy Blanks products and never had this much trouble.

  47. I ordered the 24/7 dvd on 3-11-11,after finding out that I couldn’t purchase additional gloves and bands,I sent two emails canceling the order a couple of days later. After not receiving any response to my emails or a confirmation on whether the order was ever processed in the first place,I checked my account and saw that I was billed on 3-22-11.

    I called the customer so called customer service and was told that the emails I sent were received but the order was already shipped on 3-22-11. I checked my email that afternoon the responses to my sent emails were finally in my inbox. I’ve purchased products in the past but after this experience I will never order anything from Billy Blanks again.

    • That is a joke. So you ordered March 18th and they said they shipped it March 22nd? I ordered March 3rd and just called and mine HAS NOT SHIPPED! You can see my comments below this too as I will update them further. This whole PT 24/7, Billy Blanks and DEMG are a real joke.

  48. I placed my order around 18 January and FINALLY received this package (after being promised and email stating when it was shipped and not getting it) on 24 March. I am enjoying the dvd sets and they are a great workout, but seriously, someone could have dropped that email saying that it was shipped. In the meantime I checked my bank account and saw a charge I thought I hadn’t made and went to dispute it with my bank because the description wasn’t anything that I noticed. The bank cancelled my card and it wasn’t until 2 days later, when the package and the bill arrived did I realize what it was for.

    Please send out the email update like it was supposed to go out…now I have to wait a week for a replacement bank card!

  49. I too ordered my in January and FINALLY received it on March 26. Even though the wait was long, I was extremely excited to have something new by Billy. I too am a long time Tae Bo enthusiast. Having said that though, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the quality of the gloves/bands. Not only is it awkward to put on and keep the velcro from opening, my velcro has already started coming undone (and I only did the worked once!). I will probably keep the DVDs and try to find some other type of bands to work with – I do have the banks that came with the boot camp workout – maybe they will be better. In my opinion, it would have been better to make an “all in one piece” band set up and charge a little more. Very disappointing, Billy. 🙁

  50. Scam scam scam! I just cancelled my order today- I ordered back on Jan 16th and today march 24th it finally hit me that I will never get it…. Shame on your billy blanks…. Shame on you for choosing such poor customer reps to represent you! This was going to be my first product from you but no….Not this time! What a shame.

    I am extremely frustrated and turned on and never want to hear the name billy blanks ever!

    “Please find below the latest update on all back order shipments of PT 24/7. Thank you all again for your patience! God bless.

    Billy Blanks PT 24/7
    We’re happy to announce we will begin shipping backorders on March 18. Orders ship according to when they were placed, and you can expect your PT 24/7 to arrive 2-8 business days after shipment. Your patience has been sincerely appreciated!”

    • From what I could gather the main problem was the bands. They were made in China and freighted over. The first ones were made wrong and way too long so they had to send them back and get them all re-made, thus the huge hold up.

      • I ordered min 1/19/11. Still have not received my order. They keep telling me its about to ship. NOTHING! I’m about ready to give up. SMH.

  52. So has anyone gotten their order as of today’s date? I am a long time fan Billy Blank and from what I have gather, this company was not ready for the demand and their customer service is really bad.
    I think that I am going wait a while but it is my intentions to purchase PT 24/7.

    His track record speaks for itself in my opinion, I am just sorry that this time around the company handling the product is not experienced at what they are doing..

    My Question, Has anyone received their order yet?

    • NO I haven’t received mine. I placed my order on January 16th and as of today March 24th NOTHING!!! I HAVE CALLED SEVERAL TIMES and yes their customer service SUCKS!

      I am mad I even ordered the thing in the first place, ABSOLUTELY NO FOLLOW UP…ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE…what the hell is the problem??? Worst online shopping experience of my life!!

  53. Just canceled my Billy Blanks PT 24/7 order. Very frustrating not being able to be given an answer to a simple question. All I wanted to know was when it would be shipped and no one could tell me. Those who answer the phone are just given a script by upper management outlining what they should say “there is a back order it will be shipped in 2-3 weeks” I heard that two times 5 weeks ago.


  54. Well I just ordered the program 3-12-11 and was told it may take up to three weeks before I receive it. From a “marketing concept” businesses sometime underestimate Supply/Demand and have a strategy for initial production of products. They are most likely still in the “test mode” in determining what the demand will be for the product. With that said and reading reviews, those on the phone lines should make sure they are direct and open with customers by sharing that receipt of the product may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, if that is indeed what the estimate is. There also may be restrictions on how much of a product can be produced while it is still in the test phase. I am no expert by any means, but I am anticipating receiving this product may take up to 30 days even though I was told 2-3 weeks. I too would be impatient if I ordered the program and was not told to anticipate a delay. I’d call and request a discount for every week it was delayed beyond the estimated time of arrival. I’m guessing the benefits outweigh the frustration. At least they don’t charge your credit card prematurely prior to shipping. Hope this helps..

  55. Well I am ticked off. I ordered this on 3/3/2011 and never got an email about it being shipped. Called today and found out ‘Oh, sorry, it is out of stock, it is one of our biggest sellers’. I’m sorry, but something is wrong. I accidentally stumbled across this program online. I have yet to see, despite looking every single day, an infomercial on TV. To have had more demand than expected tells me that they very minimal expectations on this product! I could see if an infomercial was running all the time, but it isn’t! There isn’t even very much about this program online! I feel cheated because I was told it could be a couple more weeks to get it back in stock, then I have to wait ‘7-10’ days for EXPRESS shipping. ‘Upgrading’ to Express shipping is a joke, and no one would call 7-10 days ‘express’ in this day and age. I feel taken advantage of because I was really looking forward to starting this program, but according to customer service, I may have to wait another three weeks or longer, which will be 1 month from when I placed the order. WHAT A JOKE.

    • Update: Still no email saying it was shipped, thus still backordered. RIDICULOUS. Who sells something, and hardly markets it, and runs out of stock? Expectations had to be EXTREMELY low for this, which makes no sense b/c if that is the case why bother making the product? What a freaking joke.

      • Still nothing!!! What is the deal billy? Did you realize you picked such an awful company to handle the production / shipping / handling of orders for you? Just come out and apologize, it would make me feel better and countless others too!

        • I just called AGAIN and was told ‘yes orders started shipping March 18th’ but of course my order has not shipped. I told them I was upset and waiting now 28 days! I said I wanted my shipping not to be billed. At first they said they couldn’t, I pressed, they came back with ‘we’ll give you 10% off’ ($5.99) I said no, I know you can do more, so they came back after putting me on hold with ‘we’ll give you the shipping for free’. Here is the kicker that really upset me: Since I have yet to be billed (don’t bill until shipped) the lady said their system mandated that she get my credit card information from me! So they wanted my CC info, which they already have in their system, to not bill me as much as the original order was for.

          AND this would make a new order (which she ‘assured’ me wouldn’t boot me to the back of the line, replacing my 3/3/2011 order date). Does that make any sense on any level? I am hesitant to give anyone my CC info over the phone, especially in a case where they are asking for it so they don’t bill me as much as I originally authorized! Just change the amount of the order in the system! I couldn’t get a satisfactory answer except ‘the system is making me ask for it’ so I told the lady as kindly as I could that I have had enough and cancel my order. So I am done.

          I have NEVER ordered a workout system and was enthusiastic to do so in this case. Now a month after my initial order I have no PT 24/7, AND have a jaded view of Billy Blanks. While this may not be his fault personally, he signed off on using DEMG to handle and ship the orders, and whoever else to manufacture the product. It all comes from China anyway and they can crank out products like crazy, and I refuse to believe that this product is in such high demand that they can’t meet orders. The product isn’t even promoted on TV, and believe me I’ve looked nearly every day for a month and a half to see an infomercial and there aren’t any. I can find P90X, Insanity, Kettlebell Fitness and all kinds of others, but not this. BILLY YOU LOST MY BUSINESS, WAY TO GO.

          • Oh, forgot to mention, and not to be a dead horse, but I asked the lady (before I cancelled) ‘Is it going to be about two weeks before the order ships, because I was told that two weeks ago’ and guess what she said ‘yes, probably about two weeks’

            Sounds like DEMG is run by a bunch of building contractors or they are watching ‘The Money Pit’ w/ Tom Hanks all day long.

            ‘Two weeks!’ ‘Two weeks!’

  56. Well I was going to order one, I am a big fan of Billy. After reading all these comments about the back ordering and out of stock, I am kind of disappointed.

  57. I ordered this Billy Blanks PT 24/7 on Monday 2/21/2011 and the called them Friday to find out when it would be delivered. The lady said it would take several weeks because it was on back order and they had no definite time line to give me. Why advertise like crazy if you dont have the goods??

    • I ordered this on January 16, 2011 and never received it. Then got an email on January 26, 2011 that I had ordered it again. When I called to see what was going on they said they didn’t know who had cancelled it but that I would be getting it in “a couple weeks”. It is February 28 and after several phone calls, getting the run around, I finally cancelled my order. It’s not worth the hassle. When I called today they still said, it will be here in a couple weeks. This was my first experience ordering a Billy Blanks product on-line and it was awful….he needs better customer service or better product development and delivery.

  58. I have to say I am surprised by the comments here. A few things: I have been doing taebo for years (loved the get ripped and bootcamp series) and have just about every workout that Billy Blanks has put out. His workouts are fun and motivational and he is a great guide. As far as this latest program let me just say a couple of things.

    1. I got this program less than a week after ordering. Not quite sure what’s going on with the people who are waiting so long. The good customer service was definitely not a fluke as the bands sent with my kit were too long for me (I’m only 5’5″ and they were too long to provide much resistance, even with my hands raised above my head). I had only had the program for a few days and had not even tried it yet when I received a new set of band (WITHOUT CALLING AND ASKING FOR THEM) that were the appropriate length along with an apology letter.

    2. Whenever I get an exercise dvd (I have way too many, not just taebo, think beachbody – p90x, insanity, etc) I watch it first so that I am familiar with the moves. Well, as the one reviewer said it’s taebo so if you’ve done it you are familiar with the basics. However, don’t be fooled by these dvd’s appearing easy. Like anything else, it’s how much effort you put into it. I am on month 2 of p90x and added these in for the added cardio and boy did I get my money’s worth. I go all out for 30 minutes kicking and punching and twisting with as much intensity as I can muster and I am drenched in sweat by the end. Whenever reviewers say that any taebo program is not enough for them, my response is always, no you just didn’t put enough effort into. Like he says, you have to kick and punch with some power!

    Finally (longest review ever and I normally don’t write them at all), I just want to say that I am not some elite athlete. I was a two sport athlete in high school, played intramural basketball in college and since then haven’t done much in the way of exercise to the point that I was 25 5’5″ and 190 lbs when starting p90x. That program is great and I am enjoying it, but I will say this: Although it’s not fair to attribute all the results that I am getting to this program since I am doing it as a supplement to p90x, I will say that since adding this program to my regimen, I have dropped 5 pounds in the last week and a half (compared to only 10 pounds for the whole first month of p90x). Can you say amazing! I will definitely recommend this program. Even if you are a beginner, you can modify until you are comfortable bringing up the intensity and if you are more advanced you can make it harder by rolling the bands around the gloves to increase resistance. Bottom line: if you’re considering it, go for it.

    • No one is questioning the authenticity of the results that you get from a TaeBo workout, I too have been a longtime follower of Billy Blanks, since the 90s and when I saw the infomercial advertising the latest dvd with the bands, I immediately made my order on February 2nd and was told that it would be shipped in a week, I called back and was told that adjustments had to be made to the bands and that it will be a couple of weeks before the shipment arrived and just called today and told that the dvd was out of STOCK!!! I love Billy Blanks but I agree with the previous blogger, don’t advertise like crazy and get people all caught up in the hype and not be able to deliver. Not good. PEACE.

      • Sounds like someone works for the company and felt the need to save face. It has been WEEKS since I ordered! It is irresponsible and reprehensible behavior for there to be such a delay! Particularly when you are dealing with a select audience of people who are eager to change their lives for the better, and for someone like Billy Blanks who thrives on his motivational tactics, this seemingly eradicates all desire to change since the product NEVER ARRIVES!
        I am Very disappointed!

        • I ordered mine Feb. 17th. Called 2 weeks later to see where my order was and said, “it’s on backorder, we apologize for the delay, it should ship out in 2 weeks”. I saw a debit authorization on March 8 for the order and thought, “great it is shipping!” NOT SO MUCH! I just got off the phone after being on hold for 15 minutes and they said they cancelled my order! No one notified me either. After hearing all of the excuses of why this item was cancelled I was just amazed at how this company does not use the best practices in customer service at all, in fact this is the worst service I have ever received and I shop a lot online. She also said that the bands were longer than originally designed and that was also the cause of the delay. Well, if that is the case, why did they not send an e-mail explaining this?

          This is my first purchase of any Billy Blanks workout system and really want to get in a different workout as I used P90X and have seen great results, I just want to incorporate more cardio to my routine.

          So, after complaining about the poor service, they offered me FREE shipping to get me back as a customer. So, I decided to give it ONE more try (can’t beat free shipping) I just hope I get this sometime. Of course they could not give me a date of when this will ship….

    • When did you order it that you received yours in less than a week? I ordered January 29, 2011 and have received nothing as of March 15. Do you work for the company? I wonder what a regular person has to do to get one shipped out.

    • Curious to know about some things:

      1. How did you get your order so fast (out of everyone else on this page)
      2. How are you the only one that DID get anything AT ALL (out of everyone else on this page)

      just curious?

  59. I to have been waiting since January 29 for the Billy Blanks 24/7 system. I have never had such a long wait for anything advertised on T.V. What is the problem.

  60. I ordered this Billy Blanks PT 24/7 on January 31st, 2011 and still have not received it. I called two weeks ago to see if the order went through and it did and the gentleman told me I should have it in 2 weeks. It has been two weeks and still nothing. So I call again and the lady could not tell me when I would be receiving it, just that I am on the list to receive it. Not a good business practice if you ask me.

  61. My wife and I would both like to do this together – we do personal training together and find it enjoyable to workout together – but you can’t buy a second pair of gloves and bands. Also what happens if you need to replace a glove and band?

    I think that if you buy a full set of DVDs and gloves you should be able to add on an additional set of gloves/and bands as there is no need for double the DVDs if we want to work out together. And if you register with the product you should be able to get a replacement if you need one.

    Maybe Billy needs to get a better product marketing manager.
    I like the program – but why can’t you order to do this Billy Blanks PT 24/7 with your family together?

  62. I love Tae bo and would like to know where we Canadians can purchase Billy Blank’s new system – PT 24/7?
    I’m sure there are a lot of other individuals from Canada that would like to purchase this system.

    Thank you.

    • Try the As Seen On TV store at Markville Shopping Center (Markham, Ontario). I was there today & they had a few on the shelf.

  63. I have been a fan and follower of Billy Blanks since my son was born…now that was 12 years ago…just purchased the PT 24/7 because I wanted the extra workout because I will begin training for my Black Belt in TKD in April.

    Was disappointed with the work-outs.. I definitely “felt” it the following days after doing it…but it was too repetitive…same movements in every video..was looking for more variety, floor work and leg workouts.
    Cant find my boot-camp-so I need to purchase a new one-that was a great workout-that left me dripping in sweat.

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