Bike Box Review

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About Bike Box

Bike Box claims to be hands-free and compact exercise bike that gives low-resistance exercise to tone up your legs, back, buttocks, and abs along with strengthening the core. Bike Box states to come completely built so it is ready to use and needs no assembling. Bike Box asserts to introduce exercise into your lifestyle and provide “active sitting” as it lets you burn calories even while you watch TV, read something, or even working on a laptop.

How does Bike Box work?

Unlike traditional exercise bikes Bike Box emphasizes to be hands-free and very compact so it can be placed anywhere and worked out on. Bike Box maintains to come fully assembled so that you can take it out and start using it. There are 8 different resistance levels from moderate and intense to let you work out as per your need, as Bike Box guarantees. It alleges to introduce “active sitting” so that you can work out and burn calories while carrying out activities like reading, watching TV, or using the laptop.

Introduce active sitting in your lifestyle

Reasons like lack of time to work out, not enough space to keep an exercise equipment, and expensive gym membership can be tossed out of the window to get healthy if you get Bike Box home. Bike Box assures to be a compact and hands-free exercise bike that lets you get back in shape while being easy and convenient to use. Bike Box states that you just need to get the bike out of the box and start using it since it comes 100% built. If you sit and work all day long and cannot manage to find time to work out then Bike Box guarantees to introduce “active sitting” so that you can get fit and healthy while carrying out different chores. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book or newspaper, or even browsing the internet you just need to sit on Bike Box and keep pedaling to utilize the time and get your daily exercise.

Tones legs, buttocks, abs, and back

Cycling is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and great for toning your body. Bike Box declares to give you the benefits of cycling right at home without having to invest in a gym membership or even going out of home. Bike Box maintains to tone your legs, buttocks, abs, and back and also strengthen your core to let you burn calories and stay in good shape and health. Bike Box convinces to have soft and comfortable adjustable seat to suit people from 5’ to 6’4” heights. It also states to have pull out feet to give you stability while using it. There are alleged to be 8 resistance levels in Bike Box to suit anyone from a beginner to a pro exerciser. The exercise bike promises to be lightweight and compact in a box shape to make it easy to move around and store so that you can work out any time and place convenient for you.

What do I get?

You get Bike Box for £189.99 plus £7.99 P&P.Official website

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