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As per the infomercial it is a dual action bike that provides exercise for both the arms and legs at the same time. The workout provides flexibility and improves circulation in the body to stay healthy and fit.

Flexible workout machine

BI-PEDALER assures to be the most flexible exercise machine that is available today thanks to its suave design. Such far-fetched claims by BI-PEDALER can be only verified once we analyze its user reviews. BI-PEDALER states to be designed in a way that it is easy for everyone to work out right at home. BI-PEDALER asserts to understand theproblem with getting a gym membership for staying fit and healthy. There is just not enough time to regular go to the gym or the money for the costly membership fees. Also exercise machines for home purpose are space consuming and costly. BI-PEDALER proclaims to help resolve both these issues which is a claim that sounds fascinating but will be validated once users review it.

Dual-action design

BI-PEDALER emphasizes to be a great machine that has the design that can provide workout to two different part at the same time. BI-PEDALER does sound promising; BI-PEDALER reviews will soon reveal the facts. BI-PEDALER maintains to be different than other machines that provide dual-action exercise to the legs and arms simultaneously. BI-PEDALER asserts to be designed in a flexible way where the arms and legs and can be placed as per the user height. Plus BI-PEDALER promises to be perfect the mid-section and posture too with added benefits like improved circulation and increase in flexibility. BI-PEDALER convinces to be perfect for everyone since not just the height but also the tension can be changed with the conveniently placed control knobs. This helps in adjusting BI-PEDALER to suit the person’s body resistance. These claims by BI-PEDALER will be only attested once it is reviewed.

Features and Benefits

BI-PEDALER guarantees to have height adjustment option which goes up to 6 positions. This way someone can comfortably sit in a chair and adjust the height easily. BI-PEDALER alleges to be compact and folds itself into a flat shape when not in use. This way BI-PEDALER claims to not take any space and can be stowed away easily under a bed or inside a closet. Such compact nature can be only proved once users review it. BI-PEDALER maintains to be a very good at providing manual workout but is also convenient as opposed to other such machines since it does not put pressure on any other parts of the body. Plus, durability wise BI-PEDALER assures to last a long time even when used frequently. All such fancy claims made by BI-PEDALER will be only substantiated once it is reviewed by users.

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