BeachBody Tai Cheng Review

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Don’t you wish you could regain the natural strength and ability your body possessed when you were a lot younger? Now you can attain that same level of strength, flexibility and also reduce pains and aches with Tai Cheng. It’s a natural solution that’s been designed for long lasting activity and improved fitness levels.


BeachBody Tai Cheng
Dynamic motion control that’s at the heart of Tai Cheng helps you learn the 18 important healing movements that are involved in Tai Chi in a period of about 3 months. However it doesn’t take long before you start seeing the benefits of this Tai Cheng workout, which will be your secret to enhanced fitness, relief from pain and improved overall health.

Why does it work?

You can learn 6 easy moves of Tai Chi within no time and reduce pain and stiffness in your body at the same time, build on your strength too. The next six moves will help you improve your overall balance and find ways to energize yourself. The last 6 steps will let you gain your youthful exuberance and energy back. And you will also be able to combine these steps into a powerful and elegant Tai Cheng workout routine. That’s mastery of Tai Chi for you in about 90 days.



What do I get?
You can get training in the art of Tai Chi with the help of 12 workout DVDs that make your job simpler. And it’s because of the path breaking teaching technique of Dr. Cheng; the revolutionary Dynamic Motion Control. After just one session you will find relief from stress as your energy levels build up and you become more agile as well. You will thus naturally build your energy levels to get on with your daily jobs without feeling fatigued ever so often.

About Dr. Cheng:

Dr Cheng is a Martial Arts expert, who’s been training people in the art of Tai Chi for more than 20 years. His brainchild, the BeachBody Tai Cheng routine was developed from the revolutionary Dynamic Motion Control, which quite simply is a common sense method for fitness training. That’s why it works for beginners in Tai Chi as well as masters alike.

Dr Cheng has made the most of the classical teaching techniques of Tai Chi, Qi Gong practises and blended them with modern day sports science. Hence this workout routine is ideal if you are trying to improve your fitness or be more agile, if you are working out a rehab program to heal from a muscle or a joint injury or just to strengthen your body in general. In short, Tai Cheng is an easy to follow and extremely effective solution for you.

BeachBody Tai Cheng FAQs

Tell us more about Tai Cheng
It’s BeachBody’s latest comprehensive training program and is all about movements and concepts of the Yang-style Tai Chi. Designed by Dr. Mark Cheng, it means Supreme Accomplishment in Mandarin Chinese and that’s what it has been designed to do for your whole body.

Tell us about Dr. Cheng
He’s a martial arts master with about 30 years of experience in Tai Chi. He’s also a renowned traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and an expert in physical therapy based exercises, which has enabled him to blend the goodness of traditional art form and wellness methods of today.

How can Tai Cheng help me?
The program has been designed for both, prehab and rehab of your body and you can improve your athletic performance, manage stress and better your body’s metabolism too. The workout pushes your body at the same time gives it more strength, open your joints, promote better circulation and improve your flexibility too.

Who is the Tai Cheng meant for?
It works for practically everyone; from a beginner to a professional athlete.

What does Tai Cheng workout entail?
In this workout you are taken through simple warm up, which is energizing and you learn a new Tai Chi move.

How long is the program for?
This 90 day program involves learning 6 new Tai Chi moves in 3 three-week long phases each, while in the last phase you will be trained to put new multiple movements in a sequence.

Do I need any special equipment?
Not at all; a 6’x6’ space, a foam roller, which you get with the program and about an hour of your daily time is all it takes.

Part 3
Tai Cheng Base Kit

  • 12 DVDs that teach you 18 essential Tai Cheng moves in over 30 workouts
  • 1 Master Scroll DVD: Program overview, a breathing and meditation workout, AND a detailed step-by-step guide to each move
  • Easy Does It Guidebook
  • Feel Better Food Plan
  • Week-by-Week Workout Calendar
  • Tai Cheng Foam Roller
  • Tape Measure
  • BONUS DVD: Applied Tai Cheng: Travel & Sport – Two 10-minute routines to help reduce pain and stiffness while traveling or for sports, especially golf.
  • “Just Eat This” Nutrition Guide
  • Lower-Resistance Strength Band*
  • Medium-Resistance Strength Band*
  • Removable Floor Tape to help guide your workout
  • FREE 24-hour access to the Team BeachBody® online community

Tai Cheng Master Kit
Includes everything in Tai Cheng Base Kit plus:

  • 2 DVDs, featuring the Master Class and Qi Gong workouts
  • Week-by-Week Master Wall Calendar
  • Weighted Gloves
  • RumbleRoller®
  • Higher-Resistance Strength Band



BeachBody Tai Cheng Video


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