BeachBody Body Beast Review

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Have you been struggling to go from lean to having ripped muscles and have tried everything possible with no results? You may have spent a lot time in the gym for months or years and still had no luck. But now you can get 10 pounds of those muscles you have always wanted in just about 90 days and dedicating under an hour daily. And this would be possible with Body Beast, the workout DVD program that will give you Beachbody fitness and fat loss before you realize it. Body Beast comes complete with body-busting workouts and meal plan that brings muscle gain that too absolutely naturally without the use of harmful steroids.


BeachBody Body Beast
The world-renowned bodybuilder and ex Mr. Israel Sagi Kalev brings Dynamic Set Training, that is a combination of the best of old-school and new-school in this amazing Body Beast DVD. Body Beast program is for just about anyone who is aiming for a rock hard body – whether you are a beginner or a seasoned body builder looking for something more. You can gain up to 10 lbs of muscle mass in just about 90 days. The way Body Beast works is that it uses as many as 12 unique workouts, including light weights and more reps and progressing to heavier weights and lesser reps. The secret to a great bulky body is also eating right. So Beast Body has systematic 3-step nutrition and eating plan that is healthy since it is scientifically designed to support the workout program. Body Beast as different programs like Huge Beast and Lean Beast to meet your individual body building requirements.

The in-depth eating plan of Body Beast is also accompanied with four supplements – Hardcore Base Shake, Fuel Shot, M.A.X Creatine and Super Suma. You will also get the Book of Beast that includes nutritional plan and detailed supplement instructions. To keep track of your workout, you can also make use of the schedule provided in the Body Beast kit. Get yourself EZ Curl bar, workout bench/premium stability ball, chin up bar/resistance band and Body Beast to go from Scrawny to brawny.



What do I get?
Body Body Beast is available in 3 variants

Beachbody Body Beast Ease ($89.85 + $19.95 s/h)

  • 12 Workouts on 7 DVDs
  • The Book of Beast, including nutritional plan and supplement instructions
  • Body Beast Calendar
  • Mobile App

Body Beast + Huge Stack ($200.7 + $19.95 s/h)

  • Includes everything in our Body Beast Base Kit, plus:
  • A 30-day supply of Hardcore Base Shake
  • A 30-day supply of Fuel Shot
  • “Tempo” (2 workouts) DVD

Body Beast + Beast Stack ($254.7 + $19.95 s/h)

  • Includes everything in our Body Beast Base Kit, plus:
  • A 30-day supply of Hardcore Base Shake
  • A 30-day supply of Fuel Shot
  • A 30-day supply of M.A.X. Creatine
  • A 30-day supply of Super Suma
  • “Tempo” (2 workouts) DVD

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