Beach Body CIZE Review

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About Beach Body CIZE

Beach Body CIZE claims to be an at home fitness program by Shaun T that is actually a dance workout. The program promises to be a fun way to lose weight and get into shape especially for those who find cardio workouts boring. Beach Body CIZE assures that you do not need dance skills to get the benefit of the workout as it has easy steps that teach you how to dance while getting a cardio workout. Beach Body CIZE states to make a fun activity for the whole family while getting a healthy lifestyle.



CIZE Review

Good idea, bad execution – Philip who reviewed CIZE complained in his review that though as a concept it is interesting, the execution really lets it down. One of the big problems for him was that the choreography wasn’t broken down and that made it hard to follow. He was also annoyed by the segment where Shaun T does a motivational talk, which could have been completely done away with, according to him. The DVD only really comes together in the last three minutes but what he found unfortunate was it felt like aerobics rather than cool dance workout. He thinks that it is quite an expensive product and you are bound to expect more from it, but it doesn’t even give you a decent cardio workout.

Has a few limitations – Catherine who bought CIZE revealed in her review that there are a few advantages to it. To begin with the dance moves were easy to follow and she had a lot of fun doing them. She was also impressed by Shaun T’s teaching techniques and the backup dancers who were very professional in their movements. She likes the fact that it is a low impact workout that is ideal for beginners, who have no dance or fitness training whatsoever. But there were some problems she faced with it as well. For starters, the outdated karaoke music was a huge annoyance. She also thought that the workout seemed to be way too easy and she didn’t break out in sweat at all. The format of the workout is also in one sequence, which means it can get boring for some people.

More aerobics, less dance – Samantha who used CIZE exposed in her review that being a professional dance instructor herself she was looking for a DVD that could help her teach cool moves to students. But she found it to be more of an aerobics program and things got boring pretty quickly. She also thought that the DVDs are not well thought out because the first thirty minutes are utilized in working on one part of the body. According to her that is sloppy production quality.

How does CIZE work

Proclaiming to be a 4-week fitness program, Beach Body CIZE asserts to have the dance workout broken down step-by-step by Shaun T and worked into a full dance sequence in just about 30-45 minutes. With the program, Beach Body CIZE guarantees that you will be working on your dance moves while burning fats and calories to get healthy and shapely. Beach Body CIZE convinces to be designed on the latest pop music to keep you motivated and pumped up.

Dance the fats and calories away

Many health enthusiasts find a regular gym or cardio workout boring and give it up before long. But Shaun T’s new at-home fitness program Beach Body CIZE asserts that it is a fun way to lose weight. Beach Body CIZE proclaims to be “the end of exercise” and uses dance moves that will also give you the best cardio workout so that you will have fun while melting the fats away. A regular exercise regime includes workouts like lunges, pushups, squats and cardio that are not only painful and tiring but also boring. Since Beach Body CIZE is an at home fitness program you do not have to worry about finding time to go to the gym either. Besides, Beach Body CIZE maintains that instead of spending hours at the gym, it takes just about 30-45 minutes of your day to give you a full body workout.

Gives you a complete body workout

Beach Body CIZE promises that you do not have to be a great dancer to get its benefits. Even if you have two left feet, Shaun T declares that he is breaking the dance routine step-by-step and move-by-move and finally works it into a full dance workout for 30-45 minutes. Since Beach Body CIZE asserts that you will be focusing on mastering the dance moves, you wouldn’t remember that you are actually burning the fats and calories away. Beach Body CIZE promises that it lets you work on your whole body right from arms to legs so that you get shapely arms, dashboard abs, toned glutes and legs. Dancing is a great provider of cardio without the need for expensive gymming equipment and Beach Body CIZE proclaims to give you just that. While being fun for you, Beach Body CIZE assures that it makes for a great group activity and you can do it with your family and friends while reaching your health goals.

What do I get?

Workout Routine DVDs


  • Crazy 8 – 35 mins of hardcore dance routine including the song “HANDS IN THE AIR”.
  • You Got This – Extension of the Crazy 8 routine with more pace and new moves. Song – “TREASURE”


  • Full Out – Features Level 2 dance routines. Song – “LOSE MY BREATH”
  • In the Pocket – More challenging Level 2 dance routines. Song – “PROBLEM”


  • Go For It – Music Dance Video. Song – “PASS THAT DUTCH”
  • Livin’ in the 8s – More dance, more pace and mixed music. Song – “CHANDELIER”


  • 8 Count Abs Workout – Strong Abs and Core routines. Song – “HEADSPRUNG”


  • Get Started Guide
  • Eat Up! Meal Plan
  • Beginner and Advanced Calendars
  • 8 Count Abs Workout

Price: Above $60 | Please see official website


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5 thoughts on “Beach Body CIZE Review

  1. Way, way, way too complicated for me to follow. The package states: “Never say you can’t dance, because everyone can dance”. I guess I’m not “everyone”, then. The ads say the moves are easy to follow, and that Shaun T breaks them down and uses ordinary moves that everyone does. For me, false and falser.

    I just spent 40 minutes trying to master the first ten minutes of the first video, and it is still too complicated. I am in good shape (marathons, triathlons, Tough Mudder races), and I was hoping for something to provide some variety and fund to my workouts. This did not do the trick, because the complexity of the moves and the coordination required left me frustrated and irritated.

    The review prior to mine says “I promise that any well trained dancer that picks up Cize will work up an intense sweat.” Well, here’s the problem: the ads say it will work for people who AREN’T trained dancers. So, it might be a good fit for those who can already dance, but it most definitely wasn’t a good fit for me. I suspect I am not alone.

    I have had good experiences with BeachBody products in the past (P90x, P90X2, Insanity, T25), but this one is a big bust. I neither learned how to dance, nor did I get a good workout (if you can’t do the moves, you can’t really work out, can you?).

    So, I will be returning these videos for a refund, and thinking hard before buying any more BeachBody products. Sorry, BeachBody: you really blew it on this one.

  2. I did this for the first time and I am sweating. I have asthma but the dance moves were not that bad (even though I was a little spastic at times). I did stop 2x but didn’t feel at all discouraged. i am a little shaky but feel great. Cannot wait to do it again tomorrow. I am a very satisfied customer and will recommend this to everyone I know. Great workout. He is motivating and makes you WANT to do it not feel like you HAVE TO DO IT. That is the difference and its fun, fun and more fun. Best investment I ever made.

    Teresa (Long Island, NY)

  3. I’m almost 60yrs old and have arthritis of the knee will this workout help me ? Is there any modification for someone of my age ? I noticed that all the participants in the infomercial are younger.

  4. I have been dancing for YEARS and I also teach dance and fitness and am a Personal Trainer and a Kinesiology graduate student. Cize is an AWESOME program and if people aren’t getting a good workout it is simply because this workout is not a good fit for them (like possibly any workout). If they do not have the body awareness to understand which muscles to contract and how to move their body with energy, they will not work up a sweat. It is not enough to simply move limbs and legs…..consider walking….one could walk with little to no energy, or intention and certainly get from point A to point B….or one could walk and contract the glutes, tighten the core, add a bounce to their step, hum a tune, etc. Yes a silly example, but the point is that Cize works and if you aren’t sweating, its because you arent ready for this workout. Stick to something basic like full body, dynamic movements…..burpees, jump squats, etc. and take something like beginner pilates with a great teacher who can help you grasp body awareness and how to come in to your body. Remember….dancers have EXTREME body awareness that doesn’t come from 30 minutes of a video. I promise that any well trained dancer that picks up Cize will work up an intense sweat…..

    • I definitely worked up a sweat! I enjoy learning a different way of exercising. I agree that not everyone is made for everything. you have to choose a workout that fits what your body is capable of doing. CIZE may not be for you but that doesn’t make it a bad workout program. Beach body has a whole library of products to fit your needs whatever they may be.

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