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What is BDF DVD?

BDF DVD proclaims to be a revolutionary program created by fitness guru Sean Forhan to help people get in shape, lose weight and learn to dance, all at the same time. BDF DVD states to be a combination of ballroom dance steps and low-impact cardio moves that can help anyone get fit while having fun. BDF DVD allegedly comes with different tracks that can be used together or can be mixed and matched as desired.

How does BDF DVD work?

BDF DVD stands for Ballroom Dance Fitness DVD series and as the name suggests it assures to provide fitness using classic ballroom dance moves. The series is split into 6mins, 7mins, 8mins and 9mins track where trainers perform the moves of different dance forms on the BDF DVD. All these tracks of BDF DVD can be coupled together to get a 30-minute exercise session. BDF DVD alleges to be fun for everyone and can help burn 200-400 calories in half an hour duration.


Learn different forms of dancing:
BDF DVD guarantees that anyone following it will learn a lot and can be the shining star on the dance floor. BDF DVD declares to be great for enthusiasts who are eager to learn Cha-Cha, Swing, Salsa, Merengue, Rumba and Waltz while still losing weight. All these dance forms are maintained to be neatly placed in the BDF DVD with a promise that they are very easy to follow.


Fun way to lose weight:
BDF DVD promises to help lose weight for people who have either given up on workouts because they are a boring routine or are looking to manage time but still cannot hit the gym. BDF DVD states that the combination of different dance moves helps in learning the art of dancing and at the same time it helps in losing weight owing to the cardio involved. Allegedly, BDF DVD is to be followed with a lighter pair of dumbbells that help tone and build muscles, too, providing a total-body workout. Not only are the muscle groups fired to burn calories but BDF DVD also convinces to engage the brain, work the heart and lungs. The weight loss with BDF DVD is asserted to be the result of all the reps and steps that are involved in the entire workout. BDF DVD states that the Rumba involves 128 reps and 612 steps, 168 reps and 876 steps in Waltz, 104 reps and 910 during the Cha-Cha, and 236 reps and 1308 steps in the Salsa. When all these are combined and performed at the same time, BDF DVD promises to give a whopping 636 reps and 3706 steps in total that provide calorie-burning cardio workout while letting you have fun dancing.


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