Bartendaz Workout DVD Review

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Bartendaz is an energetic physical fitness training program designed to increase the fitness levels, discipline and confidence of participants. The Bartendaz Instructional DVD features exercise drawn from a combination of military drills, calisthenics and break dancing. The Bartendaz physical fitness program transform bodies and transforms lives.


How does Bartendaz Workout DVD work?
Bartendaz was created by Giant Thinking Inc is, a non-profit organization that brings together an exclusive physical fitness program, youth empowerment, martial arts and hip-hop to drive the youth and everybody else to higher levels of physical, social and moral excellence. Through the program Bartendaz you not only feel light and healthy, but also will learn to be intelligent and street smart.

Bartendaz has made people all over the globe stay in shape by adding creativity and fun to physical fitness training exercises. The Bartendaz physical fitness training imparts natural movements, lexicon, and rhythms in combination with self-esteem, community orientation, and spiritual health.

Over the last eleven years Bartendaz has had a great influence on over 200,000 youth in over 80 schools, prisons and juvenile detention centers all over the world.

Find a bar near you and get in shape with the Bartendaz!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • Instructional DVD : Learn the basic steps/ routine in your path to becoming a Bartenda. This DVD will teach you the fundamentals of how to build a physically fit body through calisthenic movements. Price: $39.99
  • Bartendaz at the UniverSoulCircus feature New Moves. New Sets. New Inspiration! Watch these wild and crazy work out routines. Price: $19.99M
  • Exercise Evolutionist – Come Get served. The Bartendaz utilize exercise as a metaphor for life, highlighting the mind as a source of all muscular activity. Advocating the reality that “Health is Wealth and Movement is Medicine,” the Bartendaz are pragmatic practitioners of their original and innovative exercise concepts. Price: $29.99
  • Legal Drink – Dedicated to Drunken Storm – Rather than drink at your local Pub, come get Drunk on the Bar with the Bartendaz. Train your mind and body with Bartendaz’s unique physical fitness excercise program. Price: $19.99
  • The “GIANT JC” Project – This is a one of a kind DVD that provides the unique blend of Bartendaz’s natural movement bodyweight progressions with the JC Bodyweight Training Systems. You get over 80+ minutes of philosophy, precautions, progressions, exercise tips, multi-level programs, and a Q&A with the Bartendaz and JC. This DVD will change the way you look at bodyweight training and fitness in general. Price: $29.99
  • C.A.P. – Character, Attitude, & Personality. Learn the fundalmentals of the Bartendaz Mindset and Philsophy. Price: $9.99
  • Barnomics – Think you got what it takes to hang with the Bartendaz? Come test your skills and see the best of the best Bartendaz routines. Price: $19.99
  • Bartendaz – Changing the Game. Forget all you thought you knew about physical fitness and getting in shape. The Bartendaz are Changing the Game with their unique phyical fitness program, which not only gets your body into shape, but also your mind. Step into the Bartendaz realm and learn the true meaning of the phrase “Health is Wealth, and Movement is Medicine!” Price: $19.99
  • Bartendaz – D-Block Edition. Price: $19.99
  • 52 Blocks – 52 Lite DVD. Price: $19.99

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