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Have you tried the regular workouts associated with building abs? Well then you know the pains that are associated with achieving them. All the efforts can wear you out and even take a toll on you by straining the neck and the back region. Gym membership is an ideal way but the amount of extra time that goes in and the costly membership prices can be such a de-motivating factor. Another option is buying an abs machine right at home, but with all the number of machines that are available in the market it is difficult to judge the right one. But you can be now rest assured with the latest Ab Wave


Ab Wave
Ab Wave is a next level abs workout machine which simply and easily helps building up fantastic upper and lower abs, obliques and builds core while sitting in a chair literally. It has the revolutionary fast track technology that takes the swinging momentum of gravity to target the entire set of abs including the upper, middle, lower and side obliques in one fat burning wave like motion. It also has a knob adjustment to convert it into a twisting workout machine to blast away the side obliques for a slimmer and sexier look. The unique design comes with a comfortable chair which is hooked to a sliding system which moves from left to right to provide full range of motion to work on the entire ab region of the body.

Ab Wave is a fun and easy way to perform exercise in respect with exercises that are performed on a mat which are stressful and tough on other parts of the body. The workout can be made more interesting and tough by raising the legs while performing them and it is so easy that it can be done while watching television. Plus it is so compact that it can be easily stowed away anywhere in the house be it in the closet or under a bed.

Ab Wave is so unique that people who have used it started noticing weight loss in just a matter of weeks. The bundle of Ab Wave Exercises, Wave Goodbye Nutritional Guide, 3 Minute How To Navigate Your Ab Wave Workout, 5 Minute Bon Voyage to Fat Workout and 15 Minute Coast to a New You Workout comes for a very little price and a 30 day risk free trial



What do I get?

  • Ab Wave Exerciser
  • Wave Goodbye Nutritional Guide
  • 3 Minute How To Navigate Your Ab Wave Workout
  • 5 Minute Bon Voyage to Fat Workout
  • 15 Minute Coast to a New You Workout

Try it risk free for 30 days for only $14.95 plus $19.95 S&H. After 30 days 4 equal payments of $39.95 plus taxes. Official website AbWaveCanada.com

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7 thoughts on “Ab Wave Review

  1. It is very difficult to find a genuine review for any product online these days. I was looking for toning my body into shape and was interested in purchasing Ab Wave. So I was looking for some reviews of people who have used the product before by searching for “Ab Wave Reviews” over the internet. To be honest I was quite disappointed in terms of search results which had abundant quantity of sites listed but hardly any quality and usefulness in them. Most of the websites which were listed on the top were some kind of scam. These sites had everything positive about the product and no flaws pointed. Plus they had links and annoying pop ups which asked me to purchase the product right away to avail heavy discounts. I ran away from these sites but leaving them wasn’t as easy because it confirmed with me about exiting the site with a pop up. Gladly your website is one that has honest reviews without selling a product on it. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Search engines are generally dumb when it comes to distinguish between a genuine website and a fake one. This loophole is used as an advantage by manufacturer’s to setup scam websites that promise the product to be very good and tricking people into purchasing them. Sadly nothing can be done about such websites but be rest assured this website is completely genuine.

  2. Like all these new workout machines they only cater to normal sized people 115kg and below. They are missing out on 50% of the market. These machines should hold up to 160 to 200kg and watch there sales sore.

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