Ab Surfer Review

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About Ab Surfer

Ab Surfer states to be exercise equipment that lets you get dashboard abs, thinner thighs, toned legs, and tight buttocks fast and easy right at home. It states to let you burn more calories and get a more toned body along with strong core compared to other exercises like aerobics, jogging and swimming. Ab Surfer assures that it comes fully assembled and is foldable for easy storage.


How does it work

The secret of Ab Surfer is alleged to be in its patent-pending stability board that has the movements same as surfing the sea. You just need to stand on the Ab Surfer board and imitate surfing and it will fire up the core muscles immediately. These muscles assure to remain engaged throughout the workout session in every exercise you do. Ab Surfer proclaims to give you 3-in-1 workout of the core, cardio and strength training so that you burn more calories in lesser time than a gym or other equipment. With its paddling motion, you can sculpt your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Lose weight by surfing at home

The problem with working out in a gym is the fact that it is monotonous, takes hours and doesn’t show as great results as one hopes. But Ab Surfer is an at-home exercise equipment that maintains to let you lose weight easily and in a fun way quickly. Ab Surfer emphasizes to have a board that needs to be worked out on, which mimics the motion of surfing the sea and firing all the muscles to tone and lose weight. Ab Surfer guarantees to have a multi-dimensional exercise system that is unique and strengthens all the muscles of the body in one fat-burning motion that results in triple action workout of the core, cardio workout and strength training. Unlike gymming, Ab Surfer promises to be fun and easy and assures to let you lose more weight than regular regimen like aerobics, cycling, jogging, swimming and weight lifting for hours at a stretch.

Entire body workout with core

Ab Surfer convinces that you no longer have to do crunches and you can opt for dozens of exercises instead that will help you tone your entire body and at the same time work on the core. No exercise training machine can give you the same effect. Unlike other exercise regimes that show results in months, with Ab Surfer you will allegedly get results in just about a week. Ab Surfer states that its board stays securely in place to increase stability. The exercise equipment also assures to have an adjustable knob to engage the core even more. Ab Surfer convinces to be ideal for all fitness levels and you can double up the resistance bands for a more challenging workout. The equipment promises to come fully assembled and is foldable for easy storage under the bed or even inside the closet unlike other bulky machines like elliptical trainers or treadmills. It emphasizes to have as many as 50 different individual resistance exercises.

What do I get?

You get Ab Surfer for $14.95 plus $19.99 P&H.Official website tryabsurfer.com

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