Ab Radical Review

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The truth about reaching that sexy rock hard abs is finally scientifically proven! University tests have shown that most abs machines are 80% less effective than doing simple crunches. The truth is that there’s a simple way to get great abs that you can do for just a few minutes each day; and that’s the Ab Radical vest. Ab Radical vest is radically different, radically simple, go anywhere optimizer that gives you radical results, fast. It is the best abs solution! The American Council on Exercise rate the bike as the single most effective abs exercise; and no other abs product gives the total body sculpting exercise like the bike, than the Ab Radical vest.


Ab Radical
The secret is the Ab Radical vest’s patented design that puts your body in the proper position, for full range of motion in each ab, sculpting moves you do, including ab muscle fibers, in ways you couldn’t do otherwise. This gives you total neck and back support; so that you get the gain without the strain! Stop wasting your time working with or on balls, benches and belts; don’t spend money on expensive equipment that does less to work your abs and get an Ab Radical vest for yourself. You will also get a bonus Rad Abs Fast Training DVD guide and Tek Tracker Pedometer that will measure every calorie burning step you take. Sculpt the sexy abs you always wanted fast by working for just 9 minutes each day and for only three times a week!



What do I get?

  • The Ab Radical Ab Cruncher
  • FREE Bonus – Rad Abs Fast Training DVD
  • FREE Bonus – Tek Tracker Pedometer

Get the entire Ab Radical Kit for just $19.95 + $9.95 P&H. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus P&H).



Ab Radical Video


7 thoughts on “Ab Radical Review

  1. This really works, at my age 60 getting help to do crunches was a blessing. I can 50 crunches with this and it is proven to be useful.

    I can carry it with me when we travel and not worry about room needed to store it, my glove box it is.
    It has a neck support that really helps me and the back support helps when crunching but the best part is the two handles that come across the shoulders to give a slight pull and you crunch, 100% abdominal isolation, great for crunching.

  2. I am currently testing the Ab Radical on You Tube for a 30 day test. I have posted the first TD-30 as day 1 of the 30 day test. You can see a difference in my waist line and my abdominal are starting to show. The product is offered online by Edison Nation for $14.95.

  3. This is the best abdominal exerciser I have ever used. The neck and back support really helps me do crunches faster and with more isolation in the abdominals. I use it regular and can see and feel the difference after the first two weeks. I recommend it to everyone. It is a great product. I have several friends who have one and say the same thing I do, we all love it.

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