Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser

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What is Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser:

It is an exercise wheel that can give you a complete body workout.
Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is supposed to offer you an effective way of getting those washboard abs that you have always wanted. There are many of us who have tried several tricks in the book to get sculpted abs and work on our core strength but without much benefits. But Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser claims to offer you brilliant results so that you can have absolutely flat and fab abs while the rest of your body gets a good workout too.


Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is meant to offer you quality results

According to studies that have been conducted, exercise wheels are known to have their cutting edge advantage when working on your abs. It’s this principle that comes into the picture when you use Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser. Thus you get those flat abs that you have always dreamt of. But that’s not all; with every extension you push your body further and get results you want. Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is also meant to help you work on your overall core strength, which has many advantages for you.

Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is meant for your entire body

There are over 50 upper and lower body exercises that you can perform with it. Thus Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser gives you the versatility that keeps things interesting for you. You can use it on your legs with the help of the grips and get started. You will have those shapely legs you want. Besides upper and lower abs, Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is said to work on your obliques, shoulders, back, legs and arms as well. Thus you will get a complete body workout with a simple exerciser.


Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is packed with features for you

Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is known to offer you 50 unique foot grips that make things easier and more comfortable for you. Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is also meant for your convenience because it’s quite compact and can be used in your home or office easily. You can store it away when not in use and keep getting its benefits for long time to come.



    What do I get ?

  • You get AB ORB Power Wheel for $19.99 plus $5.95 P&H
  • You also get the Exercise Program

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