Ab Command

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What is Ab Command

It is an electronic fitness system that claims to help strengthen your abs while enhancing their muscle tone as well.
Ab Command maintains that it works effectively for you because it makes the most out of Electro Muscle Stimulation that is known to offer you firmer abdomen and toned muscles. There are many of us who work hard to get that toned body and flat abs, but we don’t always get the results we want to see. But that can all change according to the claims made by Ab Command, which guarantees you results.

Ab Command and what makes it so effective

Electro Muscle Stimulation is a proven technique that can strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. That’s why; Ab Command gives you a firmer abdomen like you have always wanted without any additional effort. It works by targeting core muscle groups to ensure that they are firmed and toned. Ab Command also uses Dual Channel technology while functioning on 10 intensity levels for your convenience. There are 4 adjustable conductive pads that claim to work on two independent channels at the same time. That’s how the results can be suited to your requirements and goals.


Ab Command is very convenient for use

Are you disappointed after working long hours in the gym, sweating it out and not getting the results you want? Ab Command emphasizes on the fact that toning your abs is a lot easier and you can do that while you go on about your daily activities. This belt can be worn while you are running, watching TV, when you are at home, work or in the gym. It will keep doing its job for you. Ab Command also has a flip display button for your convenience. It simply flips the display upside down so that it’s easy to read when you are wearing the belt.

Ab Command keeps everything right at your fingertips

The Ab Command microprocessor has eight preset programs besides the intensity levels that can be adjusted. Thus you can get started with it at the earliest. Ab Command also has an easy adjust Velcro belt so that it fits anyone easily; up to 44” waist. You also get access to a bottle of firming and toning gel besides a first use guide to make things easier for you. The diet plan also adds to the results you see.

What do I get?

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