Ab Champ Machine Review

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How many times have you started working out to get that perfect looking physique and an amazing pack of abs? And how many times have you used machines that have promised the same but have failed miserably to provide you with that similar comfort. The regular exercises for great abs are hard to perform and many a times the reason why most of the people quit the effort altogether. With all the hard work and no or little output you might be ready to give up on the idea of a Greek god like physique but don’t quit yet before checking out the newest Ab Champ Machine


Ab Champ Machine
Ab Champ Machine is a very unique solution which helps in building abs interactively and is very different than any regular machine which is available in the market. It helps to tone and tighten the core upper and lower body abs with almost no effort and a total control over the resistance. It also has adjustable reps and speed based on different skill level hence serving the purpose from beginners to athlete level builders. Apart from being a simple machine it has light unit which help convert the entire abs workout program as a gaming experience.

Ab Champ Machine is very sleek and uses the Multi Motion Technology to get strong looking abs in lower and upper body part. It is developed by a team of experts that collectively have a 75 years of experience in fitness training to provide muscle toning movements fast, easy in a swimming fashion for an overall body development. It uses the state of art EZ glide technology for the toning track which allows a free and comfortable movement of the body without much strain on the neck and back. Plus the five personal training modes help in getting a lean and sexy look tagged along with interactive light setup which corresponds to the resistance level one reaches for fun gaming experience.

Purchasing Ab Champ Machine gets the entire kit along with the How To Use Your AB Champ DVD (detailing assembly and use), Guide and Track Targets according to the lights, Owner’s manual Gold Medal Meal Plan, 7-Day supply of LifeMax vitamins and lots more at a very less price in comparison with any other product available in the market



What do I get?
Buy Ab Champ Machine for just one easy & convenient payment of $159.96 plus $19.99 S&H. Official website AbChamp.com



Ab Champ Machine Video


4 thoughts on “Ab Champ Machine Review

  1. I have been using my AbChamp for a number of years and like it. However, the band broke! Where can I purchase a new one so I can continue to use my AbChamp? Thank you.

  2. I have a abchamp (RED) i got at a yard sale, I need a book, guide or dvd to now how to use. I how can i get that?

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