Ab and Thigh Shuffle Review

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You might have the best intentions to burn calories and lose weight on a regular basis but they are often waylaid because you can’t keep up with a regular fitness program. You don’t have the time for long winded fitness routines nor do you want to spend a fortune on gym membership fees. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to burn fat and lose weight; in fact now, thanks to Ab and Thigh Shuffle, you can burn calories and fat by working out only a few minutes a day.


Ab and Thigh Shuffle
Yes, that’s right, this sensational product has been created to make your task of losing weight a lot easier and less time consuming. The program has been invented by author and fitness expert Ed Gaut, who has made a name for himself in the industry and has helped change lives of many. Now he brings to you the revolutionary shuffle move technique, which is at the heart of this product. Thanks to this move, your largest fat burning muscles get activated and you start losing weight at the earliest. Studies have shown that this product helps create enhanced butt and inner thigh muscle activity, which shows sensational results when it comes to losing weight.

Good thing about this product is that it works on your entire body and helps you strengthen your core as well. If you have been looking to get washboard abs, then you will be able to get them chiselled like you always wanted. You can also stake a claim to those shapely legs that you desire. Moreover now you can sculpt your butt and tighten your inner thighs to get rid of that extra fat and get into the shape of your life. And you get these brilliant results by working out for just a few minutes in a day.



What do I get?
Your Ab and Thigh Shuffle kit includes:

  • Shuffle Platform & Base
  • Adjustable Folding Handlebar System
  • 5 Levels of Resistance Make It A Fat Burning Cardio Workout
  • Meal Plan

You also get a “Every day I’m Shuffling’ workout DVD with your 30 day trial offer of $14.95 at AbThighShuffle.com



Ab and Thigh Shuffle Video
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6 thoughts on “Ab and Thigh Shuffle Review

  1. First they said my purchase was on “back order.” Then they cancelled my Ab and Thigh Shuffle order without my knowledge? Hello? “Is there anybody in there”?

  2. I saw an infomercial and decided I could use this with my clients. I ordered it on 9/2/12 thru their website gettheshuffle.com. After 10 days of no response, no money drawn from my account & the order not even showing up on the site they refer to for order status, I contacted someone on the phone number listed 1-866-389-3897. I was first told they had no knowledge of this product (first call) then I was told it would take a week for them to be in business and shipping the product. I pointed out that the infomercials shouldn’t be aired so prematurely.

    The very next day I started receiving marketing calls to upsell me, claiming they were part of the AB & Thigh Shuffle. The very reason I placed my order online was to avoid upselling sales people! They also told me my product was on the way. When I checked the status again, no shipment sent, so I contacted the above phone number again to be told that it was a 3rd party upselling me, for which I got very upset about them selling my information.

    I want people to beware dealing here. I will be cancelling this order as the way it’s been handled is a bad beginning.

    • I too ordered this Ab and Thigh Shuffle from gettheshuffle.com on 9/3/12. I still have not received the product, tho it says on customerstatus.com that its being processed. 2 weeks ago I was told it would be shipped in 2 weeks. I just called today and they told me its on back order and will be here within 2-3 weeks as they have 4-6 weeks to get it out. no money has been taken from my card yet, so I am a little leery, but I figure since no money has been spent yet, whats the harm in waiting? I will cancel tho if its not out in a week or so. I too call the same number you listed.

      • So I get up this morning to an email that my order has been cancelled. I called to ask why and they said the manufacturer has cancelled all orders, with no explanation as to why, and now the Ab and Thigh Shuffle machine is available nowhere… ???? ugh!!!

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