5 Minutes Shaper PRO REVIEW

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what is 5 Minutes Shaper PRO?

5 Minutes Shaper PRO alleges to be an intensive ab, core and total body workout machine. Based on inclined reverse crunch movement it claims to sculpt the body by spending only 5 minutes in a day. The design asserts to include unique bi-lateral swivel that emphasizes to enhance flexibility in motion. Does 5 Minutes Shaper PRO really work as promised? send us your 5 Minutes Shaper PRO review.


5 Minutes Shaper Pro Questions and Answers

Q. Does the 5 Minutes Shaper Pro fold flat enough to go under a bed?
A. Yes, it does.

Q. Do I have to plug in the 5 Minutes Shaper Pro?
A. No, it takes batteries for the rep counter.

Q. Does the 5 Minutes Shaper Pro fold up for storage?
A. Yes and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Q. Will the 5 Minutes Shaper Pro help you lose weight?
A. Wouldn’t say it will help you lose weight, it helps strengthen your core as part of a workout plan coupled with a proper diet.

Q. What is it made out of?
A. 5 Minutes Shaper Pro is made from some cheap plastic and aluminum. It is not sturdy and not durable.

Q. Does it come with a warranty?
A. It does not come with a warranty of any kind.

Q. Where is it made?
A. China.

Q. Does this ab machine tone your butt?
A. No.

Q. Will the 5 Minutes Shaper Pro tone or sculpt my abs?
A. You will feel it in your whole core but it depends on how you do it. If you hold it at the top of the movement for about 2-3 seconds you can get to 25 reps and you will feel the burn.

Q. How much does the 5 Minutes Shaper Pro weigh?
A. Shipping Weight: 22 pounds.

Q. Does it come assembled?
A. No, it’s not assembled, but easy to put together.

5 Minute Shaper Pro Review

Angel Morton who used the 5 Minute Shaper Pro complains in her review – “Had rust inside and is not stable.”

Regina Wong mentions in her 5 Minute Shaper Pro review – “It is just okay. If used regularly it will work your abs. But the handles are totally in the wrong place. They should be perpendicular to the frame and not parallel to it. They are very awkward to hold and if they were perpendicular you would get more of a burn. It could have been a lot better if more thought had gone into the design.”

Jane Swanson reveals in her 5 Minute Shaper Pro review – “Pieces were falling apart. Would not recommend the 5 Minute Shaper Pro at all.”

Hector Sims states in her 5 Minute Shaper Pro review – “The small white plastic rollers do not look they will last for long. They will erode away quickly! 5 Minute Shaper Pro is too costly and will have to be discarded soon.”

5 Minutes Shaper PRO CLAIMS

It promises to be easy to use one just has to lift the knees to work the upper abs, lower abs, oblique and core. 5 Minutes Shaper PRO proclaims to chisel the body faster. It guarantees to work arms, back and also shapes and tones glutes and thighs. It declares to consist of adjustable inclines giving variations to the intensity of workout from beginner to intermediate to super intense extreme. Sounds too fanciful, 5 Minutes Shaper PRO reviews will expose it soon.

5 Minutes Shaper PRO states as per independent testing it can generates 3 times more muscle activity in abs and crunches. It maintains to come with a heart rate monitor pro grade, hand-held sensor. Smart foldable design convinces 5 Minutes Shaper PRO takes less storage space. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the 5 Minutes Shaper PRO reviews.


What do I get?
Get 5 Minute Shaper PRO for just 4 payments of $49.95 or one time payment of $199.80. Official Website: 5MsPro.com | 5MinutesShaperPro.com

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