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What is 21 Day Fix?

It is a fitness and nutrition program which is a combination of a unique portion-control system and an easy-to-follow workout that can fit into anyone’s busy schedule giving you an amazing body faster and in much simpler ways. Well it does sound unbelievable but the 21 Day fix has been designed in such a way that it is sure to show maximum results on your body. If you have been working out and had no results then 21 Day Fix guarantees you the results in just 21 days.

No Weighing or Measuring

If you are struggling with your health and fitness journey and looking for something that will help you loose weight in a simple and uncomplicated way then 21 day Fix is something that will not let you down as it takes you step-by-step through the process and makes portion control so easy, you won’t even have to think about it. The 21 Day Fix comes with portioned-controlled containers to measure all of your food. The seven color-coded containers and Shakeology shaker cup will deliver exactly the right portions every time, so you never eat too much or too little. Furthermore, it outlines everything so you don’t have to do any kind of mental work. Just fill them up with as much food as you want. Here you do not have to weigh, measure, or count calories, carbs or points. If it fits in the container, you can eat it. You can enjoy delicious, healthy food without counting calories, and watch the pounds fall off.

Solution to the After Pregnancy Fat

21 Day Fix is a revolutionary program that understands what it’s like to bounce back into shape after pregnancy especially in a limited time. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it works making it a perfect weight loss program for the mothers who have not much time in hand with a demanding baby but have a lot of excess baby fat that needs to be worked on. This program is put together to eliminate all problems by spending just 30 minutes a day. It puts together brand-new dietary rules and simple fitness routines that build a habit of healthy eating that is simple.

Easy Workout

The workouts are great for anyone busy, traveling, or with kids. It involves no equipment but uses so many resistance moves using only your body that you are going to feel it the next day and see results quickly. The short workout plan in this program helps you get that amazing body in a minimum period of time. The workouts included in the program are 30-minute each for 21 days. The basic type of exercises which are included in the 21 Day Fix Workout are total body cardio fix that will keep your heart rate up and your metabolism revved high long after the workout is over, upper fix that helps you to shape your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs, the lower fix to tone your entire lower body while you blast fat and burn calories, pilates fix to strengthen your core, elongate your muscles, and firm your hips and thighs, the cardio fix gets your heart pumping and your body moving as you melt away the pounds and finally the yoga fix which will improve your balance, flexibility, and strength as you relax your muscles.


Eating Right

We follow diet plans blindly without understanding the needs of our body that may help us shed some pounds but will leave us drained out and looking pale but the 21 day fix program has set up the diet plan which includes about 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat, which will not only assist with weight loss but also fuel you for some energy. Simple eating plan with proper portion size is the key to success in 21 Day Fix program. Nutrition is the key ingredient for healthy weight loss and its success, and the 21 day fix introduces portion-size control technique to support healthy eating and better nourishment for the body. Most of us usually focus on working out and have hard time managing our diets properly. We may workout till will we drop but if we do not eat right then we will not see any results. 21 Day Fix program fixes this eating problem with the help of color-coded, perfectly portioned containers and a simple diet guide which is sure to give amazing results in just 21 days. It is a simple plan that can be adopted by anyone to get better health. The best part of this program is that no food is off limits, but moderation is the key here as this program is designed to allow you some of those splurges you may need during the week like a glass of wine or even some chocolates that you may crave for during your diet.

21 Day Fix for a Dream Body

If you have always wanted those dream abs and all the sweating out has been in vain then 21 day fix is what you need. As this program is not all about working out, but it’s about eating right too. It promises to give you that super body you have always wanted by simple workout and eating right. You will feel younger and energetic too along with a super toned body. Now you can get beach-ready for a vacation. Or look drop-dead great at your upcoming reunion with this simple yet well planned weight loss program.


These workouts are for everyone. It works for a beginner who has never worked out a day in their life as well as an athlete who workouts everyday. As each of these workouts has a modifier on screen to show you how to dial down the intensity without losing the benefits. So if you are a beginner you start with low intensity and then push yourself to your limit. Each exercise is 1 minute in length with a 20 second rest and you are sure to benefit from these workout.


What do I get?

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