Trendy Top Wrap Review

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Low rise jeans maybe the season’s latest hot look, but don’t you just hate it when your bottom gets seen? Do you constantly keep pulling up your jeans to cover your bottoms or pushing down your top to cover your tummy? Don’t suffer any more! Get easy and comfortable with the ingenious Trendy Top Wrap!


How does Trendy Top Wrap work?
The Trendy Top Wrap is a specially designed T-shirt for your hips! Trendy Top Wrap covers your butt cleavage as well as your belly; it works like a camisole for your chest. You can now move, bend, sit and reach, with ease, without any awkward skin exposure, secure in the knowledge that you are wearing the Trendy Top Wrap!

The Trendy Top Wrap gives you the cool and fashionable layered look without adding bulk and discomfort. All you have to do is step into this super comfortable Trendy Top Wrap and slip it easily over your hips. You can now wear your favorite shirt or top and get cool and stylish.

They are made of a natural cotton blend fabric that breathes and sits comfortably on your skin without making you feel itchy. Trendy Top Wrap stretches every way you do and doesn’t constrict your movements even while exercising or doing any other vigorous activity; it always stays in place. They are ideal for shorts and skirts and available in all sizes.

You get Midnight Black, Pure White and a bonus Lacy Black colors. Look chic and lean with the Trendy Top Wrap and stop that embarrassing muffin top and peekaboo panties look!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get a set of 3 Trendy Top Wraps – 1 black, 1 white and 1 lacey black, for only $14.95 + $7.95 P&H. Official Offer. 30 day money back guarantee.



Reviews and Complaints
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Trendy Top Wrap Video
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19 thoughts on “Trendy Top Wrap Review

  1. Here is a real Trendy Top review. I have been wearing trendy tops for a couple of years now. I love them. won’t go anywhere with out one on. I have a very long torso so these are perfect. I’m so use to them that I feel naked without it.

  2. I haven’t worn Trendy Top around long enough. The sizes, I think, are way off. I got the large and talk about snug, and I am a size 8. The sizes run 0-8 s/m, 10-14 large, 16-20 xl.

  3. just buy it from right aid or Walgreens or you are going to be an upset momma! besides what a little gas to go down to a store?

  4. I went online to search for the Trendy Top Wrap, because, quite honestly, the idea really appealed to me. I tried using Trendy Top Wrap review as keywords, but no matter how many websites I visited, the same old story repeated itself. I was going through one glossy website after another, but I could not find one proper Trendy Top Wrap review or ratings that convinced me. The websites somehow felt too optimistic, too ecstatic about a product that seemed to have no flaws, no ratings and no real reviews from real customers. I did come across websites that had the BUY NOW option, but while most flooded my browser with spam and pop-ups (and a few malwares), the rest re-linked me to other websites. It was really frustrating, and my patiently clicking on one link after the other did not help matters at all. I was beginning to see how these websites promote fake products with their bloated-up page rankings and phony results and reviews. I went to some of the manufacturer website as well, as I was really hoping to see how much the Trendy Top Wraps could become a fashion statement unto itself, but I was disappointed. My repeated searches led me to this website, and finally, I did get what I was looking for. Ratings, customer stories and even reviews, this site had it all. Definitely a website that served as a real eye-opener for fake products!

    • It’s a sad truth how these so-called manufacturer websites sell their fake, phony products based on lies. These sites offer no real reviews and ratings, and deliberately confuse the customer with bogus claims about the product, using keywords-packed SEO-managed websites. With these, customers need to be really careful about blindly trusting a website, despite its glossy content and phony rankings.

  5. I recommend everyone to order Trendy Top Wrap from Walgreens. Any thing you’ve seen on TV’s infomercials, can be ordered through Target, Walgreens, etc. If you don’t like it you can return it and get your money back right away, no questions asked, no customer service to talk to on the phone, no rudeness. I always go to the same Walgreens and have always been absolutely satisfied.Whether I liked it or not, I always give my feedback by the way don’t order the 10″ ORGREENIC FRYING PAN. No matter what I did my food burnt. My food still didn’t cook without butter or oil but one thing it does do is clean very well. I gave mine away. Hope this helps … a very concerned consumer.



  7. So today I get on the website, add the 4 for 10$ deal to my shopping cart, enter my credit card, then the next page is asking if I would like another 4 for 7$, I decided to check yes, went to the next page, asked if I wanted 4 colored ones for 9$. So I go to the last page, press no thank you for the 2nd set for 7$ and go to the colored ones and get those instead. The page following that asked if I would like to receive my entire order for 6.95 P&H, well duh that’s a no brainer, YES! then the next screen pops up, its not a shopping cart to review my order or even something asking if I’m ready to check out, nope its my final receipt. Imagine my surprise when I read that I had the extra set of 4 that I had taken off but wholly crap the SHIPPING!!! My total was (looking at my email receipt) 26.99, taxes- 0$ and shipping- 38.75$. Now maybe I’m missing something but I’ve had products like this, they could send them in a small package, even a large envelope, and send it for 8$ all together. Anyhow, immediately after seeing this I contacted customer service and was told they couldn’t do anything about it till they receive the order which takes about 24 hrs so I will be calling back tomorrow. But about 3 hours later I received a call from them, it was a lady and she stated that she is calling about my problem and not being able to put my order through. I told her that the order did go through but I was charged for more items then I wanted and I was unhappy about the price of shipping. The women then responded with a very quick “okay, thank you” and hung up. Just a little rude. I will update after I talk to them tomorrow and let you know how well customer service handles these problems.

    • So now that my 24 hour wait is up I was able to call about my order. The man I talked to was very nice and helpful. He offered to fix my order and offered a 5$ discount but I declined and had him just cancel the entire order. They sell these is quite a few stores, I would recommend going through a different store to get these -kohls, walmart, amazon… and in the end save yourself a lot of money on shipping and handling.

  8. I was going to order this Trendy Top Wrap but I guess not from the computer!!! So it would cost $24.95 for 4 trendy tops total? How do they range in sizing? Is it worth it upgrading it to get cotton? Do they roll up?

  9. First of all, shipping was like $35.00! Are you kidding me? This bunch of rags? Also, it took forever. Second, the beige is yellow and the grey is more brown. I do not recommend this item at all!

  10. Price for order, 20 dollars….p&h was 40 dollars. Did not tell me p&h until I gave credit info. Total scam. Do not purchase.

  11. What a total scam!! They charged me $40.00 for the 4 wraps and $63.18 for shipping. They asked for my credit card first and which point I believed it was $7.95 x2 for shipping and handling fees for 4 wraps. Next they take you through a series of possible upgrades… do you want to upgrade to cotton, do you want to upgrade to priority shipping. I replied no to all. Then the confirm popped up with $63.18 in shipping fees. I immediately tried to call them to cancel my $113.18 bill but was told it wasn’t in the system and I had to wait 24 hours. It seemed to me that the person answering the phone was very familiar with this problem. It’S A SCAM Do not use this website ever. I am going to call the better business bureau and the TV stations that use this company to report them.

    • Did you get a refund after 24 hrs? I called right after my order went in. I had ordered the original 4 plus the color ones and then was asked if I wanted 6.95 shipping for all and I said yes, the next page I was charged for 2 sets of the four plus the colors equaling 24$ give or take but after shipping it was 68$. I called and the women said it hadn’t been put through yet and wait 24 hrs. Then after about 3 hours a women called and said she was calling about my order not going through. I told her no it went through but it is incorrect and I need to fix it, she immediately said thank you and hung up. I am so frustrated!

  12. I went to order 1 set of these trendy tops. I entered the information and it asks for the credit card number. Before it ask for the number it states $10.00 dollars and get a set with it. Well when you put in your credit card info. It saps more then 51 dollars out of my checking. It added $31.50 for H & P . HANDLING AND PROCESSING. WHAT A CROOK. I called the number on the website to cancel the order and what do you know it keeps you on hold stating someone will be right with you. And after several attempts nobody ever picks up. Its just sad that people operate like this. They would have more business and better customer service if they provided better information. I am still trying to get a hold of them and work this out. If anybody know a better way let me know. Thank you…frustrated…

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