Swap Flops

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What are Swap Flops

They are customizable sandals that claim to offer you several options to add to your style quotient.
Swap Flops promise to give you a helping hand when you want to coordinate your sandals with the outfit you are wearing. You want to look your best from head to toe but that often means buying several sandals and that can burn a hole in your pocket. Of course you also end up adding to clutter in your house. Swap Flops maintain that it can be the right solution around these problems as you get several options.

Swap Flops is like having five pairs of sandals in one

Swap Flops ensure that you can look great for different occasions without having to buy new pairs of sandals every time. If you want to wear sandals that go with a particular outfit you have in mind then you can simply swap the strap. Viola; you have brand new looking sandals right at your fingertips. Changing the straps of Swap Flops is quite easy and anyone can do it. The job can also be done in a matter of minutes so that you are ready to go out whenever you want.

Swap Flops add a spring to your step

You tend to feel confident when you step out wearing new pair of sandals that are nicely coordinated with your outfit. That’s easily possible with the help of Swap Flops, according to their claims. But one major advantage of using them is that you will be able to save a lot of space in your shoe cupboard as well. One pair of Swap Flops can do the trick for you. They also make sense when you are travelling as you can move light and save space in your luggage too.


Swap Flops are stylish and comfortable

Swap Flops assert that they bring complete comfort for you. Moreover these sandals have cool looking straps in smart prints. Hence you will also up your style quotient wearing them and ensure that you are putting your best foot forward every time.

What do i get?

You get one pair of Swap Flops with 5 interchangeable straps and Swap Flops beach tote for $19.95.official web site buyswapflops.com


One thought on “Swap Flops

  1. I have read all your reviews about Swap Flops. I ordered Swap Flops in May of last year. Paid with my CC. I have at least. 9 emails from scott22
    Who was the owner at Swap flops. Telling me they sent them . We emailed back and forth till August. I finally gave up. NEVER RECEIVED THEM!!!! To Me He Was. Rip Off. Oh Yah I kept Copies Of The Emails!!!

    Patty McMillan.

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