Style Wrap Waist Cover Up Review

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When you are on the go the last thing you want to worry about the clothes you are wearing. But especially with women it is very important to cover the bottom area well enough. Most women in such situation will hastily wrap a shirt or a sweat shirt around the waist quickly. This temporary fix generally looks very bad and can be even uncomfortable to wear. When there is no time left to make the run and you need a quick cover up the waist which is decent looking and fashionable than you should try the latest Style Wrap.


Style Wrap Waist Cover Up
Style Wrap for women is a one stop solution for a quick wrap up with the facility to hold stuff in it. In normal situations when women use sweaters or T-shirts to wrap around the waist, they start to drop too much since they are bulky and difficult to handle after wearing it for just few minutes. Style Wrap gets the areas which women hate to get attention completely covered and at the same time looks stylish. It comes with 2 zipper pockets that help in carrying day to day belongings like a wallet, cell phone and music player inside it.

Style Wrap is very light in weight and is made out of soft and comfortable material. Its revolutionary Figure Slimming Design helps it to wrap around the waist without any extra bulk to give a sleek and striking look. This slim fit look makes it perfect for covering up after swimming session or at the beach on bikini without looking weird or bad. It is also perfect for running daily chores after the gym still wearing gym pants, leggings or yoga pants without worrying about the areas women don’t want attention. For women who are always on the run be it going to the kids soccer match, walking a stroller in the park, grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, etc.

Style Wrap can also be easily wrapped around the shoulders to give a different and fashionable look. Available in two colors mainly Black and Gray, Style Wrap fits all regular sizes easily. This low cost product comes with another complimentary Style Wrap and 16 Style Snaps for fashion emergencies absolutely free.



What do I get?
You get 2 Style Wrap Waist Cover Ups in Small / Medium – up to size 10 AND/OR Large / X-Large – 12 + for just $19.95 + $15.90 s/h. Official website

Customer Service
Style Wrap
P.O. Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494
Phone: 866-595-5474



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  1. Review Style Wrap

    Has anyone bought the Style Wrap Waist Cover Up, is it any good?

    Does Style Wrap really cover up the bottom region with style?

    Is it comfortable to wear?

    Does the zippers in Style Wrap good to hold a cell phone?

    Does it fit any regular size waist easily?

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