Shoe Flavors Review

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Do you keep looking for that perfect pair of shoes that will match up to your dress? Are you one of the many women who spend hours checking out lots of shoes and return home empty handed because the shoes that you have in mind are not available? Celebrities have their designer shoes which are custom made and if you wish the same it can cost you heaps of money. Naturally, the choice up until now was to just make do with whatever shoes are available in the shops. What if there was an exciting, cost effective way to boost your image by transforming your current drab looking shoes into designer celebrity like? Well, the answer is Shoe Flavors.


Shoe Flavors
Shoe Flavors is a custom designer kit that helps convert ordinary shoes into beautiful design right at home. The kit contains a color paint that is created only with the purpose to go on the soles of any type of shoes. All that is to be done is to make sure the surface of the shoe sole is prepped up for the purpose of paint using the cleaning wipe provided with the kit. Once the surface is ready the paint is to be coated evenly with a finesse to give an amazing look to an ordinary looking shoe. It works perfectly on shoes, sandals and even canvas. There are bonus embellishments available with the kit that can be used to add a little glitter and glamour to the shoes.

The best part about Shoe Flavors is it gives women the power to define and design their own style instead of depending on shoe brands to come out with one that suits their taste. Plus they can now make other women jealous because shoes designed with Shoe Flavors are their own custom and cannot be bought anywhere. A regular kit contains paint brush, 3 paint containers of a color that can be selected from 15 different available, stir sticks, sand paper square, alcohol wipe, instruction guide and special bonus crystal embellishments and is enough for styling at least 10 pair of shoes!



What do I get?
Inside the SHOE FLAVORS Kit:

  • Paint Brush
  • 3 Paint Containers
  • Stir Sticks
  • Sand Paper Square SM
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Instruction Guide
  • Crystal Embellishments

All this for just $19.95 + Shipping. Official website:



Shoe Flavors Video


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