Necklace Express Review

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What is Necklace Express?

Do you often struggle to put on your necklaces and close it? The tiny clasps can make putting them on and taking them off a chore. Now there is a simple, fast and easy way to put on and take off your necklaces with ease.

Here’s introducing Necklace Express, the incredible accessory that attaches to any necklace so you can put on your necklaces faster and easier than ever before.


How to use Necklace Express?

Simply attach the Necklace Express to any clasp, then pull to expand over your head, and it automatically retracts back. It’s that simple and easy!


How does Necklace Express work?
Necklace Express features a double wrapped polyester fiber that expands and retracts helping you put on your accessories with ease. Unlike ordinary clasps that break easily Necklace Express is so strong and will not break even with the toughest pull.


Necklace Express Features
Necklace Express features a silver and gold design so you can match it with all your necklaces. Ordinary clasps can move out of place but Necklace Express has a sleek weighted design that keeps your jewelry in place all the time. Necklace Express is lightweight and easy to remove too.


Great for Bracelets and Chains
Necklace Express is not just for necklaces. You can also use Necklace Express for your bracelets, delicate chains, heavy jewelry and heavy costume jewelry. With Necklace Express putting on and removing necklaces is a breeze. Order the Necklace Express today and never struggle with putting on your necklace ever again!


What do I get?

  • 2 Gold Necklace Express
  • 2 Silver Necklace Express
  • 1 Jewelry Tote

Price: $26.90 Including Shipping | Official website:

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