MaxTall Review

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Do you feel self conscious about your short height? Wouldn’t you like to be two inches taller? Statistics have shown clearly that being taller means more confidence, more attention and more success! And now, you too can get this recipe for success with the help of the amazing MaxTall!


How does MaxTall work?
The revolutionary MaxTall is a super comfortable shoe insert that gives you an additional height of two inches, instantly! MaxTall is durable and tough and one size fits all! It is discreetly invisible and has an innovative multiple adjustable design to target even a quarter inch addition in height.

MaxTall is very flexible and beautifully molds to your foot and heel to create a vacuum action that ensures your heel always stays in your shoe and there are no embarrassing slip ups. The secret is its Orthogel material which makes sure that MaxTall doesn’t slip out from the shoe.

This is unlike other regular shoe inserts which are prone to slipping out. MaxTall works great for both men and women; whether at home or play! You can easily use it with any shoe, be it a flat, high heel, casual, boots, dress or even athletic ones!

Get your confidence back and stand up with the best! Let not your height impede your road to success! Grow taller with MaxTall! Perfect for work and play, for men and women



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
2 MaxTalls for just $19.99 + $6.99 P&H. Official 30 day money back guarantee.


MaxTall Video
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57 thoughts on “MaxTall Review

  1. l got mine today. After reading all this comments yesterday I got freaked out, so when l got home from work there was a USPS package.
    And went to pick the box during lunch! First thing I did l wore 2 inserts and went for a walk around the building and feels like l was wearing High hills. Lol… but definitely from 5″ to 7″. Went to 5 9″ using just two. l am happy

    But will see later. 09 19 2012 2 pm Rockvile. Md

  2. Do you want to make money? I don’t think so because I’ve been trying to buy your damn product all day, on my cell and on two different computers and your website is not working.

  3. Maxtall is not the company to buy lifts from. They are way too expensive and made from cheap materials just like most of the products out there. Almost all height Increasing shoe lifts are made in Chinese sweat shops and then distributed by anti- American businessman who would sell their soul or mother for a dollar. I only know of one company that sells shoe lifts that are made in the USA. Can’t remember the name off the top of my head but think they are based in the Midwest somewhere.

  4. I originally ordered from Maxtall but found the comfort of the product unbearable. The price also seemed high from the competitors. After trying just about every other product out there that is a height increasing shoe product. I have come to the conclusion that the Levitator Lifts are the most comfortable and affordable.

  5. To those who got scam, you needed to get scam for not doing research, yall help me though, not to buy this thanks!!! lol

  6. I am so glad I read all comments first, feel sorry for yall. But hey yall stop me buying so that’s a good thing… lol.

  7. Screw that!! Order them on eBay, brand new, $5, free shipping 😀
    Good luck to all of you guys 🙂

    • eBay sucks.. buying stuff there you are risking buying a toxic knock off. Seems like the only vendors they have are from china or Korea which are homes to the pirated product. The Asians don’t seem to be very creative in designing their own products. It is a lot easier to steal somebody else design. I try to only buy American made products. PS.. Melody must work for eBay.

      • Second on the eBay sucks. I bought some simulator lift insoles a year ago from their site by some company based in Asian somewhere. First of all they took 3 months to be delivered. They smelled toxic and fell apart a few months after I received them. Liftkits also seem to be cheaply made and are not very comfortable. Hopefully i will find something that works.

  8. I placed my order in march of 2012, and today is April 11th. I OPENED my max tall package up and slipped em in my shoes and I’m loving em!!! I’m about 5’8…5’9 and i feel the difference. It gave me a extra boost in height which I didn’t think I was going to get but they only cost 20 dollars so what do you have to lose?? I’m waiting on my gf to come home to see if she notices the difference in my height.


  9. I have seen this on tv an looked it up, I am not impressed with the MaxTall reviews. Someone comment back and let me know if you ever got the MaxTall lifts or not. I wanna buy it but I’d like to b safe first, just say yes or scam or whatever.

  10. I bought MaxTall and I regret it 100%. I tried to cancel the order 3 times before it was shipped, yet they shipped it anyways. $48.98 bucks down the toilet. They are garbage, don’t buy!!

  11. This is a great product, I don’t know what happened to these other orders, but I received my order on time. No, they did not steal my credit card number. I have increased my height by 3 full inches.


  12. I was worried I wouldn’t receive my Maxtalls after reading these reviews, but they just came to my house today.
    Maxtall DID come.

  13. I ordered this MaxTall and it has not shown up on my credit card yet. I’m hoping to freeze my account before this happens.

    For anyone who has ordered and has not received the product, was it just a one time charge on your card, or did they steal your number and make additional charges as well?

  14. I was ripped off like the rest of them. I wanted to go through amazon but unable to find on that site. Already reported to credit card company.


  16. Well I’m flat, I looked this up before even turning on my computer and go buy this online…

    Either ways I saw this on the science channel!!!! Why??? I think they tried to target the short intelligent people. Because they being short they turn their life’s to science.

  17. I ordered 1 set for $19.99 and get 1 pair free and then I ordered the extra set for $19.99 and get 1 pair free. After all my payment information was entered it went to the next screen that had my order number and thanked me for buy but the cost were totally different it was now $39.97 for the 1 pr $19.99 and second free and the deluxe was $29.98 for the $19.99 and second free.

    Customer Service never answers it goes into a beep beep beep mode.

  18. People! People! Please! Don’t get your hopes up! This max tall advertisement is all a scam. Cancel your credit cards! Cancel your orders! That particular shipment will never come. Just let it go! You don’t need those max lifts! Just accept your height and let it be. A word of advise, if you were to order a particular product, make sure a FEDEX or UPS option is offered as one of your options where you can decide 2 day air, regular ground ship… Etc. Thank you

  19. Wow! I am a middle age man who is only 4’9″ tall and I’ve never been on a date! if I buy 4 sets I will be over 6 feet tall and the women will love me! send immediately!

  20. Oh man……… next time, do your research on a product before you buy it. It’s a shame you have to these days, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I guess just take this as a hard lesson.

  21. So I read everyone’s review and everyone says its all a scam. I don’t think I should.order it anymore.

  22. I just place an MaxTall order (came to $40.00) and I just read all the reviews that NO ONE has gotten their orders – at all. I am seriously concerned this will also happen to me. I truly hope this is not a SCAM!! Why would this company do such a thing?? I HOPE this is not true!

    • The same thing happened to me but when I inquired they claimed they were on backorder and I would not charged until I got the order. That was three months ago. I have seen the ads on TV since then. I don’t get it.

  23. I haven’t received mine either. I replied to the confirmation e-mail that I got when I ordered and it came back undeliverable. Looks like it’s a scam, people. The next time I see MaxTall advertised on tv, I’m going to call the station and let them know it’s bogus. I would call them now, but I don’t remember which station I saw it.

  24. I wanted to check the status of my order, and I cannot find a legit contact number what so ever, I placed an order almost 3 weeks ago and I haven’t received it yet!! plus, the phone number they provide on the site is NOT the real number. If there is someone out there that has purchased the shoe lifts from, please let me know if you received your products or if this site just a scam.


    • I haven’t received mines either… I just got an email that it’s on backorder. I’ve been waiting, and it’s been a month now.

      • I think it’s a scam! I ordered mines too and it’s been more than 3 weeks! I’m hiring my lawyer. I’m ready for a lawsuit.

        • I do believe this is a scam. I ordered over a month ago and have received nothing. Also, cannot locate a way to contact MaxLift or check order status.

          • I got a back order email, back order??? It’s been a month and a few days now, and the phone number is a life crisis hotline. How can I follow up? This is absurd!!!! not even a Fedex nor UPS tracking number like REAL orders provide!


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