Levitator Lifts Insoles Review

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Do you wish you could look a couple of inches taller than you are right now? After a certain age human body stops growing in height and for such individuals there is only one option that is of using lifts and insoles in their shoes. But many lifts that claim to provide a raise in height can do the job with a disadvantage of giving leg and knee pains due to its design. These lifts which cost a lot are designed without considering the anatomical needs of the human body. But be rest assured because one lifts known as Levitator Lifts does the job perfectly without any side effect.


Levitator Lifts Insoles
Levitator Lifts are the best shoe inserts which can help gain considerable height gain with comfort and is designed by industry’s major innovators for custom shoe soles from past twenty years. The best part about Levitator Lifts is that it is completely comfortable and durable for a long term use. The special foam used to create it makes it completely washable and resistant to odor. This foam is hard to maintain the height and at the same time soft enough to be comfortable to the feet. It comes in 8 different sizes and can give a height gain from ½ an inch to 2 ½ inches depending on personal needs.

Levitator Lifts which comes in flexible and comfortable shape works in any kind of shoe for both male and female. Its special design takes off some pressure from the back area since it distributes the weight slightly towards the front part of the body. Plus they don’t need any taping or sticking with adhesives to the shoes since it fits in the shoes with the right pressure from the foot making it versatile for using in multiple shoes.

Levitator Lifts come in black and dark gray color and can be ordered even for a custom shape fitting. They are proudly made in the USA with American Labor and Material. The price of Levitator Lifts is lesser than any other lifts available in the market with some attractive discounts for online purchasing.



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Official website www.TallerYou.com



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5 thoughts on “Levitator Lifts Insoles Review

  1. Best shoe lifts I have found. Tried about 20 different styles and brands and without a doubt the levitator lifts are the best. Reason I say this is they are the most comfortable by a large margin and last the longest compared to the plastic stuff that many other companies sell. If I remember correctly they are made here in the states which I also like. I have been using the product for many years and will continue to do so.

  2. I love this company! The product is very comfortable on both the feet and wallet. The owner is always able to answer your questions first hand and the service is the best I have ever had from a company. Wish your business the best of luck and wish there were more like you out there. DW

  3. Review Levitator Lifts

    Does Levitator Lifts really help in increasing the height up to 2 ½ inches?

    Is it comfortable to wear?

    Is it durable and completely washable?

    Are the Levitator Lifts resistant to odor?

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