Hot Jewels

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What is Hot Jewels

Hot Jewels are body jewelry tattoos that are designed to look like jewelry to give you a dazzling look in golden and silver. They come in four sets of designs – classic, tribal, feather and love

Jewels for your body

Hot Jewels is removable body jewelry that claims to look just like real jewelry and give you a dazzling look easily. Traditional jewelry makes one look smashing but it also comes with a set of hassles. A jewelry box is often messy and all the earrings mix with necklaces and bracelets and you never manage to find a piece when you need it. Then there is the fear of losing them when you travel or even the danger of getting robbed. But Hot Jewels assures that you wouldn’t have to worry about these things because these are simple temporary tattoos that need to be stuck on to the body part you want to adorn.


Get jeweled in seconds easily

As the claims of the makers go, it is as easy and quick to adorn your body with Hot Jewels. Hot Jewels maintain that when you apply them you can turn up the heat at any party with a hot new look and you can get this within seconds and very easily. All you need to do is select your design from the collection, place the pattern on the body part you desire to bling up, dab a damp cloth and peel the paper off to get your jewelry instantly. You will get a shining design that will make heads turn wherever you go and it proclaims to look as real as real jewelry. You can team Hot Jewels up with real jewelry for a 3D effect

Four hot collections to choose from

Hot Jewels alleges that you can impress the world with a number of designs with the body jewel because it comes in a dozen design each in four different collections – classic, tribal, feather, and love to go with your taste, personality or even the occasion. These designs are alleged to come in glittering gold and sizzling silver and can be worn on any body part as anklet, bracelet, arm-band, shoulder jewelry, cummerbund, necklace or even on the neckline. You can make your imagination go wild with creativity.

Water-resistant and does not sweat off

Hot Jewels will make you look cool in the pool because it promises to be water-resistant and last up to 6 days! And if you need to remove it, it alleges to be wiped off with baby oil just as easily. Hot Jewels also proclaims that it won’t sweat off and there is no risk of losing, entangling, breaking, or getting robbed.

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