Hip T As Seen On TV Review

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Everyone is wearing low waist jeans these days! You might love this hot new look, but do you really like the fact that the jeans show more than they are supposed to? Don’t you just hate it that whenever you reach for something or just simply bend down, your bum crack also gets exposed? Do you constantly have to keep tugging up your jeans to cover your bottoms or pulling down your shirt to cover your tummy? Workplace is not a place where you should get distracted by thoughts regarding what is being visible and what’s not! You don’t have to be uncomfortable anymore, at work or play, because the amazing Hip T is here, just for you!


Hip T As Seen On TV

The ingenious Hip T has been specially designed to cover all your assets! You will find that Hip T is the ultimate layering accessory for your hips! Hip T takes advantage of the trendy layering look, to give you a layered look without adding the bulk of actual layers! All you have to do is simply step into your super comfortable Hip T stretch fabric, slip it easily over your jeans, skirt or shorts; pull your shirt over it and you are good to go!

HipT ensures that your butt cleavage as well as your belly is covered up; you won’t have any more of those ‘oops’, peek-a-boo moments or even the unsightly muffin tops! You can now move, bend, sit and reach, with ease, without any awkward skin exposure, happy in the knowledge that you are wearing the HipT.

HipT is quite versatile in its use; you can also hold it upside down, with the wider side on the top and the narrower one at the bottom; and wear it like a tube top under your shirt! If the gaping armholes of your shirt are a problem; don’t worry for HipT will come to your rescue! Do you think your shirt is looking drab and boring, then improvise and color block your outfit; give an extra pop and zing to your shirt with this marvelous aspect of the HipT! Flaunt your style and not your rear view, with the fashionable and trendy HipT!



What do I get?
Buy Hip T As Seen On TV from the Official Website www.AsSeenOnTV.com for just $34.95 + Shipping



Hip T As Seen On TV Video


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  1. What are the washing instructions for the fabric?

    What are the color choices of the product?

    Is there a possibility that the material will roll and become a rope around the middle?

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