Glamourizer Review

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You wish your wardrobe is all glamorous and cool so that you can make the best impression every time you walk out of the house. But that’s not always possible because you have to spend a fortune to buy those glamorous looking clothes. You have to contend with the regular, staid outfits, which begin to look boring after a few wears. But what if you were told that there’s a way to jazz up your clothes and accessories and make them look designer chic? Yes, with Glamourizer you can do just that and have fun with your creativity as well.

How does Glamourizer Work

Now you can have stylish gem designs and patterns on your clothes, bags and even home accessories to add a bit of sparkle in your life. These gems are made out of crystals, which mean they always keep their original shine. They stay radiant at all times and they are a smart and easy way of giving a personal touch to all your clothing and accessories. In fact you can make them your own personal style statement and wear them around with aplomb. You will find the templates it comes with easy to use and they will help you with your creations.

Glamourizer is very easy to work with as well and involves three simple steps. To begin with you need to place the gems in the special artiste tray with one of those pre designed templates. You can then place the transfer paper on top of the gems so that the design is transferred onto it. This transfer paper that’s heat resistant can then be placed on clothes, accessories and then ironed over for about 20 seconds. Once it cools down you can peel the paper off to have that smashing design on your clothes and accessories.

You can use it to make exclusive outfits for your kids and you can have a lot of fun while doing it as well. You can also use it on your picture frames, cushion covers and other home accessories to give your interiors a special touch. And you can manage all this without spending a fortune.



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