Carrie Wrap Review

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You don’t want your hair in the way when you are getting ready for the day. Clips slip and bands mess up your hair. Introducing Carrie Wrap a better way to keep your hair up and out of your way anytime you want to.


Carrie Wrap
Just Carrie Wrap it up to easily brush and rinse, neatly apply your makeup, and more. And when you unwrap your style stays perfect.

Carrie Wrap is uniquely designed super soft terri cloth with special sewn-in comfort stretch elastic. It easily slips on any type of hair and stays on snug and you will love the fit.

Use it during workouts, shower, facial, bubble bath, makeup removal and more. Carrie Wrap keeps your hair neatly off your face and neck while you are cleaning your house, cooking in the kitchen, working in the garden, at the spa and more.

Forget the towering towels that tip over. Use the Carrie Wrap to dry your hair, to support heavy rollers. Keep curlers tucked upside or hair stay neat at the night.



What do I get?
Get 2 Carrie Wraps in Lime, Pink or Lavender for just $10.00 + $15.90 shipping and handling. Official website



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5 thoughts on “Carrie Wrap Review

  1. I ordered 2 Carrie Wraps several months ago, over the internet, and was dismayed when the charge for shipping was going to run almost $50.00….FOR SHIPPING ALONE!!! I wasn’t able to see how much the shipping was until they sent me a confirmation. I called my bank to stop the transaction, but they couldn’t do anything until my bank account was actually charged. I called the company and told them if the shipping was that much (3 times the cost of the item) I didn’t want it. I kept watching my bank account for their charges, but, fortunately, they never went through. I got a letter sometime later telling me that they had “run out of stock” and cancelled my order. If they are out of business, I am happy about that. The wrap looked like a good product, but to steal by charging 3 times the cost for shipping and handling is just WRONG!!!!

  2. I ordered the Carrie Wrap a month ago and have been waiting for it to be delivered. I finally checked the order status and it shows that the order was cancelled by the customer, but I never cancelled the order. What gives? So I tried going to the website, but it doesn’t work. I tried googling if anyone else has had a problem and all I get is the link that goes nowhere. It’s like it never existed! Is anyone else having this problem? Is it out of business? What’s the deal?

    • I had seen them on an infomercial about 2 months ago and was thinking about ordering them. I decided to go ahead and try them out but now the link does not work. I have been trying for a few days to go to the site with no success. At least I now know that it isn’t just me.

      I’m not sure where they are located but depending on the location of the company maybe it has to do with the weather that those of us have been dealing with on the east coast or the wildfires in Texas. At least they did refund your money.

      Guessing that they either already went out of business or are having problems with their website.

      • I ended up getting a letter from the company that said they ran out of product. I guess they’re out of business now. It’s too bad because it’s a great idea and there’s nothing else like it. I think I might work on trying to make one.

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