30 Seconds Streaks

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What are 30 Seconds Streaks:

They are synthetic coloured streaks that look close to your natural hair and claim to up your glamour quotient.
30 Seconds Streaks emphasize on the fact that they let you have funky and cool hair styles like Hollywood and Bollywood stars. You understand the importance of presenting yourself in the best possible way in every walk of your life. It means you have to pay attention to your gorgeous hair and let it do all the talking for you. 30 Seconds Streaks maintains that now you can do that with ease.


30 Seconds Streaks to keep up with the latest trend in hair design

Streaks not only add colour to your hair but into your life as well. It’s a trend that has been made the most out of by celebrities for long. Now 30 Seconds Streaks gives the power in your hands, according to its claims and ensures that you can get all the attention for your stunning hair. You might want to make a fun impression on a day out with friends, a night out around town, or it could be a special occasion, 30 Seconds Streaks claim to be your perfect accomplice.


30 Seconds Streaks looks as natural as it can get

30 Seconds Streaks asserts that it looks very close to natural human hair and that’s the hallmark feature of synthetic kanekalon hair. It is quite natural looking and can be easily added or removed whenever needed. 30 Seconds Streaks also assure you that you can streak your hair in different ways and make a cool impression every single time. The light reflections add to the shadow effect, which can work wonders for your hair structure. It’s also lightweight and lets you work in different styles; from braided to curled.

30 Seconds Streaks is very simple to use

To start with 30 Seconds Streaks, you need to decide the place where you want to place them. Once that’s done ensure that they lay flat against your hair. Now take one of the streaks and place it through the tip of the hair. Ensure that you are placing the extensions few layers under the hair so that streak beak remains invisible. A hair clip can be used to pin the top layer of the hair out of the way while 30 Seconds Streaks are attached with a small tic-tac clip. It’s that easy.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get 30 Second Streaks for Rs999
  • Official website: easylivingbrands.com
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