Zipper Fixer Review

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How many times have you got your favorite bag fixed because its zipper puller tab just broke while handling it? Did you ever notice that the zipper tabs are the most highly vulnerable part of them and need repairing most of the times? What if you had to pull out something urgently out of your purse but your zipper tab just broke and you are stuck with a closed purse? Apart from repairing it there was no solution until now. Zipper Fixer, the one shot cheapest solution for fixing zipper tabs is here.


Zipper Fixer
Zipper Fixer is a flexible zipper tag itself. It is made out of durable material and ergonomically designed keeping in mind the need of ease required to grasp it. Zipper Fixer comes with two parts of body pieces, a repair wire and a tab to lock it in. Any time a zipper tab breaks, just use the Zipper Fixer in 3 simple steps – remove the old broken piece of zipper tag, Loop the repair wire gently in hole of the zipper slider and firmly push the repair wire to the new tab accompanied. These steps can save your lot of time and lots of your money going in the baggage repairs. Extremely easy to use, Zipper Fixer is a cost effective solution to the broken zipper tabs.

Zipper Fixers look trendy and can be used for variety of zippers. It can simply slide in as a new tab for luggage bags, for fixing those favorite purses, in stylish jackets, fixing handy day to day back packs and much more. Remember, Zipper Fixers is such an innovative product that surprisingly pays for its own fix when you use it.



What do I get?
Zipper Fixers are available in varied sizes to suit your need. On a limited basis, a double bonus of 2 free small Zipper Fixer 2 free large Zipper Fixer comes along with the purchase of 2 small Zipper Fixer which has a bonus of 2 Large Zipper Fixers absolutely free. Official website



Zipper Fixer Video


9 thoughts on “Zipper Fixer Review

  1. This is a complete scam. I had the same experience as everyone else – tried to verify order and was charged $56.09 before I could authorize anything. Over $30 of that was shipping and there was no way I would have authorized it. I did some poking around on the website and the company name is actually Allstar Products Group (“APG”) in California but that is not the same as the business who charged my credit card. I IMMEDIATELY filed a complaint with the BBB and I also disputed the charge on my American Express as soon as it posted. They must have had numerous complaints against this merchant because they credited me the next day and normally their disputes take a week or so to resolve. Additionally, here is the company info that I got from the charge on my credit card.


    I would suggest that dispute the charge as on their credit cards and file a complaint with the BBB.

  2. I just tried to purchase ONE order of zipper fixers for $17.90 on line. I was asked three times if I wanted the second free order for an additional $7.95 shipping and handling. I responded no each time. AFTER filling out the information name, card, etc. the order showed the additional $7.95 for the additional set. Monday I will contact my bank and simply dispute the order. Stay away!!

  3. RIPOFF, SCAM, CHEAT, What else can I put? My dad ordered it, sounds the same as the above question- no delivery and various charges from $69.99, $136.30, $19.99 all in one month! So to get the keyword affect going, pardon some caps use. RIP OFF RIPOFF CHEAT LIE SCAM ARTIST SCAM DEFECTIVE WORTHLESS NO GOOD PIECE OF S*%T SCAM RIPOFF RIP OFF SCAM. From San Diego Calif. what else comes from this place other than liars cheats and thieves?

  4. How do I can cancel an order I never received? There is no phone number on the Zipper Fixer website and customer service only tracks orders, not enabling anyone to cancel. Any suggestions?

  5. Review Zipper Fixer

    Is Zipper Fixer really simple to use?

    Does Zipper Fixer repair zipper tags as quickly as it claims?

    Is Zipper Fixer a cheap option to repair bag zipper tags?

    Can Zipper Fixer be used for jackets?

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