Wet Wooly REVIEW | Wool Dryer Balls REVIEW

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Official website: BuyWetWooly.com

About Wet Wooly

Wet Woolys claim to be all natural dryer balls that claim to steam and soften clothes and and also claims to reduce drying time by up to 25%. All you need to do is fill the Wet Wooly Dryer Balls with tap water and toss them in the dryer. The steam generated by Wet Wooly Dryer Balls removes wrinkles from the clothes, reduces static and softens the fabric of the clothes.


So how does Wet Wooly do what it claims to do?

The Wet Wooly features 3 layer design. The interior sponge layer absorbs water and releases steam when it heats up and keeping your clothes wrinkle free. The aluminium layer dissipates static. The outermost woolen layer softens the fabric of your clothes.

If the Wet Wooly Dryer Ball infomercial claims are to be believed, then they last for up to 1000 loads. Wet Wooly even claims that using these as seen on tv dryer balls will cut down your ironing time as your clothes won’t be wrinkled when they come out of the dryer.

Wet Wooly also claims to be strong and durable that it can even soften a large comforter.

Fabric Softeners make clothes smell great but they come at a price. Fabric Softeners are often loaded with toxic chemicals. Dryers makes wrinkles on your clothes and often make entangled mess of them. But not anymore, with Wet Wooly Wrinkle Releasing Dryer Balls you can get fluffier ans softer clothes.

The wool used in the Wet Wooly Dryer Balls is claimed to be made for the New Zealand wool and is safe for the entire family. The Wet Wooly dryer balls are lightweight and whisper-quiet. Just add a few drops of essential oil to the Wet Wooly dryer balls for therapeutic fragrance. Wet Wooly balls do the fabric softening job of chemical softeners and dryer balls.


Wet Wooly REVIEW

Ok,now that we have seen what the Wet Wooly Dryer Balls claim to do, lets analyze the reviews.

Q. Does Wet Wooly dryer ball really soften the clothes?
A. Yes, looking at the reviews we can fairly say that Wet Wooly dryer balls do soften clothes.

Q. Does Wet Wooly really dissipate Static?
A. No, we have analyzed dozens of reviews and found that Wet Wooly does not dissipate static. This is particularly true for sports clothing. So the claim that Wet Wooly reduces static is misleading. You still need to use the Dryer Sheets to get rid of static.

Q. Does Wet Wooly reduce drying time?
A. Yes, this fact is attested by a lot of reviews that we analyzed. Wet Wooly certainly reduces drying time though it differs from fabric to fabric.


Wet Wooly Advantages

  • Wet Wooly dryer balls do soften clothes and make them less wrinkled.
  • They make pillows, towels and comforters fluffier.
  • Keeps sheets from wadding up.
  • Wet Wooly keeps down comforters and dog beds from matting up.
  • It is a good for people who are allergic to chemical fabric softeners.
  • Customers mention in their reviews that Wet Wooly dryer balls are particularly useful for heavy loads.


Wet Wooly Disadvantages

  • The Wet Wooly dryer balls smell bad in the beginning, though this smell does not get transferred to the clothes, it does take some time for the smell to go away.
  • Some reviewers mention that their pets love to play with the Wet Wooly dryer balls and caution not to leave them within their reach.
  • You need to use 4 to 6 Wet Wooly balls per load to have the desired effect.
  • Wet Wooly Dryer Balls a bit noisy, but this can be ignored comparing the benefits they offer.
  • Though they offer a lot of benefits, Wet Wooly dryer balls still cannot replace Dryer Sheets.
  • They do not remove static from fleece and nylon clothing and fabric.
  • With prolonged use the Wet Wooly dryer balls wear-out and become less effective.
  • Compared to other Wool Dryer Balls, Wet Wooly are expensive. Priced at $20 you get 6 dryer balls, the other similar wool dryer balls are available for $15.


Our Verdict

Reviews you confirmed that dryer balls like Wet Wooly do work fairly well, most of the times. But Wet Wooly Dryer Balls are not something new, there are scores of tried and tested dryer balls available out there. Some of these dryer balls have got more that fourteen thousand reviews with 4+ ratings. So it would be wise to use one of those dryer balls that people have used and it is confirmed that they work. Some of the alternatives to Wet Wooly dryer balls are – Smart Sheep Wooly Dryer Balls, Heart Felt Wooly Dryer Balls, Handy Laundry Wool Dryer Balls and Kintor Wool Dryer Balls – to name a few.


What do I get?
You get 6 Wet Wooly Dryer Balls for $20 at the official website BuyWetWooly.com

One thought on “Wet Wooly REVIEW | Wool Dryer Balls REVIEW

  1. Is there a way to contact the company? I purchased a pack of 2 from the local walmart on the as seen on tv isle, i spent the day doing my weekly laundry, including my bed cover, sheets and blanket. My husband and I had the worst night ever…itching and feeling like we were in a bed sprinkled with fiberglass. Even when I got up, after tossing and turning all night, i had to shower to get it off of my skin. I also had to re-wash all of the laundry. What a waste of my time and money!!! I do not know if the ball was breaking down and literally shedding it’s wool all over my clothes or something else was in that ball. I would like to speak with the company about this product…Thank-you

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