Vitessa Iron Review

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What is Vitessa Iron?

Vitessa Iron claims to be an advanced version of steam iron that comes from the house of BLACK + DECKER – supposedly the leading brand in irons. Apparently the brand is known to speed up garment care giving a more professional and sophisticated look. The Even Steam soleplate design made of stainless steel produces more consistent steam flow right from the heel to the tip of the iron delivering optimum results every single time. Vitessa Iron assures that it takes the guesswork out of ironing. Its SmartSteam Technology is engineered to give you the optimal soleplate temperature and steam level for every garnet in one easy dial. Do you believe these claims of Vitessa Iron to be true? Do let us know your Vitessa Iron reviews. Review

How does Vitessa Iron work?

Vitessa Iron promises to give your garments a professional sophisticated look without going through too many efforts or wasting valuable time and money. It speeds up the garment care with its SmartSteam technology. We are already familiar with the Smart technology, but having it in the category of an electrical home appliance like Steam Iron is really commendable. This new technology simplifies your task of ironing by providing the perfect soleplate temperature and steam level, no matter what fabric your garment is made of. Now such a tall claim has to be supported by genuine Vitessa Iron reviews, which we are yet to see.

Vitessa Iron asserts that its trademarked TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate offers two times smoother gliding over the fabrics to instantly clear out wrinkles of any size or proportion. It’s not called a Smart Iron for any lame reason. The motion sensitive technology automatically shuts off if it’s not in use for 8 minutes on the heel and 30 seconds on the soleplates and sides. This seems like a rather good idea as even if by my mistake you leave it on, there won’t be any damage whatsoever. The dual-position cord of the Vitessa Iron adjusts itself to lie flat on the ironing board when idle and completely out of way during operation. The steam burst and spray mist functions of the Vitessa Iron works in your favour by putting you in control of moisture levels, so you can have the best performance for all fabric types. For added convenience, anti-drip technology prevents water from escaping the soleplate when the temperature is very low. What’s more, you can even use the Vitessa Iron as a steamer for quick touch-ups directly while the garments are wetting ready. The even steam soleplate design provides an even flow of stem from heel to tip, thus letting you tame the toughest of wrinkles. Having read all of the above, Vitessa Iron does seem promising but whether it delivers as promised is best left to Vitessa Iron user reviews. The AutoClean system does a fine job maintaining the appliance while the large capacity of 320ml water tank allows you to iron a large number of garments with minimum fill-ups Review

What do I get?

You get Vitessa Iron for $29.99.Official website

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