Tobi Platinum Review

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As you know we live in times where a lot of attention is paid to how we present ourselves in every walk of our lives. That’s why; you don’t mind spending huge amounts on your clothes as you are looking for the best of quality and style. But you want your clothes to be well looked after as well, which might involve dry cleaning costs not only for cleaning but getting rid of wrinkles on them. But thankfully now you have access to the first portable wrinkle removing machine in the form of Tobi Platinum.

How does Tobi Platinum Work

Isn’t it annoying when you go looking for your favourite dress or shirt for that matter because you want to wear it for a special occasion and they realize that it’s completely wrinkled? Tobi Platinum will be a handy solution for you ready to be used when you need it the most. And the results will be on par with the machines in dry cleaning or those used in the fashion industry for that matter. Tobi Platinum can be used on your regular wear clothes and fine clothes too because it’s completely safe on all fabrics, which is just what you want.

Tobi Platinum scores over regular ironing because it does the job about five times faster than the latter. But that’s not all; besides removing wrinkles it can also be used to remove odours from different fabrics in the house. Tobi Platinum uses the revolutionary CSF technology and makes the most of the professional steam power, which means it can penetrate right through the fabric. It not only releases the wrinkles but gets rid of unpleasant odours in fabrics too.

Now you can have wrinkle-free, fresh clothes to wear whenever you want thanks to Tobi Platinum. And thus it will not only save you a lot of time but money spent on professional services too. Tobi Platinum uses tap water without any chemicals and a full tank can give out half hour of steam. It is quite gentle on your clothes and you won’t run the risk of burning them like you would with ironing.



What do I get?

  • Tobi Platinum

All this for $74.98CAD Official website



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