Style Snaps Hem Solution Review

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Your favorite pants are hemmed for heels but you wanna wear flats…how do you fix that….with Style Snaps from Hemming My Way the world’s first Snap & Hem Solution. Invented by a woman Style Snaps are the fast and easy way to change your hem to fit any shoe. Now you can change your hem like you change your shoe.


How does Style Snaps work?
Just peel of the backing of the Style Snaps, place them wherever you want your Hem and just snap. No sewing, no ironing and no gluing. Now you can wear your favorite jeans with every shoe in your closet. Style Snap’s unique adhesive makes them adjustable, reusable and safe on any fabric and because they are not permanent you can change your hem as often as you change your shoes. You can snap it on and snap off it back. Snap it wide for seasonal boots, short for flats, sexy and tight for look that’s definitely right.

Style Snaps is not just for hems. Use it for lapels, belts and pockets without a stitch. Hem a skirt or tighten a shirt, repair tattered cuffs to give your pants a new life. Style Snaps is budget friendly for growing kids.



What do I get?
32 Style Snaps
32 Style Snaps for just $19.99 +$6.99 P&H. Sales tax will be added to MA & CT orders. 30-day money back guarantee. Official Website



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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105 thoughts on “Style Snaps Hem Solution Review

  1. These Style Snaps things do not work, tried to put them on and had to remove them gently but. The sticky backing came off. Definitely a bad purchase.

  2. These stupid things DO NOT WORK! I tried to hem a pair of jeans with these things, the sticky part comes off the snap, then you have to pull the other sticky part off the jeans – A WASTE OF MONEY. Somehow I found an address to write to about this and they obviously don’t understand English because today I got an e-mail they are sending me more at my expense.

    I didn’t want more, wanted to ruined ones replaced at their expense.

    Can’t find address again, guess I will just have to return them as soon as they arrive – at my expense.


    Should have done more research myself – lesson learned here.

  3. They do not work like they show on t.v. I was very disappointed. They stick the first time, but as far as re-using them . . . they do not work. A few of them when I took the paper off of the sticky part to use them the first time actually pulled the gummy/sticky part right off with the paper. So, I tried to stick the gummy part back onto the plastic. What a mess. Waste of money.

  4. They are not a fix all but on heavy fabrics they defiantly do the trick. I am very short and athletic. Petites must be for short and chunky people. I end of looking short AND frumpy. So I buy my pants regulars and low rise and use the style snaps to keep them from dragging underneath my feet and ruining them. As far as them being reusable — yes. But not 10 times. Maybe 5. I am on wash number 3 and I can tell the difference lol. And make sure to wash with warm not cold water. Cold does something to the sticky. And mild dish soap. I use dawn 5 min soak berry scented. I hate to see so many bad reviews. Don’t get me wrong, the over did it on the commercial but as far as just lifting up your jeans and holding the little ends of the belt extras on my sued boots they are pretty okay. Not worth $10.00 bucks but go to Ross’s or Target like 5 bucks. Hope this helped a bit.

  5. Style Snaps, the temporary hemming solution had created a lot of buzz around by its television ads. I was also interested in buying it. Because of my cautious nature I had to make sure whether the product is worth for all it claims to be. I searched the internet for “Style Snaps Reviews” and went through loads of websites before landing up here. I should tell you that your reviews are so good and honest which is difficult to find on the internet these days. For example a couple of sites like,,,, and turned out to be completely useless. In terms of reviews they all carried fabulous 5 star ratings for Style Snaps. But the reviews were complimented with links to purchase the product right away. It really frustrated me because all I wanted to know about the product and a genuine review about someone who has actually used it. Thanks for sharing the valuable experience here.

    • Sites like the ones mentioned in the post are actually sponsored by manufacturer’s to trick people into buying their products, even the crappier ones. What they do is fill the sites with keyword rich content since the search engines cannot differentiate between a fake and a real review site. Thus such sites appear at the top of the search result. Users who visit such sites are easily fooled by the positivity and the option of purchasing the product on the site itself.

  6. I bought these from LTD Commodities and the price was great. The product SUCKS!!! They are not reusable and when the snap is put on it does not stay snapped at all. It comes right apart. This is probably the WORSE product I have ever purchased. I will be returning this item because if not they are gonna get trashed. Save your money and DON”T get this product. HORRIBLE

  7. guys guys, buy all this As Seen On TV stuff at ROSS or Marshalls, and you loose quite less money. $5.99 a set a ross. as well as many other as seen on tv items.

  8. I agree the cost was ridiculous for what you get. I’m not happy with this Style Snap product at all. It takes way too many of these things to actually hold up the cuff of your jeans. I find mine sagging down during the day, and it’s really irritating. Plus, they’re kind of bulky and they don’t create a nice clean looking hem. Instead it’s puffy and messy looking. I’ve also found that they are hard to remove for washing, and the sticky part doesn’t retain it’s stickiness like they advertise. Yes, you can rinse off the denim residue, but I don’t see what good it does. The sticky is gone and your “hems” just fall during the day, dropping embarrassing little style snaps on the floor in front of everyone. Sorry, but it’s a crappy product. Save yourself some time and money and just go get your pants hemmed. Or, like someone suggested above, use double sided tape or Velcro. Any of those options would be better than this crap.

  9. Fraudulent Site! Charge over 2x the cost of the product for “Processing”. The phone number is always busy so it’s impossible to cancel the order. I will dispute the charge immediately when it shows on my CC!

  10. Since I live in Hawaii, my postage and handling charges would be $25.98 if I ordered this garbage. I doubt that the entire shipment could weigh more than a couple of ounces, and could easily be sent by U.S. Mail for less than one dollar.

    I’d be paying roughly $36 for 32 little pieces of plastic. Has anyone else noticed that you have to use 16 Style Snaps to hem one pair of trousers? That’s $18.00 to fix one pair of pants, at my price. I could buy an entire garment at the thrift shop for that price.

    I implore everyone reading this to avoid like the plague any marketer who uses the scam: “…just pay separate postage and handling!” You WILL be ripped off.

  11. Style Snaps SUCKS! I bought them specifically to hold the end of a fabric belt in place (for instance…when a dress has a fabric waist belt but there isn’t a loop to slide the end of the belt into…so it just hangs there). They didn’t stick AT ALL. If they can’t hold a two pieces of light cotton fabric together, how could they possibly work on something stronger like denim?? Total waste of money. What a joke. A piece of Scotch Tape has better hold! I went back to the old fashioned solution: a safety pin.

  12. Be very careful of this company as they behave in a fraudulent manner. I looked at the page, started an order (did get my CC info in) the noticed they had added lots of other product. I closed out and didn’t order, but the charge showed up on my account the next day. When I called they said they had already shipped and when I asked for a supervisor, I was told none was available. be wary of these scam artists!

  13. Process and handling fee costs 2 times as much as the snaps! And you won’t know about it until your order is placed! This is a complete rip off!

    • Do not buy Style Snaps from

      It’s a rip off. They trick you with processing fee which is totally different from what they should charge you and when you call to cancel it they tell you that it’s been ship already when it wasn’t and they do not return your processing fee when you call to tell them that you will refuse the product. They make money ripping people off with fraudulent processing fee charges.

      Please don’t buy it or you will loose your money.

  14. These aren’t worth the money, they’re terrible on pant hems, don’t hold very well, probably aren’t machine washable and I’ve read that they leave a sticky residue when you try to remove it. I bought mine at bed bath and beyond for $9.99, not worth the money, I could see it being good for things like belts or shirts, but then you have the chance of dealing with the residue. They are not reusable either. Save your money and just hem your pants!

    • I bought some Style Snaps for $9.95 @ WalMart. I’m a short person who does an awful lot of hemming. I found that they work great. They held very well for me and I only used 4 per pant leg (jeans). I did find that you have to be careful with some of them when removing because the sticky part may stay on the fabric.

      But, and this important, you can careful peel the sticky part off the fabric and put it back on the snap. And yes, they are washable.

      I washed mine today, just rinsing under running water and rubbing the fabric residue off. They came out great. I just laid them out on a paper towel to dry sticky side up. I also had kept the paper that protects the sticky side so replaced it after the snaps were dry. They’re ready to use again.

      I’m quite impressed with them. I would say they are best for temporary use and would be great on pants that you want to wear with various heels.

  15. Ive read the majority of reviews and most complaints are about the prices and company “ripoff”. There is not much about the actual product. The whole point of this product is for temporarily adjusting the length, so to suggest using double sided tape or other hemming product doesn’t make sense, if the style snaps work then all you do is unsnap them and put on your heels, right?? where as tape etc would have to be picked and washed off before you can wear them or you will end up with pants stuck to your leg. I only considered buying these this morning as all the jeans I find are only heel appropriate.

    Ok so do they stick to fabric well?? I’m unsure because some reviews say their hard to get off and others say they fall off.

    I liked the idea of sewing in normal snaps from craft store but then you would more than likely see stitches on the outside of your pants

  16. Style snaps are a rip off. I bought them and they do not work. They leave a sticky residue on the clothes when you take them off,

  17. Saw Style Snaps at DOLLAR GENERAL much cheaper then on their website. Things like this usually don’t work. This is just another way to steal your money. You can probably find Style Snaps at the flea market. It seams that every rip off is found there. I don’t purchase ANYTHING without checking the reviews on line !

  18. what store is selling the style snaps I would like to buy them, does Wal-Mart Rite-Aid etc sell them. I live in Maine.

    • Bed Bath & Beyond has Style Snaps listed in the current brochure that I received in the mail this week. 16 Style Snaps for $9.99. Plus there is a $5.00 coupon on the back page of the circular. I have been wanting to try them, but I never buy online due to the high priced shipping and handling.

  19. Style Snaps definitely work. They are great. My only complaints are that they are NOT reusable, especially if you use them with jeans. The denim rubs on the adhesive and by the end of the day (even though still “sticking”), they are not able to be used again. Furthermore, I was under the impression that I would be paying around $38 for the amount I purchased but when I completed my order the total was over $70. I think it was due to the shipping charges or something so be careful when you purchase them.

    • Please read website. Clearly states how to re use style snaps. Just wash denim etc off snaps and they will be sticky again.

    • Did you try rinsing them under running water as the package insert explains. I did this, after using them on jeans, and they came out great! Ready to be used again. Just as sticky as the first time I used them.

  20. I love to buy from ABC Distributing. They are trustworthy, have reasonable prices, fair shipping and a great return policy.

    • I love to buy from ABC Distributing. They are trustworthy, have reasonable prices, fair shipping and a great return policy.

      • And how much were you paid to write this? Buying ANYTHING from ABC Distributing is generally a serious rip-off!

  21. Ordered my style snaps on January 5, 2011.
    Just found out they have finally been shipped on March 4, 2011 – not to arrive til March 15, 2011 vis Fed Ex – the $15.98 shipping fee.

    Yesterday I saw them in my local Walmart – on the “As Seen On TV” aisle for 9.99.

    This website is a rip-off.

    • you saw them at Walmart? in what state? I am so jealous – I paid a RIDICULOUS amount for them and they took forever to arrive and they are definitely not reusable. They are awesome though in the fact that, unlike fashion tape, they actually work – but they are expensive. Where did you see them so cheap?

  22. I guess this goes to show there really is no such thing as an easy (and cheap) fix to anything. lol I’m so glad I looked style snaps reviews up on-line. I’m really short and I THOUGHT this would have been the perfect hemming solution (cheap and easy). I don’t want to spend 100+ dollars (or however much it is) hemming all my pants every time I get a new pair. Companies should NOT be able to have “fine print”… the phrase “say what you mean, and mean what you say” comes to mind with companies like this. I HATE fine print. If it’s on there… it should be the same size print as everything else.

  23. Ok SO SO glad I checked out this site. I was considering ordering Stylesnaps but after reading all the reviews I know not to. I’ll check out Walgreens or one of the other stores to see if I can purchase them just to give them a try! Thanks again everyone and for all those who got sucked in I hope you are able to get your money back soon.

  24. I want to second all those people who say that this is a huge ripoff. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Everything everyone about what a scam this is is absolutely correct. This should be a lesson to everyone never to order something you see on tv when you wake up in the middle of the night.

  25. 2/25/11 — Thank goodness for review forums and for the nice people who take the trouble to warn others! It’s a shame so many products pushed on TV are torpedoed by user Unfriendly marketing and nonexistent customer service. I agree that no matter how tempting, wait for “As Seen on TV” at Walgreen’s or get creative with an alternative. (Note that the only positive comments were from two men–in the marketing department perhaps?) :-))

  26. While the concept is great, as the reviews above show, many sight unseen purchases have a LARGE # off dissatisfied customers. In my experience, IF YOU DO BUY, there is an easy answer!

    (1) When you purchase by CREDIT CARD (not debit?), in any situation, all you have to do is call the card company to REMOVE the Charge. With most C.Cards (read the fine print, I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY, you get an immediate credit for the full amount, IF you did not receive the product or, service (as offered). The burden is on the SELLER & C.CARD company to prove charges, within 30 days.

    (2) PLEASE, FOR THE NEXT BUYER’ if you have been scammed or mistreated by any business, do a favor & CALL THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Had you done this 1st you would have discovered the problem beforehand.

    • I just had foot surgery and have to wear a ‘surgical’ shoe for 2 months. NONE of my slacks are short enough for this so I thought these snaps would be and ideal solution. For once, I did some research before spending good money and thank god. I won’t be ordering them after all. Thanks for all your posts.

  27. If you wait, all those As Seen On TV items are in stores. They even show up in our Neighborhood WalMart. You can get a better idea by looking at them that way if it’s worth the money.

    Even then you can waste your money. The only thing I’ve gotten that really worked was the Steamy. Most of the other items aren’t very good.

  28. What a rip off this company is. I ordered these snaps on January 7th nothing to date has shown up. I have sent two e-mails to the company and both came back domain failure so the e-mail could not even be delivered to their supposed e-mail address. Buyer beware of this company it is a complete rip-off. So I am out $25.98 and their shipping is outlandish $15.98 rip off

    Do not buy from this company.

    • the same thing happened to me…I placed the order, then waited and waited for delivery. Every time I checked the status of the order, it said it was still “processing”. So, I canceled my order. they have a link on their website that allows you to do that. You should check it out!

      • Can you let us know where the link is to cancel the order. I am looking for it and haven’t been able to locate.

    • People are complaining about $15.98 S&H? I was charged $47.98! Not warned, just given the subtotal then when the order went through given the total of almost $80 for the “double order” plus the $47.98 in S&H. You can bet I called and canceled that afternoon. I tried to cancel immediately but was told it took several hours to get the data downloaded to their computer. I’m still not sure I buy into that.

      I’d have paid $7 S&H. Where the hell they get off charging almost $50 is beyond me. Just for clarity – the site that was charging that amount was “” – well, don’t! $50 for 2-6 weeks delivery! HA!

      In addition, the contact phone # on the order completion page was for the wrong product and they had to find the number for style snaps and give me that. I guess the harder they make it, the more likely you are to blow it off and kiss your money good-bye.

  29. THE WAY THESE WEBSITES MAKE THEIR MONEY is through the Shipping and Handling. Why should it cost $7-$8 to send something so small with no weight? It shouldn’t. Why can’t they just put the “Free” set in with the original order? Because they want that extra money! It is a rip-off. Any site that charges that much for S&H is a rip-off. Reputable companies charge very little and many times S&H is FREE! That should tell you something. Figure it out, 500 people pay $10.00 plus $16.00 which is non-refundable. They make it incredibly difficult to get the $10.00 back. Many people just give up. But even if all 500 people got their $10.00 back, the company is making $8000.00 from S&H. Not a bad profit and that’s only 500 people! We know there’s more than just 500 that will be taken in by this company. It’s like that charges you a “Restocking Fee” which many times is more than the item you returned. That’s a rip-off too from a “supposedly” reputable company… Buyer beware…

  30. I’m glad I searched through sites to find actual reviews. Most reviews of this are total crap and just P.R. I will not be ordering any. It is a little confusing, and very sneaky of them to charge before giving you a total of what you are paying for.

    Thanks to everyone, and I’m sorry to those that are scammed by this horrible company.

  31. Style Snaps are crap. Don’t waste your money like I did!!! You would be better off getting a roll of double-sided tape. You have to remove the snaps before washing your slacks. Where do you keep the snaps? They are sticky on one side . . . Also, when you peel them off, if you’re not careful, the adhesive peels away from the snaps and stays on your slacks. They are much more of a hassle than they are worth.

  32. I ordered the Style Snaps in December and today is Jan 26 and I have not received them yet. I got sucked in like apparently everyone else. So guess what I am out $25.98 and cannot get my money back. What a scam. I even got a conformation with and order number. Pretty clever people they are. Don’t fall for it.

  33. I almost ordered these from QVC and only saw one Style Snap review which was negative. Glad I checked here so I can save myself the hassle of returning these.

  34. I also ordered Style Snaps on Jan. 2 and still have not received them. The shipping is a rip off and you can’t see it ahead of time as everyone says. Everyone stay away from that site (

  35. Let’s not be quite so harsh on the people who were sucker-punched by the shipping cost. THE WEBSITE CONTRADICTS ITSELF ! ! !

    With the picture it says $7.99 total shipping for BOTH sets, which is what most people would read
    Under that in a fine print box, it says $10 + $7.99 and then another $7.99. Yes, people let themselves be scammed, but the line under the picture is false advertising, and it is obvious someone put a lot of time into making sure it was misunderstood.

    I once started an order w/ProFlowers on a special offer. The total was nearly doubled when all the shipping and extra fees were added–after the order had been finalized as here. I freaked for a second and found out how to cancel immediately.

    Again and again I find; when ordering online, stick with sites from brick and mortar stores you already trust and Amazon. Haven’t been burned yet. These companies always post a finalized order page and ask for your approval before charging the card.

    Someone asked about the company: Merchant Media LLC was listed at the bottom of the page

  36. I originally ordered these on the style snaps website. I heard from the infomercial that you would get charged a second handling fee. During my order never was that mentioned and I really didn’t want the second set but they didn’t give you that option. Sure enough at the end there was a $15.98 shipping charge. I saw that and said when the shipping is higher than the product fee that is fishy so I went and canceled my order in the customer service section. I am short and never can find a pair of pants that are not dragging on the ground.

    I also don’t want to have to hem them myself because they never look the same and jeans do shrink so these would allow me to bring the hem down easily if need be. So I till wanted to try these things out. I ended up finding them in the AmeriMark website 16 for $9.99 and I searched online for a shipping promo code for 1.99..if you cant find one it’s still only 4.99 for shipping. I have them and honestly I do like them. Sure they’d fall off in the washing machine if you forget to take them off beforehand but don’t forget. Peel them off, rinse them and the stick comes back and then you can use them again. So I would get them here:

    • Thank you for the info. I was pretty close to getting ripped off by them but it looked very fishy and so I googled reviews. My wife is short and likes them.

  37. Wow, I was so close to buying these Style Snaps. Thanks to all of your reviews I decided not to. I’d rather just go to my alterations lady than get ripped off by this fly by night company. I am so very sorry to all of those that got ripped off and I thank you for saving this single mother of one from getting ripped off as well.

  38. Style Snaps suck….not worth the money. I got stuck for twice as many, so I decided to try them on my favorite jeans. when I laundered them I had to pick the “snaps” out of the laundry. they did not stay on. Not one was still attached! DO NOT BUY!!

  39. Everyone who ordered these and feels that they were ‘duped’ into paying the $15.98 in P&H is retarded. It’s clearly on the site, and you are ordering junk you saw on tv – how stupid can you be?

  40. I’m curious, does anyone that has received Style Snaps know what company makes them – is this information included with the packaging? Thanks!

  41. I too was deceived by the $15.98 in shipping after I had placed my order on Jan. 01/2011. Good news !!! I was able to cancel my order by going to a few hours later. Have your order number handy. I just checked(about 13 hours later and low and behold my order was canceled and it showed zero owed. I may have been successful in canceling because I did it only a few hours after ordering. Give it a try-Good Luck!!!

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. In my opinion, this company is beyond RIDICULOUS. Over $30 for processing and handling what fits in an envelope! Beyond a scam!!!

        I too cancelled my order … hopefully!

    • Thank-you very much for the site. I cannot seem to locate how to cancel the order. The only thing I am seeing is how to return. Can you please tell me where to go/click to cancel the order. I have my order number, etc.
      Thank-you very much!

  42. I ordered these Style Snaps about 2 hours ago. I, then, read your comments/reviews, got scared and called my bank as I used a check card. I canceled my card. Hopefully my order didn’t post yet.

    Thanks for warning me everyone!

  43. Anyone know of a physical store to walk in & buy these Style Snaps? I’d like to try them but only want a few not a whole boat load!

    • Walgreen’s has an “as seen on TV” section, so I always wait for stuff like this to be on their shelves. That way if they don’t work I just return them to the store for a full refund.

  44. I have become a seeker of “input” first before ordering anything I see on tv, and I’ve found that those who have gone before me have great input, so I will not be ordering these “snaps”. The concept sounds good, but the hassle of not getting an item for several weeks yet having your credit card charged immediately is a huge “red” flag. Thanks to you folks for putting up your experiences so the rest of us can learn without having to learn the hard way. I hope you get your money back, but know that those of us who checked first are very appreciative of your feedback.

  45. I have finish reading all of the Style Snaps reviews. I have to admit, I was taken. I should have read this page first before ordering. It is true, they get all of your info, card number and all and then puts the total price up after the fact. I was charged $15.98 for shipping tacked on to the purchase price of $10.00. Figured I couldn’t go wrong with the official site of the product. Boy, was I wrong. I look at it, that I will be stuck with these when I get them, since they won’t refund the shipping and handling charges if you choose to send them back. But I am reporting them to some agencies and even the Attorney General. The latter does really work, had some problems with magazines where they were renewing without my authorization. So I wrote the Attorney General and they took care of it and had no more problems. Sounds like a very misleading and dishonest company!

  46. I agree this is a ripoff. Not only is the shipping costs outrageous, but the product does not work as easily as advertised. I tried on a pair of work slacks that are too long. I followed the directions. When I turned the slacks right side out, most of them fell off. They do not stick. Very disappointed.

  47. DO NOT PURCHASE! I ordered a set and foolishly opted for the additional “free” set. The Style Snaps were $17 and the processing/handling was $31.96! The items never arrived and then $17 was randomly credited to my account. I called customer service and they stated that I refused the items. I questioned how I could refuse items that I never received. The representative said he would credit me half the shipping price (since I paid a lot, never received the items, and he was doing me a favor since the fine print says the shipping price cannot be refunded).

    Total scam.

  48. Thank you for the truthful Style Snap reviews. I will certainly NOT order this product. it’s too bad the developers of this product don’t market it through “As seen on TV” stores. I agree this shipping is outrageous and—6-8 weeks?—must be another MADE IN CHINA item.

  49. This Style Snaps site is a ripoff. They do not allow you to review the order before it is processed and I was charged $47 for shipping and I only ordered $27 of snaps! They are not truthful about the shipping costs. After the order was placed, I could not go back to the home page to find customer service numbers. I had to clear my cache/ history before I could re-google the site to get the phone number. When I called, they said they won’t receive the order for another 24-72 hours, and that I need to keep checking the website for when they receive my order. They said I could then cancel it online, but what if they ship it before I get a chance to cancel??? This is a complete scam. I will report it to BBB.

    • This Style Snap is a SCAM…. I was charged $31 for S/H For plastic? The best part is they do not show you the shipping price until after your card is charged..

  50. The Official Style Snaps website charges you $16 for shipping/handling – How much do you think it REALLY costs them to take 6-12 weeks to mail you some over priced little plastic doodads? There’s a sucker born every minute and an informerical ready to sell every one of them some junk.

  51. The same thing happened to me, there little “we’ll double the number of style snaps” is misleading. Yeah, it says pay separate shipping and handling, but no where do you have the option to NOT pay for the “free” set. I didn’t need an extra set. I didn’t want the extra set.

    I ordered Style Snaps on 10/12, it is 10/31 and I still have not received them. Again, another BS fine print issue, “allow 6-12weeks for delivery”. For $8 a piece, totaling almost $16 for shipping of little plastic clips, you can’t get them out any faster?

    I would have never ordered these things had I known all this before hand. They better be magical when/if they ever do arrive.


  52. The Style Snaps displayed ad on their web site shows the cost is “$10 plus $7.99 P&H” — but when the credit card order goes through you see that you are charged $15.98 for “shipping.” I contacted customer service and received a note back saying only, “read the fine print.” I wrote back immediately to cancel the order, but have not received a response. Needless to say, I will be paying close attention to my credit card activity.

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