Stick N Go

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Have you been in a situation when your skirt has ripped or your shirt tore? A sewing machine or needle and thread are not always handy and you cannot go about your day in torn clothes. But now there is Stick N Go, the amazing fabric fixer that will get you out of such sticky situations.

How does Stick N Go Work

The instant fixer can repair all kinds of tears in your clothes without the need for threading the needle or the pain of pinpricks or the pins tearing through your dress more. Stick N Go is so easy to use; just roll it on the torn cloth, press it in place and fix it within seconds. Stick N Go is so effective that it will hold on tight through the day. It can fix a torn pocket and hold your things like your phone or cards without the pocket tearing again.

You can use Stick N Go to fix so many problems. You do not have to change your evening gown if it tears under your stilettos; just stick it again and you are ready to go. The fabric glue is hypoallergenic so one amazing use of this is to apply it on your shoulder and preventing the silk blouse from slipping off. If your trousers are long to be worn on high heels but you want to wear flats, you do not have to sew up the bottoms but just stick it with Stick N Go .

The fabric fixer liquefies in water so you can get your trousers back the way they were again. You can fix your tie, hole in the pocket, the gap between buttons, falling hems, sliding straps, and a popped button. Use it to decorate and bling up costumes, hem curtains, and prevent rugs, mats or tablecloth from slipping.

What do I get?

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