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What do you do when you are at work in the office, getting ready for an important presentation and the coffee spills on to your shirt? Do you have problems with stains, at home or when travelling? Are spills, pet stains, spots ruining your clothes, carpet and furniture? Now, you can do damage control with the minimal effort with the help of the amazing SpotLess Turbo Washer!


SpotLess Turbo Washer
SpotLess Turbo Washer is an innovative washing machine that removes stains in a jiffy! It has been invented; designed and engineered by the Danish but has a US patent.The unique SpotLess Turbo Washer is the smallest unique washing machine in the world! You can actually carry around your washing machine in your handbag! It uses the powerful Turbo hydro-air pumping Technology and utilizes water and air pressure to get the unsightly stains out, without resorting to brushing, scrubbing with harsh chemicals that could possibly damage the cloth fibers.

You don’t even have to wash the whole garment in order to remove the stain; to use it, all you have to do is use a little water and a few drops of dish washing detergent in the SpotLess Turbo Washer; give a few pumps and the stains disappear! To use it on carpets, you have to add the Turbo cleaning disk and Your SpotLess Turbo Washer will turn into a mini vacuum cleaner! It uses pressurized spiral foaming action to disintegrate the stains and its turbo vacuum suction power literally pulls out stains right out of the carpet.

The SpotLess Turbo Washer works efficiently and quickly to remove everyday stains like coffee, tea, juice, sauce, ketchup, chocolate, pet stains and even the tough-to-remove red wine. The eco friendly SpotLess Turbo Washer can save you precious money that you would otherwise spend on dry cleaning, detergents and spot removers.

The SpotLess Turbo Washer is a must have for not only your home or office, you can also carry one in your handbag for any emergency when you are out or keep one in the glove compartment to use on car seats too! It’s perfect for families with kids and pets. The SpotLess Turbo Washer is a great gift idea and friends and family will love receiving one! You will also receive a free travel pouch and superb micro fiber cleaning cloth.

Product Information
If you are struggling to remove stains and spills, you need the handy SpotLess Turbo Washer. SpotLess Turbo Washer is the smallest washing machine in the world and has been invented in Denmark.It works great in removing most of the everyday common stains from your cloth, carpet, furniture, car seat or any washable fabric material. The SpotLess Turbo Washer uses the innovative Turbo Hydro Air Technology that carries out powerful hydraulic cleaning action with water and air pressure.

It uses vacuum power to create turbo pressure that’s strong enough to force air, water and detergent deep into the fabric in order to disintegrate the stain. Each pump release of the SpotLess Turbo Washer creates sufficient turbo vacuum power to get stains out of the cloth fiber. A little water and few drops of dish washing detergent are all that’s required in the SpotLess Turbo Washer. Its body is made of durable plastic for long-lasting usage and has an elastic spring mechanism made up of strong stainless steel for the required pumping action.

It has been designed for easy storage too, because its compact container can be smoothly retracted whenever required. It also has a beautiful soft air-eject design that makes it safe for you whenever you have to open the unit.SpotLess Turbo Washer is an eco friendly green product because there’s little water usage and no harsh chemicals are incorporated in the detergent. The SpotLess Turbo Washer requires no added expenses of battery or electricity power, but has a manual hand pumping operation that’s easy to use. Save money with the portable SpotLess Turbo Washer!

Why Spotless Turbo Washer?

When you are bothered with stains and spills on your clothes, carpets and furniture, but don’t know what to do immediately, all you need to do is rely on the best, the amazing SpotLess Turbo Washer! It is well known that it’s difficult to remove older stains, so it’s imperative that you take action quickly, on fresh stains, for effective results! The SpotLess Turbo Washer uses the power of its one-of-a-kind SpotLess stain removal technology that works effectively, without allowing any actual harsh contact between the washing powder and fabric!

It uses patented Turbo hydro air technology to force air, water and detergent deep into any fabric, and work quickly to disintegrate the stains for easy removal with the turbo vacuum power that’s created with each pump release. There is no scrubbing action with hand or machine, but rather SpotLess Turbo Washer carefully rinses out with water and soap, with an action that is gentle on the fabrics Most of the stains for cloth can also be removed from your furniture and carpets by using SpotLess Turbo Washer’s press in action by pushing air to mix with water and detergent for deep penetration into the carpet fabric.

When you release the press of the washer, a powerful vacuum power is created that sucks the stain out of the fabric, completely and quickly. Use the compact and portable SpotLess Turbo Washer, wherever you are, whenever you are on the go; take it with you when you are travelling, in a restaurant, car, plane or train; carry it in your travel bag, purse or in your baby’s changing bag. It’s perfect for removal of pet stains, oil and grease stains, ink stains, tough grass and dirt stains and more!

Use the SpotLess Turbo Washer on curtains, clothes, carpets, car seats, furniture or on any washable material. You get to save money because the first time you use it, it has already almost paid for itself; even by just removing one spot on a big carpet or expensive outfit, you get to save money! You save money also because it can use inexpensive alternative cleaning mediums effectively that you can’t use in other regular washing machines such as alcohol and milk.

You can retain the look and color of your new clothes because you don’t have to wash the whole garment to get at one spot, unlike in other regular washing machines. There are no messy clean ups too! Eco friendly Green SpotLess Turbo Washer helps Nature by using only one part per thousand of water and soap that your ordinary washing machine generally uses. It also saves you electricity. You get to save precious time and money with the SpotLess Turbo Washer!



What do I get?
Buy a SpotLess Turbo Washer for just $9.95 each + $9.95 S&H.

Buy additional SpotLess Turbo Washers for just $9.95 each (50% off $19.95) + $4.97 S&H. A limit of buying 5 additional SpotLess units.

For each SpotLess Turbo Washer, you will get a Free High Absorption Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and a Free Drawstring Travel Pouch.

SpotLess Turbo Washer comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee less S&H. Official Website


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